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$C 2Q15 Call - Mike, CEO: We added $3.5Bil to our regulatory capital during 2Q15, as we returned roughly $1.7Bil to shareholders in the form of share buybacks and common dividends. Tangible book value increased to $59.18 and Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio increased to 11.4% on a fully implemented Basel III basis.

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Payment services provider $PYPL and $C have expanded their strategic agreement for broadening consumer payment choices. The partnership will allow Citi card-members to use their ThankYou Points to pay for all or part of purchases when shopping online through the PayPal gateway in US. The facility will be launched next year.

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On balance sheet reduction, $C said it is an uncharted territory for the company, making it difficult to predict its impact over the next six months. $C added that it does not have anything major to put into the outlook for 2H17.

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$C expects earnings to grow modestly YoY in 3Q17 in North America with continued momentum into 4Q17. The New York-based company also sees sequential decline in expenses, and tax rate in the range of around 32% for 2H17.

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Calling banking results in 2Q17 "excellent," $C stated that the investment banking segment had the best quarter in seven years, and that the private bank had its best quarter in its history. Treasury and trade solutions have also shown consistent YoY growth over the past three years, the banking giant said.

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$C Citigroup Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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$C's revenue from Global Consumer Banking in 2Q17 was up 5% to $8Bil, driven by growth in North America and International markets. Institutional Clients Group revenues jumped 6% to $9.2Bil, driven by growth across all Banking products, particularly Investment Banking. However, these were offset by a 45% fall in Corporate/Other revenues to $653MM.

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$C said its deposits in 2Q17 were $959Bil, up 2%. The New York-based banking giant's end of period loans were $645Bil as of quarter end, up 2% from the prior-year period.

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Three weeks after $C eased through FED's stress tests, the banking giant reported 2% hike in 2Q17 revenue to $17.9Bil, driven by growth in Institutional Clients Group and Global Consumer Banking. Though net income fell 3% to $3.9Bil as it struggled to cut costs, a 6% reduction in shares outstanding boosted EPS by 3% to $1.28.

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$C said that the company's capital ratio is most comfortable at the 11.5% range. Looking at the regulatory requirements, they are at about 10%. Currently, the company is thinking about having a 100 BP buffer on top of the 10%, which get it to 11%. Therefore, somewhere between 11-11.5% is a good range to think about currently.

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$C's total net interest revenue declined 3% YoY in constant dollars to $10.9Bil, as growth in core accrual revenue was offset by the wind down of legacy assets and lower trading related net interest revenue. Internationally, $C expects modest YoY revenue growth in constant dollars, with positive operating leverage in both Asia and Mexico.

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In International Consumer Banking, $C's net income grew 12% YoY in 1Q17, driven by higher revenue and lower OpEx. Totally, revenue grew 3%, while expenses were down 1% vs. a year ago. In Latin America, total consumer revenue grew 4%, helped by an 8% growth in retail banking. However, cards revenue declined YoY, hurt by lower revolving loans.

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$C said that the North America Consumer Banking total revenue was up 2% YoY in 1Q17. However, Retail Banking revenues of $1.3Bil declined 3% from a year ago, driven by lower mortgage revenue. Mortgage revenue on the other hand was down by $80MM YoY, driven by lower origination activity and higher cost of funds.

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$C Citigroup Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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$C's revenue from North America grew 8% YoY to $8.4Bil in 1Q17 and that from Latin America was up 4% to $2.27Bil. However, it was a 30% growth in EMEA region to $2.8Bil that provided a major fillip to $C total revenue. Revenue from Asia region edged up 1% to $3.4Bil.

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$C's revenue from Institutional Clients Group segment jumped 16% YoY to $9.1Bil in 1Q17, complemented by a 1% increase in Global Consumer Banking segment revenue to $7.8Bil. This growth was partially offset by a 40% decline in Corporate/Other segment to $1.17Bil.

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$C's cost of credit in 1Q17 was $1.7Bil, a 19% decrease, largely driven by a loan loss reserve release of $77MM. End of period loans were $629Bil as of quarter end, up 2%.

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A lucrative Institutional Clients Group segment lifted $C's revenue 3% to $18.1Bil in 1Q17. Booming operations in EMEA region also boosted its revenue. Net income was up at $4.1Bil, or $1.35 per share, from $3.5Bil, or $1.10 per share in 1Q16, driven by higher revenues and lower credit costs. Deposits were up 2% to $950Bil as of quarter end.

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$AMZN's Amazon Business has teamed up with $V to provide enhanced transaction data on customer purchases made with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, $C and $PNC US issued Visa commercial cards. This will allow customers receive additional details on their purchases.

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The BoD of $C declared a quarterly dividend of $0.16 per share on its common stock. The dividend is payable on May 26, 2017 to stockholders of record on May 1, 2017. This may result in an adjustment to the exercise price of $C's outstanding Series A warrants and/or Series B warrants effective on May 1, 2017.

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CareCredit, an $SYF company, agreed with $C to buy the Citi Health Card portfolio for undisclosed terms, further expanding its healthcare acceptance network in the United States. The portfolio acquisition includes more than 14,500 providers, and more than 110,000 current Citi Health Card consumer accounts.

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