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$DAKT said that for FY17, the company is expecting modest sales growth. The company also plans to allocate additional resources to its design and development areas to complete developments and enhance its designs in its Display and Control Systems.

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Gonzaga University has continued their long-standing relationship with $DAKT of Brookings, South Dakota, by asking the company to manufacture and install 10 new LED displays for multiple sports facilities on campus in Spokane, Washington. Video displays will be installed for basketball, volleyball, baseball and soccer this fall.

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CityPlace Doral and The Related Group partnered with $DAKT of Brookings, South Dakota, to design, manufacture and install a large LED video display at their new mixed-use development in Doral, Florida. The display was installed this past spring.

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$DAKT expects gross margins to be stable to up during FY18. The company remains in a competitive position and continues to win good quality orders which will help $DAKT move forward in terms of growth.

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For 4Q17, $DAKT’s gross profit was 23.5% compared to 20.2% in 4Q16. Total warranty as a percentage of sales was 1.7%. Cash and marketable securities totalled $65.6MM at 4Q17-end. The company reported a positive free cash flow of $31MM on a YTD basis. Capex for FY17 totalled $8.7MM.  $DAKT made no repurchases of stock during 4Q17.

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"As we enter into fiscal 2018, we see the video display business continuing to expand... While competition remains strong across our markets, we expect continued success in growing our business over the long-term," said CEO Reece Kurtenbach, as $DAKT posted 4Q17 results.

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In 4Q17, net sales from Commercial segment of $DAKT inched 0.4% up to $35.7MM. Live Events sales were up 2.8% to $57.0MM. High School Park and Recreation net sales slumped 13% to $13.8MM. Net sales from Transportation fell 4.3% to $12.9MM while those from International segment jumped 34.2% to $24.3MM.

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$DAKT posted 4Q17 net sales of $143.7MM, up 3.8%. The electronic display board maker turned to profit with net income of $0.9MM from last year's loss of $2.9MM. Earnings were $0.02 per diluted share vs. a loss of $0.07 a share, as orders for the quarter jumped 24.4% to $178.1MM.

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$DAKT of Brookings, South Dakota, has been awarded a national cooperative contract to provide scoreboards and electronic signs to government agencies and educational institutions across the nation. $DAKT digital displays will now be available to all members of the Region 4 Services Center, Texas, and all other participants of National IPA.

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$DAKT's High School Park and Recreation orders grew 25.6% to $15.8MM, driven by strong market demand for video sporting applications. Live Events orders were down 52% to $31MM, hurt by order timing differences of large projects.

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$DAKT's Commercial business unit orders were $36.7MM, up 21.4% from a year ago. International business unit orders grew 57% to $18.6MM. The results are driven by spectacular niche project, billboard niche and sports stadium project awards in Australia.

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$DAKT's orders decreased 13.8% to $116.9MM, driven by decrease in Live Events and Transportation business units. Backlog at 2Q17-end was $142MM, down from $184MM a year earlier.

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$DAKT posted 2Q17 earnings of $9MM, or $0.20 per diluted share, up 181% from a year ago. Net sales increased by 7.8% to $170MM, helped by the timing of large project delivery and increases in demand in the Commercial and International businesses.

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Jim Ricchiuti of Needham & Company asks if the company would be seeing more bookings for the indoor business. $DAKT said the work is on cleaning up any final orders for the indoor business, the arenas as football has already been through. And then setting up the pipeline for next year, baseball and then football for the following year.

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Jim Ricchiuti of Needham & Company asks if gross margins will come down a bit on 2Q17 from 1Q17 levels. $DAKT said the company had a nice quarter for gross margins and it's hard to predict what's the timing of the revenues, but will be similar to maybe slightly down for 2Q17.

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$DAKT said that to date, for the year, it spent $2.2MM on CapEx compared to last year's $7.2MM and expects its capital usage to be less than $90MM for FY17. In 2Q17, $DAKT expects to show slight improvement of sales and GM with some increases in OpEx.

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$DAKT said domestically, it saw order activity increase for projects in its spectacular niche of the Commercial business unit. The company's High School Park & Recreation units started the year with record orders in sports applications. $DAKT had positive free cash flow of $4.5MM for 1Q17 compared to a negative $17.2MM free cash flow a year ago.

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$DAKT's orders for 1Q17 increased 6.1% from last year. Orders increased in Commercial, International, and High School Park and Recreation business units and decreased in Live Events and Transportation business units. Backlog at end of 1Q17 was $197.9MM, down from $205.5MM last year.

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Video display maker $DAKT reported rise in 1Q17 earnings on higher sales volumes, lower warranty charges and change in sales mix. Net income rose to $5.54MM or $0.13 per share from $3.78MM or $0.09 per share in 1Q16. Net sales grew 4.6% to $157.15MM, on increases in its Live Event, High School Park and Recreation, and Transportation business units.

$DAKT {{ '2016-07-27T16:31:30+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$DAKT said it will continue partnership with American Airlines Center by designing, manufacturing and installing 2 new marquee LED displays in Dallas, Texas. Both displays are scheduled to be installed later this summer to be ready to entertain fans during Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars 2016-17 seasons and other events.

$DAKT {{ '2016-07-26T17:49:06+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$DAKT said it appointed Susanne Turner to bolster sales efforts in the out-of-home and retail markets in Europe and surrounding countries. Based in the United Kingdom, Turner brings 7 years of experience in the digital signage industry to $DAKT team.

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