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Todd Juenger from Sanford Bernstein asks about international distribution relationship and the output deal's health. $LGF said its international partners and co-financiers are happier when the movies are overperforming. $LGF is the only studio that can supply them a portfolio of big production value pictures consistently.

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$LGF Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. Earnings Infographics: Q1 2017 Highlights.

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Stephen Kajal of Royal Bank of Canada asks about Pilgrim's organic growth rate. CEO Jon Feltheimer said that $LGF is expecting very strong revenue growth for the year and expects a low double-digit margin in 2017. He added that in 2018, the company would be approaching or exceeding $1Bil in revenue.

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David Joyce of Evercore ISI asks if there is any change in the type of the financing arrangements for film production related to the Starz deal. CEO Jon Feltheimer said $LGF will not change that going forward. He added that the company likes the pricing on that, likes the product and thinks it works very well with its business.

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$LGF expects over $200MM in annual cash savings related to the proposed acquisition of Starz. With respect to the operating cost savings across the combined company, the company expects those to exceed $50MM on an annual run rate basis. The company expects the incremental tax savings on average to exceed $150MM per year through FY21.

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$LGF said adjusted EBITDA for 1Q17 was $41MM. For FY17, the company continues to estimate adjusted EBITDA in the range of $200-300MM. The company stated it sees 3Q17 and 4Q17 as the largest contributors to adjusted EBITDA in FY17.

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$LGF said after the combination with Starz it will invest nearly $1Bil a year in new television series alone and nearly $1.8Bil in new content annually, including its investment in motion pictures. Together, the two companies will be spending approx. $700MM a year marketing this content on a global basis.

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$LGF said that during 1Q17 its BoD declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.09 per common share. The dividend is payable on Aug. 5, 2016 to shareholders of record as of June 30, 2016.

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$LGF said its overall Motion Picture segment revenue was $362.5MM in 1Q17 compared to $275.4MM in 1Q16. Theatrical revenue more than doubled in the quarter to $47.2MM due to a larger wide release slate than in 1Q16. Television revenues from the Motion Picture segment grew 10% to $53.3MM.

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$LGF posted lower earnings in 1Q17, hurt in part by higher marketing and distribution costs compared to 1Q16. Net income attributable to Lionsgate shareholders was $1.3MM or $0.01 per basic share compared $40.7MM or $0.28 per basic share last year. Revenue increased 35% from a year ago to $553.6MM. Adjusted basic EPS was $0.20 in the quarter.

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$LGF said it intends to fund the the deal with a combination of bank and bond financing. LionTree Advisors is serving as financial advisor to $STRZA. PJT Partners is serving as financial advisor to Lionsgate. Additionally, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse are serving as financial advisors.

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Entertainment major $LGF said it agreed to acquire $STRZA $STRZB, an integrated media and entertainment company, for $4.4Bil, to create a global content powerhouse positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities worldwide.

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Doug Creutz from Cowen and Company asks about excluding new business initiative investments from the adjusted EBITDA guidance and how much is budgeted for that in 2017. $LGF said it cannot give specific numbers. $LGF feels good about those and expect them to be contributing to the adjusted EBITDA in future. And it is going to be up.

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David Miller from Topeka Capital asks about the 4K opportunity. $LGF said the launch of 4K, Ultra-high definition is still in its infancy. The company also said it is continuing on its course, re-mastering a lot of its product and releasing it. In the holiday season $LGF expects to be pretty big for 4K.

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John Janedis from Jefferies asks if the company is seeing any change in the level of cash flow contributed by the library, contemplating guidance. $LGF said its library continues to grow. In FY16, the company generated $520MM of revenue in library and contribution is growing with 2016 being the largest year of contribution in 10 years.

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Barton Crockett of FBR Capital asks about the impacts of governments thoughts about new international tax in terms of sweeps and inversion on the company's tax rate. $LGF said it does not expect the treasury announcement to impact its current effective tax rate.

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Barton Crockett of FBR Capital probes on if the value of the company's investments are approximating the corporate debt. $LGF said that excluding foreign exchange the investment value is approximating the corporate debt.

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Ben Mogil from Stifel asks about cash programming and production cash outflow, what it looks like in 2017 against the 2016 number. $LGF said free cash flow is going to be an impact of the trailing 12 month EBITDA, as well as working capital changes. On the cash programming number, there is probably an increase from 2016 to 2017.

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Todd Juenger from Sanford Bernstein asks about international distribution relationship and the output deal's health. $LGF said its international partners and co-financiers are happier when the movies are overperforming. $LGF is the only studio that can supply them a portfolio of big production value pictures consistently.

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Alexia Quadrani of JPMorgan probes on the TV margins coming ahead of expectation and what's the profitability trend in it. $LGF said it had a strong quarter and a strong year in TV. The company is still tracking close to its previous FY17 TV forecast. On TV margin, the ultimate outcome will be determined by the mix of programming.

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Film and TV studio owner $LGF said its scripted business is coming off one of its best years, deepening its content pipeline with another 15 new series in 2016. The company also said its television group now accounts for one-third of its revenue and is poised for continued strong growth.

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