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$WGO said the company continues to invest significant resources on the ERP implementation project in terms of dollars and people. Since its approval, the company said it has invested over $15MM in the ERP implementation project. At 3Q16-end, the company had a cash balance of over $71MM, up $34MM sequentially, while backlog grew 100% YoverY.

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With 1Q18 revenue jumping 85% to $450MM, $WGO started the year with net income soaring 36% to $0.57 per diluted share or $17.96MM.

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$WGO's BoD approved on Dec. 13, 2017 a quarterly cash dividend of $0.10 per share. The dividend is payable on Jan. 24, 2018, to common stockholders of record at the close of business on Jan. 10, 2018.

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$WGO announced the repricing of a $260MM Term Loan B facility at an interest rate of LIBOR plus 3.5% to replace the previous facility that carried an interest rate of LIBOR plus 4.5%. $WGO also amended its existing $125MM ABL facility. Interest rates on the amended ABL will now be from LIBOR plus 125BP to 175BP.

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$WGO has been under some price pressure on its Motorized business as its line-up in the value portions of Motorized has been weaker than expected. The company has been aggressively supporting retail sales and helping the dealers price some of its products to be more competitive. This has impacted margins slightly.

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During 3Q17, $WGO’s Motorized segment revenues were $241.7MM. Segment adjusted EBITDA was $12.6MM, down 22% YoY. For the Towables business, revenues were $234.7MM, up $209.3MM YoY, driven by the addition of $196.9MM in revenue from the Grand Design acquisition as well as strong organic growth from Winnebago-branded Towable products.

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$WGO’s overall gross margins improved in 3Q17 to 14.9%, a 380BP expansion over 3Q16, driven by strong profitability in the Towables segment, improved product mix and operational cost management. The company generated a 340BP improvement in adjusted EBITDA margin YoY.

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Recreational vehicle maker $WGO reported a 34.3% annual growth in 3Q17 profit to $19.4MM. EPS rose 15% to $0.61, which was impacted by reorganization of amortization expense related to Grand Design acquisition. Revenue surged 75% to $476.36MM helped by strong growth in the Towable segment. Revenue in the Motorized segment dropped 2%.

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$WGO's BoD approved a quarterly cash dividend of $0.10 per share, payable on July 26, 2017, to stockholders of record on July 12, 2017. In addition, $WGO's BoD appointed CFO Bryan Hughes to the offices of Treasurer and Chief Accounting Officer, effective June 3, 2017. He replaces Sarah Nielsen, who is resigning effective June 2, 2017.

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Recreation vehicle maker $WGO commenced an underwritten public offering of aggregate 2.3MM shares by funds affiliated with Summit Partners, L.P. Winnebago will not receive any proceeds from the offering. Morgan Stanley is acting as sole underwriter for the offering.

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$WGO has appointed Bryan Hughes as CFO, effective May 15, 2017. Mr. Hughes will report to President and CEO Michael Happe and will be based in the company's Minnesota office. Mr. Hughes will succeed Sarah Nielsen, who will remain with the company to assist with a smooth transition.

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$WGO said pricing pressure has been more prevalent on the Class A side, in part because the lineup has not been strong. The company has been working with dealers as needed to make sure they are comfortable with the pricing they receive. The pricing pressure is impacting Class C more than Class B while diesels have remained steady.

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$WGO has a sizable backlog at the Towables business. These are orders which the company has visibility to from the dealer base for the products within a six-month horizon. $WGO tracks the retail momentum and inventory position at its dealers carefully. The wait time for products are extending a bit and $WGO must create capacity to bring this down.

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As of 2Q17-end, $WGO had total outstanding debt of $329.5MM. Working capital was $142.1MM. The debt to equity ratio was 81.8%. Cash from operations improved by $14MM versus 2Q16. The company expects effective tax rate for the remainder of FY17 to be around 34%.

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At 2Q17-end, $WGO’s Vista retail performance was up double digit percentage YTD still overshadowed by some of the softness within other Class A products. The company is working to evolve its overall Class A product line. Unit deliveries to dealers and overall retail on both Class B and Class C product lines are up YTD.

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$WGO's 2Q17 revenue for the Motorized segment declined 3% YoverY to $198.9MM. Although unit deliveries were up 3.6% over the year ago quarter, the ASP of product sold declined 5.2% due to a shift in product mix. Towable segment revenue however increased 88% to $171.6MM driven by the addition of $143.6MM in revenue from the Grand Design acquisition.

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Recreational vehicle maker $WGO posted an increase in 2Q17 earnings, helped by higher revenue, increased gross profit and operating income. Net income for the quarter rose 63.31% to $15.27MM or $0.48 per share from $9.35MM or $0.35 per share a year ago. Revenue rose 64.18% to $370.51MM.

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$WGO, a recreation vehicle manufacturer, said its BoD has approved a quarterly cash dividend of $0.10 per share payable on April 26, 2017, to stockholders as on April 12, 2017.

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$WGO is looking into bringing the Internet of Things into its business. In the Motorized segment, the company is working with its key chassis partners for Mercedes/Freightliner and others and also in the subsystems area of the RVs, $WGO is working with partners. $WGO is looking at applications which add customer value.

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In 1Q17, in Motorized, $WGO saw pressure on GM YoverY and also adjusted EBITDA was lower YoverY primarily due to some higher workers’ compensation expenses related to the prior year and some costs associated with the rampup of the diesel manufacturing facility in Oregon. $WGO saw positive performance in Towables.

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$WGO saw a strong impact to revenue in 1Q17 from the Grand Design acquisition with just three weeks of flowthrough. Overall for the Towables segment, from an adjusted EBITDA standpoint, the company saw strong growth YoverY with a significant component being Grand Design.

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