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$DE 3Q15 Call: Worldwide financial services net income attributable to Deere & Company was $153MM in 3Q15 vs. $162MM last year. Lower results for the quarter were primarily due to less favorable financing spreads, offset by lower SG&A expenses. The division’s forecast net income attributable to Deer & Company remains at about $630MM for the year.

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$DE, which is set to close the $5.2Bil valued acquisition of German road construction equipment maker Wirtgen Group in Dec. 2017, projects net sales improvement of 19% and net income of $2.6Bil for FY18. Wirtgen acquisition will contribute $3.1Bil or 12% to net sales in FY18.

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$DE reported solid results for fourth quarter of 2017, as the global agriculture equipment market continues to improve due to demand for farm machineries. Persistence Market Research forecasts that over 7MM farm equipments will be sold globally by 2024. Deere’s profit jumped 79% to $510MM. Net sales from equipment operations surged 26% to $7.09Bil.

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$DE Deere & Company Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q4 2017 Highlights

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Robert Lane is retiring from the $GE BoD for health reasons, effective Oct 9, 2017. Lane, the former Chairman and CEO of $DE, joined the GE Board in June 2005.

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$DE entered into a definitive agreement to acquire California based robotic startup 'Blue River Technology', that specializes in developing the See & Spray machines. The deal worth $305MM is expected to close in September.

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$DE’s BoD has declared a regular quarterly dividend of $.60 per share on common stock, payable Nov 1, 2017, to stockholders of record as on Sept 29, 2017.

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$DE equipment sales are projected to be up about 10% YoY for FY17 and up about 24% for 4Q17. Net sales and revenues are projected to increase about 11% for FY17, with net income attributable to the company of about $2.075Bil. $DE also expects Agriculture & Turf and Construction & Forestry worldwide sales to increase in FY17.

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Farm equipment manufacturer $DE posted back to back quarter of earnings spike for the first time in three years. Earnings for 3Q17 jumped 31%, on equipment sales and revenue increases, to $642.3MM or $1.97 per share, up from $488.8MM or $1.55 per share a year earlier. Net sales and revenue jumped 16% to $7.8Bil.

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$DE Deere & Company Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 Highlights

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$DE, which provides products and services to the farm sector, has acquired privately-held sprayer manufacturer Mazzotti. The acquisition will help John Deere expand its operations in the European markets. Mazzotti will maintain its name, trademark, and commercial agreements.

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$DE agreed to acquire the Wirtgen Group. $DE expects the transaction to be accretive to EPS and currently expects to fund the acquisition from a combination of cash and new equipment operations debt financing. The companies said they expect to close on the transaction in $DE's 1Q18.

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$DE agreed to acquire the Wirtgen Group, a privately-held international company that is the leading manufacturer worldwide of road construction equipment. The purchase price for the equity is EUR4.357Bil in an all-cash transaction. The total transaction value is about EUR4.6Bil, including the assumption of net debt and other consideration.

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$DE's BoD declared a regular quarterly dividend of $.60 per share on common stock. The dividend is payable on Aug. 1, 2017, to stockholders of record on June 30, 2017.

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$DE stated that on the Canada high horsepower farm equipment order availability, there is no change from last year. Additionally the company added that looking at the water re-tractor numbers, the order book has strengthened significantly over 2Q17.

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$DE said it expects to end 2017 with total inventories and receivables up about $400MM, with increases in the Ag & Turf and C&F divisions.  in 2Q17, R&D was down 6%, while the company expects its 2017 R&D to be down about 1%.

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$DE Deere & Company Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 Highlights

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Net income attributable to $DE's Financial Services unit was $64.5MM for 2Q17, compared with $69.6MM a year ago. The decline was primarily due to less-favorable financing spreads and higher expenses. For FY17, this income is expected to be approx $475MM, which reflects lower YoY losses on lease residual values.

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In 2Q17, $DE's sales grew 1% for Agriculture & Turf segment and 7% for Construction & Forestry segment. For FY17, sales of agriculture and turf equipment are forecast to increase by about 8%, while sales of construction and forestry equipment are expected to be up about 13%.

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$DE's equipment sales are projected to increase about 9% for FY17 and 18% for 3Q17 compared with the same periods of 2016. Net sales and revenues are projected to increase about 9% for FY17 with net income attributable to $DE of about $2Bil.

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Machinery manufacturer $DE posted higher results in 2Q17 driven by improving demand for farm and construction equipment. Net income was $802.4MM, or $2.49 per share, compared with $495.4MM, or $1.56 per share, a year ago. Worldwide net sales and revenues increased 5% to $8.28Bil.

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