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During 2Q16, $FDX International Economy volume grew by 3%, while $FDX International Priority volume declined about 5%. International export revenue per package decreased 9% as lower fuel surcharges and unfavorable currency exchange rates more than offset higher base rates.

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$FDX reported 1Q18 net income of $596MM or $2.19 per share compared to $715MM or $2.65 per share in 1Q17. Adjusted net income was $683MM or $2.51 per share in 1Q18. Both as-reported and adjusted earnings reflect the estimated negative impact of the TNT Express cyberattack of $0.79 per share and Hurricane Harvey of $0.02 per share.

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$FDX said its FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight subsidiaries will increase shipping rates by an average of 4.9%, effective January 1, 2018. Effective January 22, 2018, a Third Party Billing Surcharge will apply to FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments that are billed to a third party.

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$UPS, which competes with $FDX, reported a 9% increase in 2Q17 profit, helped by strong ecommerce deliveries in US and price hikes. Net income was $1.4Bil or $1.58 per share. Revenue increased 7.6% to $15.75Bil as revenue increased in all segments and major product categories. United reaffirmed its 2017 adjusted EPS outlook of $5.80-6.10.

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$FDX reaffirmed its commitment to improve the operating income at the FedEx Express Group by $1.2-1.5Bil in FY20 versus FY17, assuming moderate economic growth and current accounting and tax rules.

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$FDX filed its Form 10-K for FY17 with the SEC containing additional information regarding the June 2017 Petya cyberattack on its TNT Express operations. $FDX has experienced revenue loss due to decreased volumes at TNT and incremental costs due to the implementation of contingency and remediation plans. $FDX has no insurance covering this attack.

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$FDX said all TNT depots, hubs and facilities worldwide are operational and working to clear any backlogs, and most TNT services are now available. TNT is making significant progress in resuming full services and bringing critical systems back online. Contingency plans that make use of FedEx Express and TNT networks will remain in place.

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$FDX said the worldwide operations of its TNT Express subsidiary have been significantly affected due to the infiltration of an information system virus. No data breach is known to have occurred. All other $FDX operations are unaffected. The financial impact of this service disruption cannot be measured at this time, but it could be material.

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$FDX is investing heavily in many forms of artificial intelligence with multiple companies and the most important investment is in safety systems in the area of advanced driver assistance systems. $FDX believes in addition to safety, the technology investments being made will improve overall efficiency and customer experience.

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$FDX stated that B2B traffic represents the majority of its business and the company reported strong revenue growth in all its major business segments, reflecting growth in the B2B area.

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$FDX delivered key back-office initiatives in FY17, particularly in the IT environment. Two of these operations were put in during 4Q17. These include technology that provides the ability to handle FedEx Express packages in the TNT network and TNT packages in the FedEx network and management of customer enquiries on a common service platform.

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$FDX FedEx Corp. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2017 highlights

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$FDX expects moderate growth in the global economy. The company expects US GDP growth of 2.2% in calendar year 2017 and 2.5% in calendar year 2018. $FDX sees industrial production growth of 1.9% in 2017 and 2.5% in 2018. For the global economy, $FDX forecasts GDP growth of 2.7% in 2017 and 2.8% in 2018.

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In 4Q17, $FDX posted revenue of $7.1Bil in the FedEx Express segment, up 7% from 4Q16, primarily due to increased package volume, driven by international export growth of 5%, and higher base rates. Revenue in the TNT Express segment was $1.9Bil. The FedEx Ground segment posted revenue of $4.6Bil. The Freight segment revenue was $1.7Bil.

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Before year-end MTM pension accounting adjustments, $FDX expects diluted EPS to be $12.45-13.25 for FY18. The EPS forecast before year-end MTM pension accounting adjustments and excluding TNT Express integration expenses, including restructuring charges, is $13.20-14.00 for FY18. CapEx is expected to be about $5.9Bil.

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$FDX reported a net income of $1.02Bil or $3.75 per share in 4Q17 compared to a net loss of $70MM or $0.26 per share in 4Q16. 4Q17 net income and EPS reflect tax benefits of $104MM or $0.37 per share. Revenue grew to $15.7Bil from $13Bil last year.

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$FDX is investing in safety systems. 80% of $FDX’s fleet has the most recent safety features available and this will be 100% complete by FY18-end. $FDX is also investing in customer automation systems, line haul optimization systems and replacing some legacy systems along with new dimensioning technology. The goal is to achieve double-digit margin.

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$FDX said the biggest requirement for capital over the next five years will be re-fleeting at Express. The company believes over time it will see post FY18 Capex as a percentage of revenue begin to decline. TNT is not as capital intensive as Express although $FDX is investing significantly in the integration.

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$FDX expects effective tax rate to fall from 3Q17 to 4Q17 and the FY17 effective tax rate to be about 35% prior to year-end mark to market accounting. The Capex forecast for FY17 is approx. $300MM lower at $5.3Bil due to reduced FedEx Ground segment spending forecast.

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$FDX sees moderate growth in the global economy and expects US GDP growth of 2.3% in CY17 driven by robust consumer spending and stronger business investment. Industrial production growth should rebound to 1.5% in 2017. GDP and industrial production are expected to grow by 2.5% and 2.4% respectively in CY18.

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