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$EV said that 2Q16 effective tax rate was 38.7% vs. 38.4% in 1Q16 and 37.6% in 2Q15. The company anticipates its adjusted effective tax rate to be approx. 38.5% for FY16. $EV repurchased 2.1MM shares of non-voting common stock for approx. $70.7MM in 2Q16.

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$EV said Calvert's contribution to the financial result was consistent with the expectation. In 2Q17, Calvert contributed $21MM to the revenue and $3.5MM to operating income, compared with $7.6MM of revenue and $1.5MM of operating income in 1Q17. The company acquired the business assets of Calvert Investment Management, Inc. on Dec. 30, 2016.

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$EV had a record quarter in terms of managed assets. Ending consolidated managed assets at the end of 2Q17 increased 6% QoQ and 21% YoY, reflecting record quarterly net inflows and positive market returns, as well as the impact of Calvert acquisition.

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Investment management company $EV's 2Q17 net income rose 31% YoY to $71.9MM, compared to $54.9MM during 2Q16. Diluted EPS rose 29% YoY to $0.62 from $0.48 during prior year period. Revenues rose to $374.6MM. Consolidated assets under management rose 21% to $387Bil from $318.7Bil during 2Q16.

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Regarding the demand on muni side, $EV said the muni securities are with longer duration of 20-year term and 10-year call date. The company said the business is substantially diversified with great inflows and well positioned for strong performance across line ups in a range of duration exposures.

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$EV said it agreed to acquire the assets of Calvert Investment Management, a Maryland-based recognized leader in responsibly investing with about 12.3Bil in AUM. The transaction is expected to complete on Dec, 31, 2016.

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Waddell & Reed launched the first 3 NextShares funds by an advisor other than $EV. The company also said interactive brokers and automated global electronic brokers began offering NextShares funds to retail investors and financial professionals through investing and trading platforms.

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$EV said it finished FY16 with consolidated assets under management (AUM) of $336.4Bil, up 8% from a year ago. The increase was driven by net inflows of $19.3Bil and market price appreciation of $5.8Bil. Performance fees contributed less than $0.005 per diluted share.

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Investment management company $EV reported 4Q17 EPS of $0.57, up 8% from a year ago. Consolidated assets under management were $336.4Bil, up 8% from the year-ago period. Revenue rose to $346,85MM.

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Robert Lee of KBW asks about the split in equity inflows between the institutional and retail side in 3Q16. $EV CFO Laurie Hylton said that equity inflows were positive in open-end private fund category and they were a little bit weaker on the institutional side.

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$EV said that compensation expense in 3Q16 was down 2% from the previous year, helped by lower incentive compensation accruals and the decrease in stock-based compensation expense. Expenses related to NextShares, a new type of investment fund which was introduced by $EV, totaled approx. $2.4MM for 3Q16, the company said.

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$EV said that Interactive Brokers Group has announced plans in May to offer NextShares, a new type of investment fund which was introduced by the company in February. $EV added that in July, UBS Financial Services announced plans to offer NextShares through its network of 7,100 financial advisers in the U.S.

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During first 9 months of FY16, $EV stated that it used $205MM to repurchase and retire about 6.1MM shares of its non-voting common stock under its repurchase authorizations. Of the current 8MM share repurchase authorization, the company has about 4.2MM shares remain available.

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$EV said its 49% owned affiliate Hexavest Inc. managed $14.4Bil of client assets as of July 31, 2016. This was down 3% from $14.8Bil of managed assets on July 31, 2015. Hexavest-managed funds and separate accounts had net outflows of $0.5Bil during 3Q16 and $0.3Bil during 2Q16.

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$EV's consolidated assets under management, or AUM, grew 7% to $334.4Bil on July 31, 2016 from $312.6Bil on July 31, 2015. The YoverY increase reflects net inflows of $19Bil and market price appreciation of $2.8Bil. Consolidated net inflows were $7.1Bil during 3Q16, which represented a 9% annualized internal growth rate.

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Investment management firm $EV reported a 8% decline in 3Q16 earnings due to lower revenues. Net income fell to $62.9MM or $0.55 per share from $68.71MM or $0.57 per share last year. Total revenues slid 4% to $341.17MM, hurt by lower investment advisory and administrative fees of 4%. Adjusted EPS declined 2% to $0.56.

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$EV said that 2Q16 effective tax rate was 38.7% vs. 38.4% in 1Q16 and 37.6% in 2Q15. The company anticipates its adjusted effective tax rate to be approx. 38.5% for FY16. $EV repurchased 2.1MM shares of non-voting common stock for approx. $70.7MM in 2Q16.

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During 2Q16, $EV's operating margin was 30%, substantially unchanged from 1Q16, but down from 35% in 2Q15. The YoverY decline reflects the math of an 8% decrease in revenue and 1% lower expenses. The company said that approx. 45-50% of total expenses are variable, which are driven by managed asset levels and gross sales or operating income.

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$EV, which competes with $LM, $BEN and $TROW, said that 2Q16 revenue fell 2% sequentially and 8% YoverY. The 2% decline in revenue is due to two fewer days in the quarter, while the 8% decline reflects lower average managed assets in certain high fee franchises mostly notably floating rate bank loans and emerging market equities.

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$EV stated that it has acquired a minority equity interest in SigFig, a B2B focused wealth management technology and robo-advising firm. The company says that SigFig is focused on cost and tax efficient investing, which is well aligned with $EV's NextShares and custom beta initiatives.

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$EV said that 2Q16 net outflows were concentrated in three areas; Parametric exposure management with net outflows of $1.7Bil, floating rate bank loans with net outflows of $1.2Bil and Eaton Vance Investment Counsel with net outflows of $800MM during the quarter.

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