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$BF.A $BF.B said that 1Q17 emerging markets' underlying net sales fell 5% vs. 8% growth in 1Q16. The two largest emerging markets, Mexico & Poland continued to expand delivering solid growth, while several other emerging markets were down double digits, including Turkey and Brazil. Softness in Russia, China, Thailand & Ukraine were timing related.

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$BF.A $BF.B stated that geographically in Spain, the company had long thought of the possibility because of the size and potential for Jack Daniel's and other trademark in that market. Additionally the company added that the US market is evolving as it’s related to the evolving markets.

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From a portfolio perspective, $BF.A $BF.B expects growth in FY18 to be led by the Jack Daniel's family of brand. Additionally, underlying GM is expected to be down slightly, as price mix is offset by higher costs. The company is also targeting flattish underlying SG&A in FY18, driving few points of operating leverage.

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$BF.A $BF.B said that geographically, Mexico, France and Japan were standout performers, with each country growing underlying net sales growth double digits. In FY17, underlying net sales of Jack Daniel's family of brands grew by 3%, while in the Tequila brand grew underlying net sales by 12%.

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$BF.A $BF.B said, in 4Q17, underlying net sales grew 4% (-3% reported) in the US, 4% (-3% reported) in developed markets outside US, 4% (-7% reported) in the emerging markets, and 7% (3% reported) in Travel Retail.

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For FY18, $BF.A $BF.B expects underlying net sales growth of 4-5%, led by the Jack Daniel's family of brands. Underlying operating income is predicted to grow 6-8%, while diluted EPS is expected between $1.80 and $1.90. Separately, the company is targeting three-year cost savings of $100MM (FY18-FY20).

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Jack Daniel's parent $BF.A $BF.B reported 72% fall in net income in 4Q17, as it had benefited from certain one-off gains during the year-over quarter. Net income was $144MM, or $0.37 per share, compared to $522MM, or $1.30 per share in 4Q16. Net sales slid 5% to $694MM.

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$BF.A $BF.B said that Slane, the Irish whiskey is getting ready for the launch. Slane will be launched in Ireland in April, and in Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. in the summer. $BF.A has been investing roughly $50MM behind this facility. Coopers Craft whiskey was introduced in 8 states in the U.S. and is in early stages, the company said.

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$BF.A $BF.B said that despite the sluggish start in  January and February, the company expects growth rates in 4Q17 to be similar to 3Q17. This will result in back half underlying net sales growth of about 4%, roughly double the rate of 1H17.

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For FY17, $BF.A $BF.B sees underlying net sales growth of 3% to 4% and underlying operating income growth of 5% to 7%. Reported diluted EPS expected to be $1.71 to $1.76 for 2017, including foreign exchange headwinds of approx. $0.06 given current spot rates.

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Liquor company $BF.A $BF.B reported a 4% YoY decline in net income of $182MM for 3Q17, while EPS grew 1% to $0.47 due to lower share count. The maker of Jack Daniel's and other brands posted net sales of $808MM for the quarter, which was essentially flat compared to last year.

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The BoDs of $BF.A $BF.B declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 18.25 cents per share on its Class A and Class B Common Stock. The dividend will be payable on April 3, 2017 to stockholders of record on March 6, 2017.

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$BF.A $BF.B said the company is comfortable with the Tequila portfolio currently. On pricing, the company added that the pricing in US and Mexico is holding steady. The company also commented that Tequila, and especially El Jimador and Herradura brands, have grown their sales mainly through volume and not through pricing.

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$BF.A $BF.B's largest emerging markets, Mexico and Poland posted robust results in 2Q17 with underlying net sales growth of 18% and 11% respectively. Conversely, Russia, Brazil and Turkey along with China and Southeast Asia declined at double digit rate in 1H17.

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$BF.A $BF.B stated that its results for 2Q17 continued to be impacted negatively by acquisitions, FX headwinds and divestitures. The company added that its Jack Daniels brand grew 4% in the US in the quarter, while Tequila and El Jimador brands delivered double digit growth.

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$BF.A $BF.B anticipates additional improvement in underlying net sales growth in 2H17 against more favorable comparisons, as well as continued investments to position the company for sustained long-term growth. The company believes that FY17 will be another year of continued growth in underlying net sales and operating income.

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$BF.A $BF.B now expects FY17 underlying net sales growth, excluding excise taxes, of 4-5% and underlying operating income growth of 6-8%. The company still sees EPS of $1.71 to $1.81 in FY17, which includes foreign exchange headwinds of about $0.05 given current spot rates.

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$BF.A $BF.B, the maker of Jack Daniel's whiskey, reported 1% decline in 2Q17 earnings due to adverse impact from divestiture of Southern Comfort and Tuaca in last year and foreign exchange. Net income slid to $197MM from $200MM last year, while EPS rose to $0.50 from $0.49, on lower weighted average shares outstanding. Sales fell 4% to $1.06Bil.

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$BF.A $BF.B said its BoD increased its quarterly cash dividend on its Class A and B common stock by 7.4% to 18.25 cents per share from 17 cents per share. Hence the annual dividend will rise from $0.68 to $0.73 per share. The dividend will be payable on Jan. 3, 2017 to stockholders of record on Dec. 2, 2016.

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SunTrust Robinson analyst Bill Chappell asks $BF.A $BF.B how it gets back to its original EPS guidance and what are the major areas of improvement. $BF.A $BF.B says that FY17 guidance is unchanged. The company continues to expect to have leverage OpEx & SG&A. Internationally, $BF.A $BF.B will continue to expand and so will get benefits from there.

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Goldman Sachs analyst Judy Hong questions on volume vs. price mix within the underlying sales growth of 5% in the US. $BF.A $BF.B says that there is not a lot of pricing coming from the US. The volume numbers are down a bit because of brands like Canadian Mist. Jack Daniel's brand volume was up and there was a point of pricing there.

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