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Jason Gere from KeyBanc asks about the loyalty card membership growth in 2Q16 and the transaction size for loyalty card members vs. non-loyalty card. $ULTA said its loyalty program did exceed the 20MM member mark to 20.6MM active members. Regarding the size, $ULTA said the loyalty program is more than 80% of the company's total sales.

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For 2Q17, $ULTA expects operating margin to be flat, gross profit to be up a little bit and SG&A to be down a little bit. For 3Q17, the company estimates to have pressure on the gross profit, because of the higher rent of the stores. $ULTA expects more leverage in 4Q17.

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$ULTA said that ulta.com team delivered 70.9% growth in ecommerce business during 1Q17. This was the highest quarterly growth rate for $ULTA's ecom business since 1Q14. The number of omnichannel loyalty members continue to increase and now represent 8.6% of the members. Total traffic growth was up 77% and mobile traffic rose 107%.

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During 1Q17, $ULTA acquired 1.1MM net new loyalty members, bringing the ultimate rewards program to 24.5MM active members. This represents year-over-year growth of 26% due to the healthy traffic in the stores, supported by the merchandising and marketing efforts. The company expects loyalty membership to grow well above the square footage growth.

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During 1Q17, $ULTA opened 18 stores and closed two stores. The company ended 1Q17 with 990 stores. Square footage increased 12% to 10,433,185 compared to 1Q16.

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For 2Q17, $ULTA expects net sales to be $1.257-1.278Bil and comparable sales to increase 10-12%. Diluted EPS is estimated to be $1.72-1.77.

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$ULTA increased its outlook for FY17. Now, the company expects EPS to grow in the mid-20s percent range compared to previous guidance of low 20s percent range. $ULTA expects to open 100 net new stores, remodel 11 locations and relocate 6 stores in FY17.

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$ULTA reported a 40% increase in 1Q17 profit, helped by higher sales. Net income surged to $128.2MM or $2.05 per share from $92MM or $1.45 per share in the prior year quarter. Sales increased 22.5% to $1.315Bil and comparable sales increased 14.3%.

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During 4Q16, $ULTA saw a 10.9% growth in transactions and 5.7% growth in average ticket. Capex for 4Q16 was $93MM driven by the new store opening program, systems and fixtures for prestige brand expansions. The company ended 4Q16 with $415MM in cash and short-term investments.

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In $ULTA’s services business, salon sales increased 15.2% and comps 8.8% during 4Q16 with strength in hair coloring and makeup services. E-commerce sales grew 63.4%. The company opened 25 stores in 4Q16 to end FY16 with 974 stores. New store productivity was strong.

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$ULTA ULTA Salon Earnings AlphaGraph: Q4 2016 Highlights

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For 1Q17, $ULTA expects net sales of $1.24-1.26Bil. Comparable sales, including e-commerce sales, are expected to increase 9-11%. Diluted EPS is estimated to be $1.75-1.80.

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For FY17, $ULTA expects comparable sales growth of approx. 8-10% and e-commerce sales growth in the 40% range.  The company plans to open about 100 net new stores and remodel 13 locations. $ULTA expects EPS growth in the low twenties percentage range, including the impact of the 53rd week and the impact of about $300MM in share repurchases.

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$ULTA reported a 30% increase in 4Q16 earnings. Net income was $140.2MM or $2.24 per share compared to $107.8MM or $1.69 per share in 4Q15. Diluted EPS growth was 32.5% in 4Q16. Net sales increased 24.6% to $1.6Bil from last year. Comparable sales increased 16.6%.

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$ULTA said Ulta Beauty, Inc. will replace Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. as the publicly-traded entity. All outstanding shares of common stock of Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. will automatically convert into the same number of shares of common stock of Ulta Beauty, Inc.

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$ULTA said it will implement a holding company reorganization on Jan. 29, 2017, the beginning of the company's new fiscal year. The primary purpose of the reorganization is to create a more efficient corporate structure. Business operations for the company will not change as a result of the reorganization.

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$ULTA's capital expenditures were $131.6MM, driven by new store openings and fixtures related to the continued rollout of boutiques. CapEx is expected to reach about $390MM for FY16, driven by slightly higher CapEx per new store and also includes about $80MM for boutique expansion, with 500 plus store for Clinique, Lancome and Benefit boutiques.

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$ULTA expects FY16 comparable sales to grow in the range of 13-15% and earnings growth to be in high '20s percentage range. Operating margin is expected to be up modestly. The company plans to expand square footage by about 11%, with the opening of 100 net new stores and also to remodel 12 locations.

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$ULTA's 4Q16 E-Commerce sales are expected to grow about 40%. The company plans to open about 25 stores compared to 14 stores a year ago, with high pre-opening expense. The tax rate is expected to be 37.5% and fully diluted share count is estimated at 63MM.

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$ULTA said it approved all the 100 stores planned for FY17 program, including a new store at Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The company expects a long-term rollout between 1,400 to 1,700 stores, with opportunities to further penetrate existing suburban market and beginning to develop urban market.

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