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$ETFC today released its monthly report for Aug. 2015. Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs) stood at 179,908, up 21% from July 2015 and up 23% from Aug. 2014. It added 37,750 gross new brokerage accounts and ended Aug. with approx. 3.2MM brokerage accounts, up 14,038 from July 2015. For Aug., net new brokerage assets were $1.4Bil.

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Online brokerage company $ETFC said its daily average revenue trades surged 42% YoY to 208,156 in July. The number of new net accounts grew 22% annually to 13,731 during the month. Meanwhile, new brokerage assets plunged 67% to $0.1Bil.

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$ETFC assumed a dividend needs to really be built around sort of the core earnings and growth over time from that earnings stream. $ETFC's decision really in looking at it from a capital generation standpoint is a good portion of this is related to actions being taken within the capital plan. $ETFC believes buyback is the right path for this.

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$ETFC's net interest income for 2Q17 increased 12% to $356MM, as it grew average interest earning assets by $3.2Bil and net interest margin increased 11 basis points to 274 basis points. This was driven by impact of March Fed rate hike, higher customer margin balances, and strong securities lending activity attributable to a popular March IPO.

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As moving into 2H17, $ETFC is poised to execute on several critical initiatives: completion of the integration of OptionsHouse, continued balance sheet growth, and the launch of a new $1Bil share repurchase program. This is enabled by its strong financial performance and a reduction in consolidated Tier 1 leverage ratio threshold to 6.5%.

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$ETFC's daily average revenue trades (DARTs) for 2Q17 was 208,000 and 32% in derivatives. Net new brokerage accounts was 41,000 and annualized growth rate was 4.7%. Net new brokerage assets was $2.6Bil, with annualized growth rate of 3.5% and end of period total customer assets was $348.2Bil.

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$ETFC's bottom-line results for 2Q17 included a net benefit of $50MM or $0.18 per share, related to a benefit to provision for loan losses. This is partially offset by one-time market data expenses as well as expenses associated with the OptionsHouse integration and crossing the $50Bil regulatory threshold.

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$ETFC reported a jump in 2Q17 earnings driven by a benefit to provision for loan losses as well as higher revenue and strong customer activity. Derivatives increased to a record portion of customer trades during the quarter. Net income rose to $193MM or $0.70 per share from $133MM or $0.48 per share last year. Revenue grew to $577MM from $474MM.

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$ETFC released its Monthly Activity Report for May 2017. Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs) for May were 211,516, up 8% from April and a 42% from the year-ago period. The company added 46,839 gross new brokerage accounts in May and ended the month with about 3.6MM brokerage accounts, an increase of 20,415 from April.

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$ETFC said net new brokerage assets were negative $0.2Bil in April 2017. During the month, customer security holdings increased by $4.5Bil and brokerage-related cash decreased by $0.8Bil to $52.7Bil. Customer margin balances increased $0.2Bil, ending the month at $7.5Bil. Customers were net buyers of about $0.5Bil in securities during the month.

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$ETFC said Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs) for April 2017 were 196,022, up 23% from April 2016. Derivatives represented 31% of DARTs. The company added 38,904 gross new brokerage accounts in April and ended the month with about 3.5MM brokerage accounts, an increase of 10,695 from March 2017.

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$ETFC expects to rollout its new marketing campaign by the end of June or early July. This campaign will be primarily focused on the company's rebranding.

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$ETFC's commission charge is expected to be in the low 20% in the coming quarters. The company reduced its commission charges in late March following a peer company's reduction. $ETFC added that because of the price cut, it has not changed the priorities.

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Financial services company $ETFC posted a decline in 1Q17 earnings despite higher revenue. Net income declined 5.22% to $145MM, or $0.48 per diluted share from $153MM, or $0.53 per diluted share a year ago. Total net revenue rose 17.16% YoY to $553MM. Total non-interest expense increased $30MM to $342MM from $312MM in the year-ago period.

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During 4Q16, $ETFC's net new brokerage accounts were 24,000, with annualized growth rate of 2.8%. The net new brokerage assets was $3.2Bil; with annualized growth rate of 4.7%. End of period total customer assets of $311Bil, $ETFC said.

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$ETFC's allowance for loan losses of $221MM during 4Q16, resulted in a benefit to provision for loan losses of $18MM. Total non-interest expense was $322MM, including restructuring and acquisition-related activities of $7MM.

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Financial services company $ETFC reported a 43% growth in its 4Q16 earnings. Net income rose to $127MM, or $0.46 per diluted share compared to $89MM, or $0.30 per diluted share during 4Q15. Revenue rose 16% YoverY to $509MM. Total non-interest expense was $332MM compared to $305MM in 4Q15.

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$ETFC's 35% operating margin in 4Q16 includes planned integration expenses and having OptionsHouse for a full quarter. For 2016, one-time items are pushing the company's adjusted operating margin down by about 6 pp to 30%. Taking these items out, which are about $31MM or $0.07 throughout, and then taking 35%, $ETFC is coming in on its 38% target.

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$ETFC distributed $125MM up to the parent during 3Q16, including $85MM from the brokers and $40MM from the bank, which was below 2Q16 bank net income of $106MM. In connection with the merger of its clearing and securities entities, the company intends to distribute about $100MM to the parent in 4Q16.

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$ETFC's net interest margin of 259 BPs fell mainly due to faster prepayment speeds on the securities portfolio, continued run-off of higher yielding of the legacy loan portfolio and an unfavorable shift in margin balances to lower price tiers. Full year 2016 net interest margin is expected to be 260-265 BPs, with 4Q16 in the mid-250s.

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With regard to its $49MM of deal-related expense synergies, $ETFC has completed $15MM as of today with the balance expected to be realized by 3Q17 when the OptionsHouse integration is completed. Related to the close of the transaction, the company had a $7MM charge in the restructuring line.

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