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Catharine Trebnick of Dougherty questions about the FX impact in Latin America. $CIEN CFO James Moylan replied the biggest effect from FX has been from Brazil. He added that the company had an effect in Argentina, but the Brazilian effect is the biggest effect in terms of revenue.

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$CIEN said terrestrial and AKORN submarine networks of $ALSK has been upgraded with the company to improve internet access and provide secure, reliable connectivity. The network upgrades will also support demand for mobile broadband services and serve as a cloud enablement platform for $ALSK businesses.

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Network technology company $CIEN has announced an exchange offer for its outstanding 3.75% convertible senior notes due 2018, to provide the company with cash settlement options upon conversion election by holders. The offer is for exchange of the notes for a new series of 3.75% convertible senior notes due 2018.

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Regarding the $T win, $CIEN said the company expects it to be flat to down in 2017 despite the new win. Additionally, the company expects a strong 2H17 with $T and believes the it would be an important customer for $CIEN for the long term.

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For FY17, $CIEN expects to achieve annual revenue growth in the range of 8-9%.

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In EMEA, $CIEN continued to see more stability, with the region growing 10% YoY in 2Q17. For Waveserver platform in Converged Packet Optical products, revenue is beginning to accelerate gaining six new customers in the quarter. Consequently, $CIEN now believes the revenue from Waveserver to exceed the previous projection of $50-100MM for FY17.

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$CIEN stated that in Asia-Pacific, India is currently the company's major contributor to growth, driving about $100MM in revenue from India alone in 1H17. The company believes that the current broad infrastructure build-out in India will be a long-term positive for $CIEN.

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$CIEN expects 3Q17 revenue in the range of $710-740MM and adjusted gross margin in the mid-40s percentage range. The company predicts adjusted operating expense of about $235MM.

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$CIEN reported a jump in 2Q17 earnings as positive market dynamics and a growing competitive advantage drove revenue higher. Net income rose to $38.03MM or $0.25 per share from $14MM or $0.10 per share last year. Revenue grew to $707.02MM from $640.72MM. Adjusted EPS increased to $0.45 from $0.34.

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$CIEN stated that with regards to cloud-DCI optical rollouts, it has a broad global engagement with the ICPs. The company provides services in and outside North America. This allows engagement with a broader set of customers in the DCI connectivity market. Amid slight fluctuations, $CIEN sees overall positive growth and market share gains.

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$CIEN said there are some large builds underway in India to bring 4G into the marketplace with a number of carriers investing significantly. India is $CIEN’s fastest growing country and the company is well-positioned. It is a multi-year opportunity across a broad base of technologies. $CIEN believes this market will bring high growth.

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For FY17, $CIEN expects to grow revenue faster than the overall market growth rate of mid single digits. The company expects adjusted GM in the mid-40s percentage range, adjusted Opex to average approx. $235MM per quarter and adjusted operating margin in the range of 11-13%.

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During 1Q17, $CIEN’s APAC revenue grew nearly 60% over 1Q16. India in particular continues to be a fast-growing market. In EMEA, revenue was up 13% YoY. Overall, international sales made up 39% of total revenue in 1Q17. In North America, revenue grew 14% YoY.

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In 1Q17, $CIEN’s revenue grew approx. 8.5% over 1Q16. The company won significant customers in the US, India, Japan and the Middle East and continued to gain share in key segments of the market including DCI and submarine applications. $CIEN saw its highest ever product order inflows in 1Q17.

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$CIEN expects 2Q17 revenue of $680-710MM, adjusted gross margin in the mid-40s percentage range and adjusted operating expense of about $240MM. CEO Gary Smith said $CIEN's strategic investments and differentiated portfolio are providing strong momentum, and believes that it is well-positioned to deliver FY17 financial targets.

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$CIEN swung to a 1Q17 profit from a loss last year, driven by lower interest expenses as well as higher revenue. Net income was $3.86MM or $0.03 per share compared to a loss of $11.55MM or $0.08 per share last year. Revenue grew to $621.5MM from $573.1MM. Adjusted EPS increased to $0.26 from $0.18.

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Angola Cables selected $CIEN solutions, GeoMesh and Blue Planet, to support its new service launch on the MONET subsea cable. This 10,556 km route will provide over 25 Tb/s of traffic on Angola Cables' network between the U.S. and Brazil. The MONET subsea cable, an open cable-line system, is expected to be in service in the second half of 2017.

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$CIEN announced that Francois Locoh-Donou will step down as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, effective on or about March 23, 2017.

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