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$REX said the company repurchased 209,571 common shares in 4Q15 at an avg. price per share of $48.16, bringing the total shares repurchased in FY15 to 1,254,344 common shares at an avg. price per share of $55.97. Subsequent to Jan. 31, 2016, $REX repurchased an additional 87,904 common shares at an avg. price per share of $49.52.

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$REX said its 4Q17 results might be impacted by higher losses from coal operations, which is likely to partially offset by tax credits that will be incremental to earnings. REX American is planning to acquire ethanol plants in order to scale up production. The company expects to achieve optimum capacity utilization at its new plants by 1Q18.

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$REX said third quarter results were the best for its ethanol and by-products segment so far this year. Overall sales were impacted by continued decline in DDGs pricing, which was partially offset by improved sales of Modified Distillers. The company expects its 4Q17 earnings to be lower than those reported in the most recent quarter and 4Q16.

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Benefiting from robust ethanol production and coal operations, revenues of alternative energy company $REX rose 4% to $121MM in 3Q17. Earnings surged 47% to $13MM or $2 per share from $9MM or $1.36 per share last year. The bottom-line growth was supported by an income tax benefit, reflecting REX’s recent investments in refined coal operations.

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$REX stated that on the capital spending budget for FY17, it expects $10-15MM for each location, which is around $20-30MM for the two locations combined. The company added that this will lead to a production of close to 150MM gallon at each location.

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$REX's equity in income of unconsolidated ethanol affiliates in 1Q17 increased to $0.7MM from $0.2MM last year. This was primarily as a result of the more favorable ethanol crush spread margins. As a result, income from continuing operations before income taxes and non-controlling interests grew 60.7% to $8MM.

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$REX reported a rise in 1Q17 earnings driven by its interests in 6 ethanol production facilities. Net income rose to $4.54MM or $0.69 per share from $2.84MM or $0.43 per share last year. Net sales grew to $113.14MM from $100.22MM, on 9.1% rise in average sales price per gallon of ethanol as well as its initiatives to lift plant-level production.

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$REX said the growth rate for 1Q17 earnings at this point of time is better than they were in last year's corresponding quarter. The company has started new capital investment project to increase ethanol production at both of its consolidated locations. It has planned to spend about $20-30MM for 2017, with $10-15MM to each plant.

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$REX posted 4Q16 net earnings, which more than tripled, riding on higher average prices for ethanol and lower corn prices. Net sales and revenue were $121.6MM, up 13% from the year-ago quarter. Net income attributable to the company shareholders rose to $12.4MM, or $1.88 per share from $3.7MM, or $0.54 per share in 4Q15.

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$REX said that on the opportunities in South Dakota vs. Illinois, the basis is much better at South Dakota than Illinois. The competition also is high in Illinois, which makes opportunities better in South Dakota.

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$REX stated the company continues to generate large amount of cash. Consolidated cash balance at the end of 3Q16 was $152.8MM. $REX also added that it is also looking to buy top ethanol plants as opportunities arise.

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$REX's net sales and revenue for 3Q16 grew to $116.28MM from $110.58MM last year. This rise principally reflects volume increases in both ethanol and dried distillers grains, which was partially offset by a decrease in the average selling price of dried distillers grains.

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Ethanol producer $REX reported a rise in 3Q16 earnings driven by improved industry crush spreads and positive impact of capital investment projects to further expand production at consolidated plants. Net income rose to $8.94MM or $1.36 per share from $7.46MM or $1.08 per share last year.

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Resnik Asset Management analyst Paul Resnik questions about pretax being better this year than a year ago. $REX says that it doesn't hit within the quarter. The company says that it's not even one month into the quarter, but it's looking good and running at a rate better. 3Q16 pretax is running at a rate better than 3Q15.

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Raymond James analyst Pavel Molchanov questions about M&A in the ethanol production space. $REX says that these were plants set previously and they will be redone & be better plants. These didn't run very well, didn't make money & went bankrupt. $REX wants to stick with premium plants. For other plants to be reopened, it needs to be in good hands.

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For 3Q16, $REX expects earnings to run at a pretax rate that's a little bit better than 3Q15. The company is benefited by lower corn prices. EPA has provided more stability this year and natural gas prices remained low. $REX was also hurt a little bit by lower oil prices and expects capital spending to be between $3-5MM for the remainder of 2016.

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$REX said that 2Q16 income before tax was $13.5MM vs. $27.4MM in 2Q15. Backing out the $2.5MM Patriot equity method contribution and $10.4MM pretax gain from its sale and other related effects in 2Q15, income before tax and non-controlling interest is $13.5MM. Tax rate for 2Q16 and YTD was approx. 35.5% net of non-controlling interest.

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Maker of distillers grains $REX said that 2Q16 sales rose approx. 2% & were based upon 60.9MM ethanol gallons this year vs. 57.9MM gallons in the prior year, resulting in increased ethanol sales of 3.9MM. The company saw approx. $35 per ton reduction in dried distiller grain pricing YoverY, which resulted in approx. $2.6MM reduction in DDG sales.

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$REX said the company reported a 5% increase in the number of gallons of ethanol sold during 2Q16. Additionally, during the quarter, the company neared the completion of its capital investment projects to further expand production at its consolidated plants, helping to better position the company for future ethanol demand.

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Ethanol producer $REX reported a decline in 2Q16 results hurt by decrease in dried distillers grains pricing and YoverY increase in grain costs. $REX said net income fell 49.9% to $8.2MM or $1.24 per share from $16.37MM or $2.16 per share a year ago. Net sales and revenue rose 1.96% to $115.71MM from $113.48MM.

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$REX had a cash balance of approx. $122MM at the end of 1Q16. The company bought back 87,904 common shares in 1Q16 at an average price of $49.52 per share. $REX expects Capex of $6-10MM this year. The company's goal is to increase the production level of each ethanol plant to a rate of 135MM gallons.

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