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$SPTN maintained its previously issued 2016 guidance of adjusted EPS from continuing operations of $2.07-2.18. This is based on its 1H16 results and the outlook for the remainder of the year.

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$SPTN continues to expect FY17 cash expenditures of $70-72MM. Depreciation and amortization is now expected to be in the range of $86-88MM due to the addition to Caito. The total interest expense remaining is predicted to be in the range of $25-27MM.

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Looking ahead into 2017, $SPTN said it is excited about its growth opportunities and is reaffirming its previously issued adjusted EPS of $2.26-2.35. This guidance is based on the Caito integration, meeting expectations for 2H17 and a return of a modest level of inflation. $SPTN cut EPS outlook to $1.99-2.08 from $2.07-2.19.

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$SPTN's comparable store sales excluding fuel for 1Q17 were down 2.2% and reflect a 40 basis point negative impact from the New Year's Day shift. Comp sales were also impacted by competitive new store openings in both Michigan and west regions and the impact of one other in the Northern geography as well as ongoing food deflation.

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$SPTN expects a full private brand rollout to take a couple of years, the company will have a meaningful positive effect on that of consumer offering well before that completion. The company continues to build its new business and looks for additional avenues to better serve military heroes.

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During 1Q17, net sales of $SPTN's food distribution segment rose to $1.16Bil from $991.1MM during 1Q16. This rise was contributions from the Caito acquisition and organic sales growth of 4.2%. Net sales of Military segment fell to $643.3MM.  Retail segment net sales fell to $596.2MM.

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During 1Q17, $SPTN reported 5.4% rise in net sales to $2.40Bil from $2.28Bil during prior year quarter. This increase was primarily due to contributions from the Caito Foods Service  acquisition and organic growth in the food distribution segment.

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Grocery distributor and retailer $SPTN's 1Q17 net income rose to  $15.1MM, or $0.40 per share, compared to $10MM, or $0.27 per share during 1Q16. Excluding items, $SPTN earned $0.55 per hare during the quarter.

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Grocery store retailer $SPTN said current VP of Finance, Tammy Hurley, has been named Chief Accounting Officer.

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Ryan Gilligan of Barclays asks to provide an update on the merger synergies. $SPTN, which was formed by the merger of Spartan Stores and Nash Finch in 2013, said that the company expected to achieve $52MM in synergies combined over the 3 years. CEO Dennis Eidson said that the company is going to beat the synergies in the third year of the merger.

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Scott Mishkin of Wolfe Research asks about the risks for $SPTN in 2H16 and whether it worries about $WMT's price cutting efforts. CEO Dennis Eidson said that deflation will be the biggest risk for $SPTN in 2H16. With regards to pricing, he said that $SPTN watches all the competitors, including $WMT and will act accordingly as the market dictates.

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$SPTN maintained its previously issued 2016 guidance of adjusted EPS from continuing operations of $2.07-2.18. This is based on its 1H16 results and the outlook for the remainder of the year.

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$SPTN said that adjusted diluted EPS of $0.58 in 2Q16 was $0.05 better than the prior year, helped by new business and improved operational efficiencies. In the Military segment, sales grew 1.7% over the prior year, helped by the expanded distribution of fresh products.

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$SPTN expects 4Q16 adjusted earnings per diluted share from continuing operations to be lower than the prior year. This is due to significant inflation-related benefit from an accounting method realized in the 4Q15 of approx. $0.07 per diluted share, the company said.

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$SPTN said net sales for the food distribution segment increased to $820.3MM in 2Q16 from $782.7MM in the prior year quarter primarily due to new business gains and growth of existing accounts. Net sales for the retail segment fell to $501.8MM from $516.1MM on a 3% decrease in comparable store sales.

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Grocery products distributor $SPTN reported a lower quarterly profit, hurt by higher costs. The company reported 2Q16 earnings of $17.48MM, or $0.47 per share, compared with $20.26MM, or $0.54 per share a year ago. Net sales rose to $1.83Bil from $1.80Bil.

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In 1Q16, $SPTN's operating cash flow was $8.6MM vs. $48.9MM in 1Q15. The decrease was mainly due to changes in working capital surrounding the timing of vendor income tax payments and inventory requirements for new business. The company repurchased approx. 696,000 shares of common stock for a total of $9MM and total long-term debt was $486.5MM.

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$SPTN said that 1Q16 Retail segment sales trends were primarily impacted by the deflationary environment, competitive new store openings and the impact of unseasonably warm winter weather. The company estimated that new store openings negatively impacted comp store sales at approx. 190 points.

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$SPTN said that its Food Distribution segment saw sales growth vs. 1Q15 mainly due to contributions from its new business effort despite negative pressure from continued deflation mainly in proteins and dairy. The company began distributing private brand products to its newest accounts Gordy's in Feb.

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Grocery store retailer $SPTN said that 1Q16 adjusted diluted EPS of $0.54 was in line with the company's expectations especially considering the challenging operating environment. The company said that it increased its regular quarterly dividend approx. 11% to $0.15 per share beginning in 1Q16 for an annual rate of $0.60 per share.

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$SPTN anticipates that 4Q16 adjusted EPS from continuing operations to be lower than the prior year due to the significant inflation-related benefit from LIFO realized in 4Q15 of about $0.07 per share. The company is cautiously optimistic about the remainder of the year given the deflationary environment and economic pressures in certain regions.

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