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$ORLY, which competes with $AZO and $GPC, forecast its FY16 EPS to be about $10.10-10.50, on revenue of $8.4-8.6Bil. The company expects CapEx to be approx. $460-490MM. For 1Q16, the company expects EPS to be about $2.41-$2.51. Comparable store sales during 1Q16 is expected to increase to about 3-5%.

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$AZO stated that the core base business continues to do well. On a local currency basis, the business continues to perform strong. From an FX impact on the EPS growth rate, it was probably a little less than 1%.

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$AZO said as it increased its investment profile, the sales got weaker. Going forward, the company will change its cost structure where possible. $AZO believes there are some opportunities to decrease the multiple frequency of deliveries that were rolled out over the past few years.

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$AZO opened one additional mega hub location in 3Q17 and currently has 14 in operation. The company is working on the development of future sites and expects to open two more in 4Q17 with a handful under development. $AZO is developing two new distribution centers in Washington and Florida and expects each of these to cost about $60MM in capital.

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In 3Q17, $AZO’s maintenance category did not perform well. The maintenance category’s challenges were created during the tax refund delay and only gradually improved as the quarter progressed. The company expects this category to improve its performance during 4Q17. The commercial business expanded by 3.6% while opening 56 net new programs.

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$AZO decided to accelerate some investments in its business. The company is investing at an increased rate in inventory and Capex, with two new distribution centers under construction. $AZO opened a second distribution center in Mexico in the fall. The company increased its Opex as part of its frequent delivery and megahub efforts.

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During 3Q17, $AZO opened 35 new stores and relocated two stores in the U.S., opened eight new stores in Mexico, and none in Brazil.  As of May 6, 2017, AutoZone had a total of 5,915 stores. Inventory rose 7.3% over the same period last year, driven by new stores and increased product placement.

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With same-store sales declining 0.8% in 3Q17, $AZO posted a 1.3% rise in net income of $331.7MM on a 1.0% hike in net sales to $2.6Bil. Diluted EPS was $11.44 vs. $10.77. Higher supply chain costs associated with current year inventory initiatives and higher inventory shrink results pushed the gross profit, as a percentage of sales, down to 52.6%.

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$AZO's BoD  authorized the repurchase of an additional $750MM of its common stock in connection with its ongoing share repurchase program. Since the inception of the repurchase program in 1998, and including the above amount, $AZO's BoD has authorized $18.7Bil.

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For 2Q17, $AZO’s total auto parts sales, which includes its domestic, retail and commercial businesses, its Mexico and Brazil stores and its 26 IMC branches, increased 1.6%. In 2Q17, commercial represented 19% of total sales.

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In 2Q17, $AZO rolled out two additional mega hub locations and now has 13 in operation. The company expects to open approx. five more over the remainder of FY17. $AZO is continuing development on its two new distribution centers based in Washington State and Florida and is expanding its distribution center in Illinois.

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$AZO expects to open approx. 160 new domestic stores in FY17. The commercial business continued to expand in 2Q17 with 7.2% sales growth over 2Q16, while opening 12 net new programs. $AZO expects to open approx. 200 net new commercial programs for FY17 or approx. 150 additional programs in the last two quarters of 2017.

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During 2Q17, $AZO opened 33 new stores in the U.S., three new stores in Mexico, and one new store in Brazil. At the end of the second quarter 2017, the company had 5,346 stores in 50 states in the U.S., the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, 491 stores in Mexico, 26 IMC branches, and nine stores in Brazil for a total count of 5,872.

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$AZO reported that its 2Q17 profit increased 3.7% to $237.1MM versus $228.6MM in the same period a year ago. EPS grew 8.8% to $8.08 from $7.43 in the year-ago quarter, helped by the adoption of the new accounting standard. Sales were up by 1.4% to $2.3Bil and domestic same store sales were flat compared to the prior year quarter.

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$AZO said it will hire more than 12,000 new full and part-time employees nationwide through April to ensure its more than 5,300 U.S. stores are ready to provide WOW! Customer Service during the busy selling season as the company continues to expand.

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$AZO stated that its private label product is around 50-55% while products sourced overseas comes to around 70%.

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$AZO said the amount of business conducted through ecommerce is overall immaterial. During 1Q17, the company was less promotional online and pulled back from paid advertising. The focus is currently on improving customer experience. $AZO drives a lot of sales through buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store and this business remains strong.

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For 1Q17, $AZO’s total auto parts sales, which includes the domestic, retail and commercial businesses, the Mexico and Brazil stores and the 26 IMC branches increased 3.7%. The Mexico stores continued to perform well. $AZO currently has 488 stores in Mexico and in FY17, the company expects to open approx. 40 new stores.

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$AZO continues to expand its distribution network. In 1Q17, the company opened its second distribution center in Mexico and has two distribution centers under construction in the US. $AZO currently expects the first facility to come online in late FY17 or early 2018 while the other will open 6-12 months later.

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In 1Q17, $AZO’s commercial business continued to expand with 6.3% sales growth over 1Q16 while opening 35 net new programs. The company expects to open approx. 200 net commercial programs in FY17. At the end of 1Q17, 83% of $AZO’s domestic stores had a commercial program and the company expanded in Mexico, opening five new stores.

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