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$TJX 1Q16 10-Q: TJX repurchased and retired 6.1MM shares of common stock at a cost of $415MM during at 1Q16-end on a trade date basis. TJX reflects stock repurchases in its financial statements on a settlement date or cash basis. TJX had cash expenditures under repurchase programs of $419.9MM at 1Q16-end vs. $360MM 1Q15-end.

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$TJX's BoD declared a quarterly dividend on its common stock of $0.3125 per share. The dividend is payable on Aug. 31, 2017, to shareholders of record on Aug. 10, 2017.

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In terms of market share, $TJX said it is gaining apparel market share in the United States, but not at the rate of total market share gains. The company believes it will continue to gain market share in 2Q18 on all of its categories.

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Off-price retailer $TJX expects to open approx. 250 stores across the company in FY18. This includes further testing of Sierra Trading Post brick and mortar format, with 15 additional store openings planned in the United States this year.

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On the e-commerce front, $TJX said the initiatives it has put in place over the last year is paying off. The company is planning to continue adding new categories and brands this year to each of its websites while differentiating the merchandise mix from stores.

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$TJX The TJX Companies Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2018 Highlights

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$TJX now sees 2Q18 diluted EPS of $0.81-0.83, on estimated consolidated comparable store sales growth of 1-2%. For FY18, TJX expects diluted EPS at $3.82-3.89 and adjusted diluted EPS at $3.71-3.78, on estimated consolidated comparable store sales growth of 1-2%. TJX plans to repurchase approximately $1.3-1.8Bil of stock in the year.

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With flat comp sales, the Marmaxx segment of $TJX posted a 2% rise in net sales to $5.0Bil in 1Q18. HomeGoods segment sales jumped 11% to $1.1Bil on a comp sales growth of 3%, while TJX Canada recorded an 8% hike in sales to $739MM with a 3% comp sales growth. For TJX International, comp sales were flat on a net sales slump of 2% to $957MM.

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Net sales of $TJX inched 3% up to $7.8Bil in 1Q18, as the apparel retailer posted a 5.5% rise in net income of $536.3MM from $508.3MM. Earnings improved to $0.82 per diluted share from last year's $0.76 a share, with consolidated comparable store sales growing by 1% in the quarter.

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$TJX's BoD lifted the amount of its quarterly dividend by 20% to $0.3125 per share from the last dividend paid. The dividend is payable on June 1, 2017 to shareholders of record on May 11, 2017. Also, $TJX plans to continue its significant share buyback program, with about $1.3-1.8Bil of repurchases planned for FY18.

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For FY18, $TJX plans to add about 250 net new stores, which would bring year end total to approx. 4,062 stores, representing growth of approx. 7%. In U.S., the company plans to open about 65 stores at Marmaxx. For home goods, 85 stores are expected to open. In Canada, $TJX plans to add about 35 new stores.

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For FY18, $TJX expects consolidated sales to be $35.2-35.6Bil, up 6-7% over the prior year. Wage increases to have a negative impact to EPS growth of about 2% in FY18 and to have an incremental negative impact beyond FY18. Recent change in accounting rules for share based compensation to benefit EPS growth by approx. 2% or about $0.08.

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$TJX reported that 4Q17 EPS growth was negatively impacted by 3% due to wage increases and 5% due to foreign currency and transactional foreign exchange. In 2017, $TJX expects to remodel approx. 260 stores across the company. $TJX also plans to launch second home concept stores later in 2017.

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$TJX also announced its plan to repurchase about $1.3-1.8Bil of its stock during FY18. With $1.8Bil remaining at FY17 year-end under its existing stock repurchase program, $TJX's BoD approved a new stock repurchase program that authorizes the repurchase of up to an additional $1Bil of its common stock from time to time.

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$TJX plans to lift regular quarterly dividend on its common stock to be declared in April 2017 and payable in June 2017 to $0.3125 per share, subject to the BoD approval. This would represent a 20% increase in current per share dividend. Over this period of time, the company's dividend has grown at a compound annual rate of 23%.

$TJX {{ '2017-02-22T13:57:15+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TJX expects 1Q18 EPS of $0.76-0.78, compared to $0.76 last year. This guidance reflects an assumption that wage increases will negatively impact EPS growth by 3%. This EPS outlook is based upon estimated comparable store sales growth of 0-1% versus last year's 7% increase.

$TJX {{ '2017-02-22T13:55:21+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TJX expects FY18 EPS of $3.80-3.89, which represents a 10-12% increase over the prior year's $3.46. This includes an expected benefit of about $0.11 per share from the 53rd week in the company's FY18. Excluding this benefit, $TJX expects adjusted EPS of $3.69-3.78, which will represent a 5-7% increase over the prior year’s adjusted $3.53.

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$TJX's gross profit margin for 4Q17 declined 0.4 percentage points to 28.3% from the previous year quarter. Merchandise margin was up significantly, but was more than offset due to losses related to the company's inventory hedges as well as incremental supply chain costs versus last year.

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$TJX reported a rise in 4Q17 earnings driven by customer traffic and a rise in merchandise margin as well as higher sales. Net income rose to $677.93MM or $1.03 per share from $666.47MM or $0.99 per share last year. Net sales grew to $9.47Bil from $8.96Bil. Comparable store sales increased 3%.

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$TJX BoD declared a quarterly dividend on its common stock of $0.26 per share payable March 2, 2017, to shareholders of record on Feb. 9, 2017.

$TJX {{ '2016-11-29T17:31:54+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$TJX announced that Jackwyn Nemerov has been elected to its Board of Directors. Ms. Nemerov is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

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