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$DAL said it expects Revenue per Available Seat Miles (RASM) results for July and August to be weak. The company expects a marked improvement in September monthly numbers as it implements its capacity changes and sees benefits from domestic revenue management initiatives, easing of FX headwinds and improvements in the pricing environment.

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$UAL, which competes with its rivals $DAL and $AAL, reported a higher profit in 2Q17. Net income flew high at $818MM, a spike of 39% and diluted EPS surged 49.4% to $2.66. Revenue climbed 6.4% to $10Bil and non-GAAP EPS increased 5.4% to $2.75. Consolidated passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM) was up 2.1% in the recently ended quarter.

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Looking into 3Q17, $DAL expects PRASM to increase in the 2.5-4.5% range. As for capacity, the company is forecasting growth of about 2% in the third quarter, while seats are expected to be up approx. 1%.

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$DAL expects CASM headwinds to ease in 2H17, despite continued pressures from wage increases and higher depreciation. For 3Q17, the company expects YoY market fuel price to be marginally higher than a year ago, due to some hedge settlements in the quarter. Additionally, $DAL is currently forecasting its all-in fuel cost to be $1.55-1.60 per gallon.

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$DAL Delta Air Lines Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

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$DAL expects 3Q17 operating margin to be in the range of 18-20%. The company also expects its passenger unit revenue to be up 2.5-4.5% YoY, while systems capacity is expected to be up about 2% from the year-ago period.

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All of $DAL's operating segments reported a surge in operating revenue, with Cargo revenues increasing the most in 2Q17. Regional and Other segment revenue increased 2% and 5% respectively, while Mainline and Cargo operating revenue increased by 3% and 11% respectively. The results in Cargo segment was helped by higher volumes in freight and mail.

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$DAL, which runs the largest overall fleet of Boeing 757s in the world, reported a plunge in 2Q17 earnings, impacted by peak non-fuel cost pressures and decline in operating income. Net earnings plunged 21% to $1,224MM or $1.68 per share from $1,546MM or $2.03 per share a year ago. Total operating revenue, however, increased 3.3% for the quarter.

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$DAL reported a 3.5% annual growth in passenger unit revenue in May 2017. The airline’s revenue passenger miles increased 1.7% compared to May 2016, while available seat miles remained unchanged. Total load factor rose by 1.4 points, while mainline competition factor was flat at 99.9%. The number of passengers boarded increased 1% year-on-year.

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$CRM stated that it had expanded relationships with $V, $DAL and $FOX in 1Q18. The company has also partnered with $AMZN's Amazon Web Services. $CRM expects to grow to nearly 30,000 employees worldwide in FY18.

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$DAL's BoD declared a quarterly dividend of $0.2025 per share. The dividend is payable on June 9, 2017 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on May 19, 2017.

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$DAL reported traffic for the month of April 2017 of 17.61Bil revenue passenger miles, up 1.6% from last year. Capacity declined 0.8% to 20.64Bil available seat miles. Load factor increased 2 points to 85.3% from 83.3%, and cargo ton miles grew 9.5% to 175.12MM. Passengers boarded declined 1% to 15.08MM.

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$DAL said that regarding its loyalty programs, the company has no intent to monetize or spin-off those programs. The company added that in the last year or two, it has discussed about the issue of providing better color and transparency about the margins in the loyalty arrangement.

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$DAL’s 1Q17 fuel expense rose by 26% or $325MM, while all-in fuel price of $1.71 per gallon was up about 30% as crude prices rose about $20 per barrel from 1Q16 low levels. In 2Q17, $DAL is forecasting an all-in fuel price in the range of $1.68-1.73 per gallon. $DAL expects fuel price to increase in 2H17, but YoY increases are expected to be lower.

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$DAL's Cargo sales were down about 1% during 1Q17, hurt by currency. However, this was the best Cargo results in eight quarters and the company saw sequential improvement through the quarter with revenues up 12% YoY for the month of March. Going forward, $DAL has a good line of site on positive RASM momentum.

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$DAL Delta Airlines Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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$DAL expects its 2Q17 operating margin to be in the range of 17-19%. The company also expects its passenger unit revenue to be up by 1-3%, while systems capacity is expected to be up 0-1%.

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$DAL said all its operating segments reported a decline in operating revenue in 1Q17. Regional and Other segment revenue declined by 2.57% and 2.03% respectively, while Mainline and Cargo operating revenue declined marginally by 0.62% and 1.23% respectively. The results were impacted negatively by climatic conditions and higher fuel prices.

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Airline company $DAL posted  a decline in 1Q17 earnings, hurt by declining revenue and higher fuel prices. Net income fell 36.25% to $603MM, or $0.82 per share from $946MM or $1.21 per share a year ago. The total operating revenue declined by 1.11% to $9.14Bil compared to $9.25Bil during 1Q16. Excluding items, $DAL earned $0.77 per share.

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$DAL expects 1Q17 operating margin of 10-11%. The company anticipates year-on-year fuel cost pressure to peak for 2017 in 1Q and continues to expect margins to inflect in 2H17, as the improvement in unit revenues begins to offset higher costs. $DAL sees cargo and other revenue of $1.4-1.5Bil, and non-operating expense of $125-150MM.

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$DAL reported total traffic for the month of March 2017 of 18.17Bil revenue passenger miles, up 2.3% from last year, and total capacity rose 1% to 21.16Bil available seat miles. Load factor increased to 85.8% from 84.8% and passengers boarded grew 2.7% to 16.21MM. Cargo ton miles increased 5.7% to 172.13MM.

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