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Online vehicle auction and remarketing services provider $CPRT's 4Q16 total revenue grew 17.8% to $332.7MM versus $282.3MM in 4Q15. Service revenue grew 18.8% and vehicle sales grew 11.8% in the quarter.

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$CPRT said a significant chunk of the costs associated with Hurricane Harvey were the towing expense and the flood clean-up expense, which were largely incurred in 1Q18. There are ongoing processing costs, including the rent for temporary facilities and extra personnel. These expenses will continue in subsequent quarters.

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During 1Q18, $CPRT saw global unit sales growth of 10%, with US growth of 11% and international growth of 5%. Global inventory grew by 17.5%. Excluding CAT inventory, inventory growth would have been approx. 7%, with less than 1% of the inventory growth attributable to acquisitions.

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$CPRT Copart, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q1 2018 Highlights

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$CPRT's operating results for 1Q18 were adversely affected by abnormal costs of approx. $35.8MM incurred as a result of Hurricane Harvey. These costs, net of the associated revenues of approx. $18.6MM, generated a pre-tax loss of approx. $17.2MM during the quarter.

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$CPRT reported a 53.7% decrease in 1Q18 earnings. Net income was $77.5MM or $0.32 per share compared to $167MM or $0.70 per share in 1Q17. Adjusted EPS was $0.33 for 1Q18. Revenues rose 21.1% to $419.2MM compared to last year.

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$CPRT said the average unit cost of processing vehicles in 4Q17 was in line with the year-ago quarter. The company intends to continue its expansion activities in the coming quarters, mainly involving capacity addition. In future, one of the focus areas will be integration of new technology that would help in improving operational efficiently.

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$CPRT, a provider of vehicle re-marketing services, said its overall revenue growth in 4Q17 was driven mainly by an 11% growth in global business volume - both sales and service. Going forward, the company sees its recently acquired subsidiary National Powersport Auctions to be highly accretive to earnings.

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$CPRT reported a 16.4% drop in 4Q17 earnings due to impairment charge related to costs previously capitalized in connection with development of business operating software. Net income fell to $70.34MM or $0.30 per share from $84.12MM or $0.35 per share last year. Revenue grew 13.8% to $378.6MM. Non-GAAP EPS increased 16.7% to $0.35.

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$CPRT said that there were no substantial effects from catastrophic weather events on unit sales in 3Q17. Global inventory grew 7.9% and U.S. inventory was up 8%. Higher scrap values were offset by stronger U.S. dollar. The company plans to international buyer base despite the challenges caused by the strong dollar.

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Online vehicle auction and remarketing services provider $CPRT reported higher 3Q17 earnings, helped by higher revenue. Net income rose 22.35% to $90.54MM or $0.38 per share from $74MM or $0.32 per share a year ago. Total service revenues and vehicle sales grew 7.67% to $373.86MM from $347.2MM in 3Q16. Excluding items, $CPRT earned $0.37 per share.

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In Germany, $CPRT had its first auction in September followed by two more auctions. These are test auctions so the insurance companies have not participated. The company had scheduled another one on Dec. 14, 2016 and is taking a very measured approach to roll this out to insurance companies.

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$CPRT experienced global revenue growth of 19.8% for 1Q17. This is after accounting for the detrimental currency effects on revenue of about $9MM, largely due to depreciation of pound relative to the dollar. $CPRT grew unit sales volume worldwide at about 19% with US unit growth of about 20% and international unit growth of about 14%.

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$CPRT reported 1Q17 earnings of $167.3 MM, or $1.41 per share, which more than tripled from the year-ago period as revenue rose 20% to $346.0MM. Excluding special items, non-GAAP earnings rose to $0.57 per share.

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Ryan Brinkman of JPMorgan asks about growth drivers going into FY17. $CPRT said the most important driver is unit growth. Historically, other big drivers have been currency, scrap values, catastrophic events which can cause higher than normal cost and currency. G&A will increase on an absolute dollar basis. Capex will not affect the P&L.

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Elizabeth Suzuki of BofA/ML enquires whether salvage value will keep trending upwards. $CPRT said scrap values have improved YoverY. Scrap value most accutely affects the company's lowest end cars. The strength of the US dollar against a lot of $CPRT's export currencies is an offsetting factor. Overall, scrap improvement YoverY would be helpful.

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John Healy of Northcoast Research asks about loss trends going forward as a percentage of accidents. $CPRT said over the short-term which is around 3-5 years, it does not expect material changes due to current trends. There are many factors influencing this so the company cannot give specific numbers but the general trend appears favorable.

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During 4Q16, in $CPRT's US operations, volume increased 14% YoverY. The increase in volume came from growth in the size and the company's share of the salvage market as well as growth in non-insurance volume. At the end of 4Q16, US inventory was up 20%. In the UK, units sold grew by 12.6% and non-insurance volume grew by 24.9%.

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$CPRT had Capex of $30MM in 4Q16 and $173MM in full-year 2016. Of the $173MM, approx. 75% was for land, lease buyouts and development. The company purchased 11.3MM shares over the course of FY16 at a weighted average price of $39.29.

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Texas-based company $CPRT said 4Q16 global revenue growth of 17.8% included a detrimental currency effect of approx. 1.8% of revenue, largely due to the weakening of the British pound. The company experienced global unit sales growth of 13.8%. Gross profit growth exceeded revenue growth. Gross profit was $141.5MM in 4Q16.

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Online vehicle auction and remarketing services provider $CPRT's 4Q16 total revenue grew 17.8% to $332.7MM versus $282.3MM in 4Q15. Service revenue grew 18.8% and vehicle sales grew 11.8% in the quarter.

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