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$BLK's iShares net total inflows were $23Bil driven by fixed income as investors utilize fixed income ETFs as an effective tool for diversification & liquidity. Equity flows of $5Bil were driven by flows into European-listed iShares bringing positive inflows in Canada & APAC. Net iShares flows following Aug. 24 through yesterday is nearly $25Bil.

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$BLK closes the acquisition of Cachematrix, which it agreed to acquire a month back. Cachematrix provides cash management solutions for banks and their corporate clients. This transaction will help BlackRock to strengthen its services in the cash management space.

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$BLK said that it is spending about $1Bil this year. including compensation and related expenses associated with the people as well as hardware, software and market data costs.

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The world's largest asset manager $BLK's profit rose 8.6% to $857MM in 2Q17 as more investors invested in the company's iShares exchange-traded funds and also aided by the higher fees. Diluted EPS climbed 10.3% to $5.22 and on adjusted basis it was up 9.6% to $5.24 in the recently ended quarter. Revenue rose 5.7% to $2.97Bil.

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$BLK, whose stock price spiked 15% from the beginning of this year, reported that its assets under management was brighter by 16% year on year to $5.69 trillion in 2Q17. BlackRock's CEO Laurence Fink said that the long-term net inflows of $94Bil in the quarter were positive across all client and product types, and investment styles.

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$BLK said John Varley, an independent director of the company’s board of directors, resigned effective immediately. Varley had joined BlackRock’s board in 2009 following its acquisition of Barclays Global Investors.

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$BLK's BoD declared a quarterly cash dividend of $2.50 per share of common stock. The dividend is payable on June 23, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on June 5, 2017.

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In terms of the $BLK transition, $STT said it will occur beginning in 2018 and is likely to take next several quarters to be completed. BlackRock has chosen $JPM as custodian to more than $1 trillion in BlackRock client assets. $STT had been custodian of the assets.

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On investment activities, $BLK continues to make investments in the technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The firm believes technology creates efficiency and help maintain strong margins. Technology advancements made in the Aladdin related to dealing with custodial banks will save large sums of money, said the company.

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Building on record total net inflows of $202Bil in 2016, $BLK began 2017 by repositioning active equity platform and investing in business for future growth. Going forward, $BLK will continue to transform change into opportunity, using advantaged market position to create better financial futures for clients and drive long-term growth.

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$BLK's long-term net inflows were positive across all major regions, with net inflows of $55.8Bil from clients in Americas, $18.1Bil from clients in EMEA and $6.4Bil from clients in Asia-Pacific. At March 31, 2017, $BLK managed 63% of its long-term assets under management for investors in the Americas and 37% for clients in EMEA and Asia-Pacific

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$BLK's operating income for 1Q17 grew by 19% from last year, reflecting operating margin expansion and benefits of scale for clients and shareholders. $BLK said the 33% increase in EPS also includes the impact of a discrete tax benefit associated with new accounting guidance for share-based payments.

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$BLK reported a 31% jump in 1Q17 earnings driven by growth in base fees, performance fees and technology and risk management revenue. Net income rose to $862MM or $5.23 per share from $657MM or $3.92 per share last year. Revenue grew 8% to $2.82Bil. Adjusted EPS grew to $5.25 from $4.25.

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$BLK announced that Charles H. Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., has been nominated to join $BLK’s Board of Directors.

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$BLK received Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) quota of $1.6Bil in the U.S. by China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). This is the first RQFII quota awarded to any asset manager in the US and brings the combined RQFII quota awarded to $BLK to $5.1Bil.

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$BLK said in terms of capital management, it remains committed to investing in its business. The company tries to target a dividend payout ratio of around 40-50% on a full-year basis. $BLK also looks to return additional cash to shareholders through share repurchases. The total payout ratio is the output of opportunities seen for the next year.

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$BLK is being responsive to potential changes announced by the Department of Labor. There will be an increased focus on performance and cost. $BLK is also responding to a growth in portfolio construction services and the need for greater sophistication and scalable technologies. The focus is on pricing, technology and portfolio solutions.

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$BLK's global iShares generated $49Bil of net inflows in 4Q16 and $140Bil for 2016, representing full-year organic growth of 13%. 4Q16 equity iShares inflows of $51Bil were driven by demand for US market exposures as equity markets rallied following the US elections.

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$BLK generated $202Bil of total net inflows in 2016, including nearly $100Bil in 4Q16. The company expanded its full-year operating margin by 80BP to 43.7%. After growth investments, $BLK returned approx. $2.7Bil of capital to shareholders during 2016. In 4Q16, $BLK generated operating income of $1.2Bil, up 8% from 4Q15.

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$BLK's BoD approved a 9% increase in the quarterly cash dividend to $2.50 per share, payable March 23, 2017, to shareholders of record on March 6, 2017. In addition, the Board authorized the repurchase of an additional 6MM shares under its existing share repurchase program for a total up to 9MM shares of $BLK's common stock.

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$BLK's cash management assets under management (AUM) rose 8% to $403.6Bil as of Dec. 31, 2016, driven by $17.7Bil of net inflows, primarily into government funds. Long-term net inflows were positive across all major regions, with net inflows of $46Bil from clients in Americas, $38.2Bil from clients in EMEA and $3.6Bil from clients in Asia-Pacific.

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