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$GRPN 2Q15 PR: Net earnings attributable to common stockholders was $109.1MM or $0.16 per share, including $0.21 related to the gain on the Ticket Monster sale. Non-GAAP earnings attributable to common stockholders was $13.8MM, or $0.02 per share.

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$GRPN's North America growth is expected to be healthy, mainly in the local areas. Regarding the marketing mix, the company added that it will be spending more money on offline. $GRPN is pleased with its offline campaign and with the good progress and returns on the SEM side.

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$GRPN stated that on LivingSocial, in terms of the billing impact in 1Q17, the company had about a 300 BP benefit of having LivingSocial in 2017 than a year ago. Additionally, with regards to net customer additions generally in 1Q17, on a same country basis, it was about 600,000.

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$GRPN Groupon Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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During 1Q17, $GRPN repurchased 7.33MM shares of its common stock for an aggregate purchase price of $26MM. Up to $169MM of common stock was available for repurchase under Groupon’s share repurchase program as of March 31, 2017.

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In 1Q17, $GRPN's North America gross profit grew 2% to $220.9MM. Meanwhile active customers in the region reached 31.6MM as of March 31, 2017, with 500,000 additions during the quarter. International gross profit declined 15% to $88.5MM due to exit from some countries. International active customers were roughly flat sequentially at 16.7MM.

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$GRPN's gross billings in 1Q17 were $1.36Bil, down 1% from $1.37Bil in 1Q16. Meanwhile, global units sold declined 3% YoY to 45.7MM.

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$GRPN reiterated its outlook for FY17. It expects gross profit to be in the range of $1.30-1.35Bil. Adjusted EBITDA is predicted to be between $200MM and $240MM.

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Online marketplace $GRPN managed to halve its losses in 1Q17, despite a 4% decline in revenue to $673.6MM. Net loss stood at $24.4MM, or 4 cents per share, compared to $49.1MM, or 8 cents per share in 1Q16, primarily due to lower expenses. Adjusted EBITDA rose to $44.8MM.

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For 4Q16, $GRPN’s level of order discount was about $60MM, which was up about $20MM YoY. The company believes order discounts are similar to marketing and is a good way to acquire and engage with customers. The company is pleased with its current position on order discounts.

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In terms of marketing spend, $GRPN expects the percentage of billings in 2017 to remain similar in general to the level seen in 2016. There might be a little bit more investment in EMEA as the company continues to invest in this market. $GRPN expects to stay within the 6% range in aggregate.

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$GRPN's gross profit for 4Q16 was $370MM, driven by an increase in North America offset by declines internationally, which were driven by both country exits and the impacts of transitioning operations. For North America, gross profit grew 14% to $251MM.

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In 4Q16, $GRPN’s North America local gross billings of $591MM grew 11% with 4% coming from the acquisition of LivingSocial. During 4Q16, the company added 2MM active customers of which 1MM was from the addition of LivingSocial. Active customers grew 16% YoY organically on marketing spend up 12% from 4Q15.

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In 2017, $GRPN will expand on the progress made in 2016 by making smart investments in customer acquisitions and in its brands, both online and offline. The company will continue to streamline and simplify the business and also invent and invest in the customer experience.

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$GRPN Groupon Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2016 Highlights

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$GRPN expects 2017 gross profit of $1.30-1.35Bil, an increase of $40-90MM compared to 2016 results for the 15 countries in its go-forward footprint on an FX-neutral basis. $GRPN sees adjusted EBITDA of $200-240MM, an $16-56MM increase from 2016 results for the 15 countries in its go-forward footprint on an FX-neutral basis.

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$GRPN's gross billings for 4Q16 declined to $1.7Bil from $1.71Bil last year. Gross billings were impacted by dispositions and country exits in connection with $GRPN's restructuring efforts, partially offset by the addition of LivingSocial. On a same-country, FX-neutral basis, gross billings grew 2% year-over-year.

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$GRPN reported a wider 4Q16 loss due to negative impact by non-operating losses of $40.8MM from declines in the fair value of investments. Net loss widened to $52.59MM or $0.09 per share from $46.53MM or $0.08 per share last year. Revenue grew to $934.89MM from $917.17MM. Non-GAAP earnings for 4Q16 was $42.5MM or $0.07 per share.

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$GRPN Groupon Earnings Infographic: Q2 2016 highlights

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$GRPN said KFit Holdings has signed a deal to buy Groupon Indonesia at an undisclosed fee. The acquisition will see KFit enter the Indonesian market with Groupon Indonesia as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KFit, while $GRPN will become a strategic shareholder of KFit. The transaction is expected to be completed in 3Q16.

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In 3Q15, $GRPN's BoD approved a restructuring plan on workforce reductions in its non-US operations. Associated to the plan, $GRPN expects to incur total pre-tax charge of up to $35MM through Sept. 2016. Upon restructuring, $GRPN will also cease operations in 6 countries within its Rest of World segment and 3 countries within its EMEA segment.

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