$PLKI (Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.)

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During 2Q16, $PLKI's overall expenses rose $1.8MM to $20.8MM vs. 2Q15. The company expected this increase, which includes investments for $PLKI's strategic road map initiatives. The 2016 G&A spending will be managed within the annual guidance of 2.9-3.0% of system-wide sales. Consolidated total leverage ratio is at 1.6 times consolidated EBITDA.

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$PLKI announced that Cheryl Bachelder will be stepping down as CEO at the closing of the company's transaction with $QSR. A new Popeyes leader will be named by $QSR at that time.

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$PLKI expects FY16 reported diluted EPS to be $1.99-2.01. Adjusted diluted EPS is expected to be $2.10-2.12, compared to $1.91 in FY15, an increase of approx. 10%. The company's previous guidance for adjusted EPS was $2.10-2.15.

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$PLKI's global same-store sales grew 2.8% in 4Q16 and domestic same-store sales grew 3%. FY16 global same-store sales increased 1.7%. In 4Q16, $PLKI opened 52 domestic and 37 international restaurants, bringing FY16 openings to 216 restaurants. $PLKI closed 57 restaurants in FY16, resulting in net new restaurant openings of 159 restaurants.

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CL King analyst Mike Gallo asks what amount of the SG&A increase occurred during 1H16. $PLKI says that G&A was always front-end loaded for the company and that will remain as planned. The company has reaffirmed its earnings guidance assuming that it will continue to implement its strategic initiatives. They are in $PLKI's plan.

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Jefferies analyst Alex Slagle questions on the efforts put in the international business by $PLKI to partner with the franchisees and the brand building. $PLKI says that the sales strategy is working where the partnership with franchisees to jumpstart media and then have them go forward building awareness and trial for the brand is working.

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Piper Jaffray analyst Joshua Long questions on consumer environment. $PLKI says that it remains in a value-oriented environment despite better gas prices & unemployment rate. Value was very operative in 2Q16 & is expected to continue throughout the year. $PLKI has made adjustments to the calendar for 3Q16 & 4Q16 to stay on top of that expectation.

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For FY16, $PLKI expects new restaurant openings to be 200-235, including approx. 85-100 internationally. Net new restaurants openings are expected to be between 140-185 for net unit growth rate of approx. 6-7% & CapEx to be between $10-15MM, including approx. $10MM of new company-operated restaurants & other capital improvements at current ones.

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During 2Q16, $PLKI's overall expenses rose $1.8MM to $20.8MM vs. 2Q15. The company expected this increase, which includes investments for $PLKI's strategic road map initiatives. The 2016 G&A spending will be managed within the annual guidance of 2.9-3.0% of system-wide sales. Consolidated total leverage ratio is at 1.6 times consolidated EBITDA.

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During 2Q16, $PLKI's revenue rose 3.9% to $61.7MM vs. $59.4MM in 2Q15. Of these revenues, franchise royalties and fees were $35.3MM, up 7% over 2Q15, mainly due to net unit growth and positive same-store sales performance. System-wide sales rose 6.5% and same-store sales in heritage markets were up 1%.

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$PLKI said that its system opened 43 new restaurants, including 20 international openings. At 2Q16-end, the system had 2,594 restaurants around the globe vs. 2,443 at 2Q15-end. The company generated free cash flow of $23.6MM and repurchased approx. 533,000 shares of its stock for $30MM, which was at the high-end of $PLKI's stated range.

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Franchisor and operator of Popeyes restaurants $PLKI said that 2Q16 global same-store sales were up 0.7% and domestic same-store sales were flat rolling over a 7.9% increase in 2Q15. The company's domestic chicken-QSR market share grew to another record high of 26.6%, up 1.2 percentage points. International same-store sales rose 6.4% for 2Q16.

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$PLKI still sees FY16 net restaurant openings of 200-235, including about 85-100 internationally, and net new restaurant openings of 140-185, for net new unit growth rate of about 6-7%. $PLKI still sees share repurchases of $80-120MM in outstanding shares, with $60MM purchased from operating cash flows and up to $60MM from additional borrowings.

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$PLKI lowered its FY16 system-wide same-store sales growth guidance to range of 1-2% from prior estimate of 2-3% and its expectation for opening company-operated restaurant to 2 from prior forecast of 3-5. The company still expects EPS in the range of $2.10-2.15, capital expenditures of $10-15MM, and effective income tax rate of about 38%.

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$PLKI's sales by company-operated restaurants for 2Q16 rose to $25.2MM from $25.1MM last year. Company-operated restaurant operating profit slid to $4.7MM from $4.9MM, primarily due to lower sales in its new markets along with higher labor costs, which were partially offset by lower chicken and grocery basket costs.

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$PLKI's total system-wide sales for 2Q16 increased by 6.5% from last year, as a result of net unit growth and same-store sales performance. Global same-store sales rose 0.7%, with domestic same-store sales were flat and international same-store sales increased 6.4%.

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Fast-food chicken chain $PLKI reported a flat 2Q16 earnings due to unchanged operating income. Net income remained unchanged from last year at $10.3MM, while EPS rose to $0.47 from $0.44 on lower weighted average shares outstanding. Total revenues increased 3.9% to $61.7MM.

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$PLKI said G&A expenses are expected to be approx. 2.9-3.0% of systemwide sales, maintaining an investment rate that supports long-term growth. CapEx is expected to to be in the range of $10-15MM, including approx. $10MM for company-operated restaurant development. The effective income tax rate in 2016 is expected to be approx. 38%.

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Fast food restaurant chain $PLKI said during 1Q16 it repurchased approx. 554,000 shares of common stock for approx. $30MM. After 1Q16-end, the company repurchased approx. 81,000 shares of its common stock for approx. $4.4MM. $PLKI intends to adjust its capital structure and increase its total leverage ratio to a range of 2.5-3.5x by 2017-end.

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$PLKI said over the next seven years, the company plans to drive its domestic restaurant average unit volumes from approx. 1.4MM to 2MM. The company expects this sales increase will drive average domestic franchisee profitability from approx. $333,000 to over $500,000 per restaurant, representing margins above 25%.

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$PLKI said in April it featured a compelling core menu offer, the $5 Bonafide Big Box and saw excellent response from its guests. This action resulted in two back-to-back domestic record weeks in April and strong chicken-QSR share gains.

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