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E-commerce company $BABA posted 4Q16 net income of $824MM or $0.33 compared to $463MM or $0.18 per share in 4Q15. Revenue was $3.75Bil, an increase of 39% YoverY. Non-GAAP net income in 4Q16 was $1.18Bil.

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$EQIX has entered into a collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of $BABA, to provide enterprises with direct, scalable access to Alibaba Cloud. With the addition of direct access to Alibaba Cloud in the new markets across Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas, Equinix now offers private access to Alibaba Cloud in five markets.

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$BABA said that on partnering for the autonomous driving technology, the long term commercial opportunities are murky; the long term economic model for this hasn't been figured out. The company added that it may not be investing in those technologies to create a driver-less car but is investing in component technologies for other applications.

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$BABA Alibaba Group Holding Limited Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2017 highlights

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$BABA's Digital Media and Entertainment segment revenue increased 234% YoY, mainly due to the increase in revenue from mobile value added service. The company expects to continue to invest in content, user acquisition and infrastructure for the segment. On a full year basis, $BABA expects the business to grow rapidly.

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Annual active buyers on $BABA's China retail marketplaces went up by 31MM in 4Q17 to reach 454MM vs. the 12-month period ended in Mar. 2016. Mobile MAUs on China retail marketplaces reached 507MM in Mar. 2017, up by 97MM from a year ago. Net cash provided by operating activities was $1.6Bil for the fourth quarter.

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E-commerce mammoth $BABA posted a 47% year-over-year jump in revenue from core commerce to $4.6Bil in 4Q17. Revenue from cloud computing soared 103% to $314MM, while that from digital media and entertainment surged 234% to $571MM. Revenue from innovation initiatives and others spiked 88% to $133MM for the quarter.

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Chinese e-commerce giant $BABA's revenue soared 60% to $5.6Bil in 4Q17, as the $AMZN rival posted an 85% jump in net income of $1.4Bil from a year ago. Net earnings were up 95% to $0.60 per diluted share, with Alibaba seeing its operating margin rise to 25% from last year's 21%. Non-GAAP diluted EPS spiked 45% to $0.63 for the quarter.

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$MAT announced a new strategic partnership with $BABA. Leveraging $MAT's iconic brands and expertise in play as well as $BABA's wealth of data and insights into the Chinese consumer base, the expanded partnership aims to re-shape the way parents in China think about play.

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$MAT enters into a new strategic partnership with $BABA, according to which $MA will begin marketing and selling to China via $BABA's B2C marketplace Tmall.com. Both the companies will begin product development immediately, with initial availability planned for mid-2017.

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$BABA said that on the annual active buyer growth, it will continue to grow going forward. The company added that it expects to see an active buyer base that's over 500MM or maybe 600MM for FY17.

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In 3Q17, $BABA generated $4.9Bil in free cash flow on a non-GAAP basis, while total CapEx for the quarter was $7.3Bil. The company's cash, cash equivalents and short term investments increased YoverY to $20Bil.

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$BABA's 3Q17 core commerce business continues to maintain growth with the total revenue increasing 45% YoverY. In the company's cloud business, the cloud computing unit added 114,000 paying customers during the quarter to a total of 765,000 customers.

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$BABA Alibaba Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 Highlights

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$BABA said it has adjusted its FY17 revenue guidance from 48% to 53% YoverY growth. In 3Q17, the company generated $4.9Bil in free cash flow on a non-GAAP basis, enabling it to continue investing in growth areas globally, including cloud computing, digital media and entertainment and innovation initiatives, as well as core commerce.

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$BABA's mobile monthly active users on its China retail marketplaces increased 43MM to 493MM in Dec. 2016. $BABA's number of paying customers of its cloud computing business grew to 765,000 in 3Q17 from 651,000 in the previous quarter.

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Chinese e-commerce giant $BABA posted higher 3Q17 earnings, helped by higher revenue. On a YoverY basis, net income rose 38% for the quarter to $2.47Bil or $1.00 per diluted share. Revenue for the quarter rose 54% to $7.66Bil. Excluding items, $BABA earned $1.30 per share.

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$BABA Alibaba Earnings AlphaGraph: Q2 2017 Highlights.

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$BABA had 651,000 paying customers at the end of 2Q17, which doubled from the same period of last year. The company sees great potential for paying customer base growth and its next milestone is going to be 1MM customers.

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$BABA's Cloud Computing revenue grew 130% year-on-year and the segment adjusted EBITA loss further narrowed to $8MM. The company's core Commerce segment generated adjusted EBITA of $2.6Bil, representing 62% margin.

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As of Sept. 30, 2016, $BABA's cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments were $16.13Bil, compared to $13.45Bil as of June 30, 2016. The increase during 2Q17 was due to free cash flow generated from operations and cash proceeds from bank borrowings, partially offset by net cash used for investments and acquisitions.

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