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Sidoti analyst John Franzeb asks what prevents $AZZ from looking at galvanizing acquisition opportunities in Europe. CEO Tom Ferguson said nothing prevents the company from doing it. He added that the acquisitions have to fit the company's profile, should add value and have to be big enough that it gives $AZZ some critical mass.

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$AZZ's backlog at the end of 2Q18 was $331.2MM, down 6.1%. The company expects to ship 42% of the backlog outside of the U.S. compared to 27% in the same quarter last year.

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During 2Q18, $AZZ's Energy segment revenues fell 6.4% to $91.4MM. Operating income fell to 0 compared to $8.2MM in 2Q17 as gross margins in the segment fell 16.4%. Revenues in the Metal Coatings segment rose 1.6% to $99MM, while operating income rose 55.7% to $23.4MM, mainly due to the $7.3MM realignment charges taken in the segment last year.

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$AZZ said its Electrical platform has struggled recently to absorb the impact of Westinghouse bankruptcy and VC Summer closure. This business now faces other operational issues, which the company addressed by appointing Ken Lavelle as new President and General Manager of the Electrical platform.

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$AZZ's incoming orders during 2Q18 were $189.9MM and shipments totaled $190.4MM, resulting in a book to ship ratio of 1.00. The backlog at the end of 2Q18 decreased 6.1% to $331.2MM.

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$AZZ adjusted its guidance for FY18. The company expects its EPS to be in the range of $1.80-2.30 and annual sales to be in the range of $825-885MM.

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$AZZ reported a 2.4% YoY decline in its 2Q18 revenue to  $190.4MM. Net income fell 16.9% to $8.3MM, or $0.32 per share, compared to $10MM, or $0.38 per share, in 2Q17. This decline was due to the current shippable backlog, ongoing fallout from the Westinghouse bankruptcy and low electric utility spending in Saudi Arabia.

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$AZZ believes refinery turnaround activity is likely to improve early next year, which will positively impact its FY19. $AZZ also sees improving markets for its Metal Coating segment. $AZZ has taken appropriate realignment actions to improve margins and competitiveness, while maintaining ability to handle growth it sees for next year.

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$AZZ lowered its 2018 revenue outlook to $825-885MM from $880-950MM and its EPS guidance to $1.80-2.30 from $2.60-3.10. The company assessed the impact of the recent hurricanes on refinery turnaround activity, nuclear market conditions, lower than expected electric utility spending in Saudi Arabia, and current shippable backlog.

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$AZZ expects the Enhanced Powder Coating acquisition to add around $0.03-0.04 to its current outlook. The company is also pursuing a couple of other bolt-on type galvanizing, powder coating acquisitions that it hopes to close during 2Q18.

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$AZZ said in terms of infrastructure in its galvanizing business, the company is seeing improvements in highways, transmission and distribution. Non-residential construction spending is trending upwards. $AZZ is seeing good pickup in non-residential construction in some parts of the US which gives it confidence in its outlook.

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In 1Q18, $AZZ posted revenues of $116.5MM in its Energy segment, down 15.7% compared to 1Q17. In the Metal Coatings segment, revenues fell 11.9% to $92.1MM compared to 1Q17.

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$AZZ's backlog for 1Q18 was $331.6MM, down 6.4% compared to 1Q17. The company expects approx. 41% of the backlog to be delivered outside the US versus 25% in 1Q17. Gross margins for 1Q18 were 23.6% compared to 26.1% in 1Q17.

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$AZZ AZZ Incorporated Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q1 2018 Highlights

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As $AZZ posted 1Q18 results, CEO Tom Ferguson said, "Despite the current market conditions, we are cautiously optimistic that fiscal year 2018 will benefit from improved infrastructure project spending during the second half of the year." $AZZ reaffirmed its  FY18 guidance of $2.60-3.10 for EPS and $880-950MM in annual sales.

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With revenue slipping 14.1% to $208.6MM in 1Q18, $AZZ posted a 37.1% slide in net income of $13.2MM or $0.51 per diluted share. Incoming orders in the quarter were $193.8MM while shipments totaled $208.6MM, resulting in a book-to-ship ratio of 0.93 for the metal coating services provider.

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With regards to NLI divestiture transaction, $AZZ said that the company and Westinghouse Electric Co. like to get this deal done. In few weeks, $AZZ will announce the result of this divestiture. The complexity is created by the tough market situation, the company said.

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$AZZ said that galvanizing was hurt by lower activity in the oil producing states of Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, continued weakness in solar and still muted bridge in highway and industrial spending in many areas. WSI business was hurt by lower than expected major refinery turnarounds with projects being deferred to the spring season.

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$AZZ stated that 3Q17 results were disappointing, as it faced continued contraction in the markets due to the economic fallout of low oil patch activity, lower solar opportunities and low level of major refinery turnarounds.  The divestiture of NLI business unit to Westinghouse Electric Co., which was announced in Oct. 2016, has not yet closed.

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$AZZ expects that the North American galvanizing market will continue to be challenging for the near term. However, its expectation is that market conditions for the galvanizing business will begin to improve in 2H18 as infrastructure spend improves. The company continues to see favorable opportunities for the Energy segment.

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$AZZ's revenues for the Galvanizing segment for 3Q17 dropped 13.7% from last year. Operating income dropped to $21.3MM from $24.3MM last year. As a result, operating margins improved to 23.2% from 22.8% a year ago.

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