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$MAT 2Q15 Call: Regarding the strategic initiatives of MEGA, MAT has been focusing heavily on the core construction part of the business and de-emphasize little bit of the Arts & Crafts piece. For last six weeks, MAT had very positive momentum on MEGA and going to continue to do clean up on the Arts & Crafts.

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$MAT anticipates having a pretty good 4Q17. The company is looking at doing things in the quarter to increase its profitability, given what it has come off on 3Q17. The company would expect to see always a little bit of downward pressure with the shift to e-commerce, but it is not expecting another step function decline that would happen rapidly.

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Moving forward, $MAT said it will be taking the coming quarters to streamline Toy Box innovation pipeline and lower fragmentation to improve operational efficiencies. $MAT will shift sales philosophy to better match supply with consumer demand, and change incentives beginning in 2018 to balance revenue growth, gross margins and operating income.

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$MAT said it is pleased with the performance of Cars 3. $MAT is executing this well in close partnership with $DIS and its retail partners. And despite challenges with Toys "R" Us, $MAT expects to come close to its original target. $MAT will continue to invest in to building top partnerships with $DIS, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Universal and WWE.

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$MAT said the Toys "R" Us chapter 11 filing was a significant drag on both revenue and profits in 3Q17 as it began to lower shipping in early September due to significant concerns about the potential for the chapter 11 filing. The company then had to reverse certain revenue in connection with its filing.

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$MAT said about half of the North American revenue decline was due to Toys "R" Us. About a quarter of the decline was due to tighter retailer inventory management, and balance quarter was driven by continued challenges in Toy Box and certain brands. $MAT believes most of issues are not long-term in nature and expected to turnaround over time.

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$MAT Mattel Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 Highlights

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$MAT announced a significantly expanded initiative to structurally simplify business and right-size cost structure in alignment with strategy. The company plans to eliminate at least $650MM in net costs over the next two years.

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$MAT's BoD determined to suspend its quarterly dividend beginning in 4Q17 in order to lift financial flexibility, strengthen the balance sheet and facilitate strategic investments. The suspension of the dividend, which was previously $0.15 per share, is expected to result in additional liquidity of about $50MM per quarter.

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$MAT's gross sales in the North American Region for 3Q17 decreased by 22% as reported and in constant currency, primarily due to lower sales as a result of Toys "R" Us filing for bankruptcy and tighter retailer inventory management. In the International Region, gross sales were flat as reported, and decreased by 2% in constant currency.

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$MAT slipped to a loss in 3Q17 from a profit last year, as compression in North America hurt sales. Net loss was $603.3MM or $1.75 per share compared to a profit of $236.3MM or $0.68 per share last year. Net sales fell to $1.56Bil from $1.8Bil. Adjusted EPS decreased to $0.09 from $0.70.

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$MAT slipped to a loss in 3Q17 from a profit last year. The company said its performance was clearly disappointing, led by compression in North America driven by Toys "R" Us filing for bankruptcy, tighter retailer inventory management and challenges with certain underperforming brands.

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$MAT appointed Joseph Euteneuer as CFO, effective Sept. 25, 2017. Euteneuer replaces Kevin Farr, who left the company on Sept. 29, 2017. In his role as CFO, Euteneuer will provide financial and administrative leadership to support $MAT's transformation strategy focused on delivering enhanced and sustainable growth.

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$MAT appointed Sven Gerjets as CTO, Amy Thompson as Chief People Officer (CPO) and Nancy Elder as Chief Communication Officer (CCO), effective immediately. Also, $MAT appointed Joe Euteneueras as CFO. The executives will work closely with CEO Margo Georgiadis and the Mattel leadership team.

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$MAT will partner with Fullscreen, a youth media company, to launch Fullscreen Family, a brand-safe video network, and the Hot Wheels digital content innovation team. Through the partnership, $MAT will increase the amount of premium kids and family content by 61% and reach an estimated 800MM monthly video viewers.

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Globally, consumer takeaway for $MAT's Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price continued its momentum, with each up double digits in 2Q17, and high-single digits YTD. As of June 30, 2017, the company's debt-to-total capital ratio was 56.1%.

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Toy maker $MAT reported higher sales, while loss widened in 2Q17. Net loss widened to $56.1MM or $0.16 loss per share from net loss of $19.1MM or $0.06 loss per share a year earlier. Net sales however increased 2% to $974.5MM. Adjusted net loss per share was $0.14.

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$MAT Mattel, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

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$MAT has expanded its strategic partnership with parenting portal Babytree to co-develop a network of physical learning centers across China. The learning centers will drive inter-connectivity and continuity between the online and physical learning experiences for children ages zero to five.

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$MAT announced the opening of its newest distribution center in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. $R will operate and staff the 1,000,200-square-foot facility. The distribution center is now fully operational, and up to 400 jobs will be generated in Lebanon County during peak season.

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$MAT unveiled its strategic growth plan during the company's Investor Day event in New York City. CEO Margo Georgiadis and members of the management team presented the strategic plan, a roadmap for achieving growth, as well as the company's medium-term financial framework.

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