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$INTC named Robert "Bob" H. Swan as EVP & CFO, effective Oct. 10, 2016. Swan joins from General Atlantic. He will report to CEO Brian Krzanich and oversee the global finance and IT organizations, as well as the Corporate Strategy Office. He replaces Stacy Smith, who will take a broader role within $INTC leading manufacturing, sales and operations.

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$INTC today unveiled its Saffron anti-money laundering (AML) Advisor for detecting financial crimes. Saffron AML is the first associative memory AI solution for the financial services sector. $INTC acquired Saffron in 2015. As per the 2017 Javelin study, approx. 15.4MM US consumers were victims of identity theft/fraud, resulting in $16Bil loss.

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$INTC invested $1Bil in the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem to fuel adoption and product innovation. The company believes that AI will bring significant new opportunities to transform business, from retail to healthcare to manufacturing, and have an immensely positive impact on society.

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$INTC elects Andrew Wilson, CEO of $EA, to its Board of Directors This latest election bring the total board membership to 12. Wilson also serves as chairman of the board for the World Surf League.

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Munich Reinsurance America announced that it has chosen Mobileye to provide Advanced Collision Avoidance System to its clients, which helps them to mitigate fleet collisions. Earlier this year $INTC acquired Mobileye for $15.3Bil. According to US National Safety Council, more than 40,000 traffic fatalities were reported in 2016 costing $432.5Bil.

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$INTC is expanding into the fast-growing IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) markets. In IoT, the company wants to focus on four key verticals: retail, video, industrial and transportation. With Mobileye's acquisition, chipmaker wants to tap the $70Bil autonomous driving market. Acquisition is expected to be closed in 3Q.

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$INTC gets most of its revenue from Client Computing Group (CCG) segment. The company earns money through sale of chips used in PC. Chipmaker will be shipping its first 10-nanometer products by end of 2017. For 2017, Intel continues to expect a mid-single digit total addressable market decline in PC segment.

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$INTC expects data center (DC) server chip market to be worth $65Bil by 2021. DC segment is going to be central to its growth strategy. Intel estimates that it commands less than 40% of the total available market (TAM) today, which gives ample room for growth. In 2Q, cloud and communication services brought in nearly 60% of DC segment revenue.

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$INTC announced today that former CFO Stacy Smith is retiring in January 2018. Smith has been a veteran spending 3 decades with the chipmaker. Currently Smith is heading manufacturing, operations and sales. $INTC is losing top executives, who’ve fallen short in the CEO race, joining its peers at various roles.

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Chipmaker $INTC unveiled its 8th generation Core processors today. For the first time, the new generation processors will have four cores, aimed at ultrabooks. The company also claims that the new processors performance will be 40% faster than 7th generation chips. Rival $AMD is taking on $INTC with the upcoming launch of Raven Ridge processors.

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Despite the lapse in licensing agreement with $INTC, $NVDA saw 54% YoY growth in OEM revenue for 2Q18, helped by the sales of cryptocurrency-specific GPUs. The company said GPU sales were lifted by demand from mining activity, or Ethereum.

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Tech Titans - Facts and Figures: Performance in 2Q17 $AAPL $FB $MSFT $GOOGL $AMZN $INTC

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Intel ventured into autonomous driving market with the acquisition of Israeli-based Mobileye NV. The company expects to close the deal in 3Q, which is ahead of previous estimates. $INTC expects the memory, automotive, mobile, and IoT market to be $220Bil by 2021. It has been making inroads in AI space by acquiring Altera, Nervana and Movidius.

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As the mainstay PC business continues to decline, $INTC has been investing heavily in new verticals, which is yielding results. Data Center Group, a key focus area for Intel, increased 9% to $4.37Bil. IoT and Non-Volatile Memory Solutions saw growth of 26% and 58% respectively. $INTC launched Core and Xeon processors to tackle competition from AMD.

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Intel garners most of its revenue from Client Computing Group (supplies chips to PC firms). Chipmaker has been grappling with decline in PC shipments. Research firm IDC reported traditional PCs shipments were down 3.3% in 2Q17 vs. expected 3.9%, which benefitted $INTC's Client Computing segment. Revenues rose 12% to $8.2Bil.

$INTC {{ '2017-07-28T19:11:06+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Chipmaker $INTC more than doubled its second-quarter profit to $2.8Bil fueled by growth from Client Computing division and top-performing Data Center businesses. Revenues rose 14% to $14.8Bil, excluding Intel Security. Security division was spun off into a separate company under the McAfee brand at the beginning of second quarter.

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$INTC Intel Corporation Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

$AMD {{ '2017-07-26T18:33:33+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$AMD has re-entered the $16Bil datacenter market by launching its EPYC family of high-performance datacenter processors. The company is aggressively working towards capturing 10% of server-chip market share from $INTC, while also substantially investing in PC processors and graphics chips.

$AMD {{ '2017-07-26T18:08:11+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$AMD said the growing adoption of Ryzen CPUs, combined with the sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit YoY Graphics sales growth, resulted in a 51% YoY growth in Computing & Graphics revenue. While $INTC focuses on CPU and $NVDA on GPU, $AMD produces both products and that puts it in a unique position to benefit from a changing market for chips.

$AMD {{ '2017-07-26T17:27:56+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

In 2Q17, $AMD posted the first operating profit in its Computing and Graphics business in three years, mainly due to stronger sales of its new Ryzen chips. With a significant ramp and strong sell-through of Ryzen CPUs in the first full quarter of sales, Ryzen chips are said to outperform those of $INTC in the desktop PC and gaming markets.

$AMD {{ '2017-07-03T13:03:04+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Chip maker $AMD has appointed Abhi Y Talwalkar to its board of directors. A semiconductor veteran, Talwalkar was president and CEO of LSI Corp from May 2005 to May 2014. Earlier, he held various senior management roles at $INTC for over 12 years.

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