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$TJX 2Q16 Q&A: Hofkin of William Blair & Co. asked about wage expense, if TJX is still looking at for the overall impact to be greater YoverY than it has been this year. Carol answered that for next year, will definitely be up & the following year it will be less though. Might have other opportunities between pension and FX & ticket flattening out.

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$TJX stated that its overall 3Q18 Marmaxx margins missed outlook due to the hurricane impact and the deleverage on the low comp at Marmaxx. The company expects 4Q18 overall gross profit margin to be in the range of 28.9-29% vs. 28.3% last year. The extra week in the quarter is expected to benefit the high end of gross profit margin by approx. 40BP.

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$TJX said that for its FY18 EPS guidance,  the company expects wage increases to negatively impact growth by about 2%. As to FX, assuming current rates, $TJX expect the net impact of foreign currency and transactional foreign exchange to have a 1% positive impact on FY18 EPS growth.

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$TJX increased its store count by 139 stores in 3Q18 to a total of 4,052 stores. Additionally, the company increased square footage by 5% over the same period a year ago.

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For FY18, $TJX is maintaining the high end of its EPS guidance, expecting diluted earnings in the range of $3.91-3.93. This guidance includes an expected benefit of approx. $0.11 per share from the 53rd week in $TJX's FY18 calendar. Excluding this benefit, $TJX expects adjusted diluted EPS to be in the range of $3.80 to $3.82.

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For 4Q18, $TJX expects diluted EPS in the range of $1.25-1.27, a 21-23% increase YoY. Excluding an approx. $0.11 benefit from the extra week in 4Q18, the company expects adjusted EPS to be in the range of $1.14-1.16, an YoY increase of 11-13%.

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Off-price retailer $TJX, which has been aggressive in store opening and brand enhancing initiatives recently, posted a 16.6% spike in its 3Q18 profit, driven by higher store traffic and improved margins. Profit surged to $641.4MM or $1 per share from $549.7MM or $0.83 per share a year ago. Sales jumped 6% to $8.8Bil, while comp sales remained flat.

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$TJX The TJX Companies, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2018 Highlights

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$TJX has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.3125 per share on its common stock. The dividend is payable on November 30, 2017, to shareholders of record on November 9, 2017.

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$TJX said 2Q18 was impacted by supply chain and wage pressures. The company had significantly more freight costs in the HomeGoods division during 2Q18, primarily due to some additional West Coast sourcing and product mix differences compared to 1Q18.

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For FY18, $TJX expects Marmaxx comparable sales growth of 1-2% on sales of $22.3-22.4Bil. At HomeGoods, comps are expected to increase 3-4% on sales of $5.1Bil. TJX Canada comps are expected to increase 3-4% on sales of $3.5-3.6Bil. At TJX International, the company expects comp growth of 1-2% on sales of $4.8Bil.

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At the end of 2Q18, $TJX’s consolidated inventories on a per store basis, including inventories held in warehouses but excluding in-transit and ecommerce inventories, were down 6% on a constant currency basis.

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During 2Q18, $TJX’s Marmaxx division comparable store sales were up 2% versus a 4% increase last year. HomeGoods delivered a 7% increase in comparable store sales over 5% in 2Q17. TJX Canada comps increased 7% over last year’s 9% increase. TJX International comp store sales grew 1% versus 2% last year.

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$TJX The TJX Companies, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2018 Highlights

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For FY18, $TJX expects diluted EPS of $3.89-3.93. This represents a 12-14% increase over the prior year’s EPS of $3.46. Adjusted diluted EPS is expected to be $3.78-3.82. This EPS outlook is based upon estimated consolidated comparable store sales growth of 1-2%.

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For 3Q18, $TJX expects diluted EPS to be $0.98-1.00. This would represent an 18-20% increase over the prior year’s EPS of $0.83. This guidance assumes that wage increases will negatively impact EPS growth by 1% and that FX will positively impact EPS growth by 3%. $TJX expects consolidated comparable store sales growth of 1-2%.

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$TJX reported net income of $553MM or $0.85 per share in 2Q18 compared to $562MM or $0.84 per share in 2Q17. Net sales increased 6% to $8.4Bil and consolidated comparable store sales increased 3% versus the prior-year period.

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$TJX's BoD declared a quarterly dividend on its common stock of $0.3125 per share. The dividend is payable on Aug. 31, 2017, to shareholders of record on Aug. 10, 2017.

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In terms of market share, $TJX said it is gaining apparel market share in the United States, but not at the rate of total market share gains. The company believes it will continue to gain market share in 2Q18 on all of its categories.

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Off-price retailer $TJX expects to open approx. 250 stores across the company in FY18. This includes further testing of Sierra Trading Post brick and mortar format, with 15 additional store openings planned in the United States this year.

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On the e-commerce front, $TJX said the initiatives it has put in place over the last year is paying off. The company is planning to continue adding new categories and brands this year to each of its websites while differentiating the merchandise mix from stores.

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