$CL (Colgate-Palmolive Co.)

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In 4Q15, $CL posted solid organic sales growth in North America. In 1Q16, $CL's Tom's of Maine division will launch Tom's Natural Rapid Relief Sensitive toothpaste. In the toothpaste category, $CL's market share in France is up 80BP YTD to 22.4%. In Poland, it is up 160BP to 47.6% YTD and in Italy, $CL increased its share 30BP to 24.6% YTD.

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$CL declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.40 per common share, payable on February 15, 2018, to shareholders of record on January 23, 2018.

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$CL agreed to purchase professional skin care brands PCA Skin and EltaMD in two separate transactions. The terms of the deals, currently expected to close in 1Q18, were undisclosed. These transactions are expected to have no impact on earnings in FY18.

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As $CL posted 3Q17 results, the FMCG giant said it expects an even bigger year-over-year increase in advertising in 4Q17 compared to this quarter.

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$CL Colgate-Palmolive Co Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 highlights

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Based on current spot rates, $CL announced that it continues to expect a low-single-digit net sales increase and low-single-digit organic sales growth for FY17.

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Even as worldwide net sales rose 3% to $3.97Bil in 3Q17 and organic sales inched 1.5% up, FMCG giant $CL posted a 14% drop in net earnings of $607MM or $0.68 per diluted share. Operating profit slid 13% to $927MM in the quarter.

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The BoD of $CL declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.40 per common share, payable on November 15, 2017, to shareholders of record on October 23, 2017.

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$CL expects net sales to be up low-single digits for the year with a slight negative impact from foreign exchange. The FMCG giant, as it posted 2Q17 results, now sees organic sales growth will be in the low single digits.

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$CL Colgate-Palmolive Co Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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In 2Q17, $CL's North America net sales fell 3.5% and Latin America net sales rose 7.0%. The FMCG giant's CEO Ian Cook said, "we continue to expect low-single-digit net sales increase for 2017, and given our slower than expected first half, we are now planning for low-single-digit organic sales growth for 2017."

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Worldwide reported net sales of $CL slipped 0.5% to $3.83Bil in 2Q17 with global unit volume falling 1%. Organic sales were even with the year ago period, and net income slumped to $524MM and $0.59 per diluted share from last year's $600MM and $0.67 per diluted share.

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Consumer products giant $CL said it is shifting more of its investment to digital and will continue to push from a social consumer engagement point of view. The company is staffing separate groups for advancing into e-commerce. The company added that 100% of investment in its subsidiary Hills, a pet nutrition company, is digital.

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$CL said the inventory reduction pressure it was facing in North America have abated and seeing improvement in category consumption. In North America, sales and volume declined in 1Q17, reflecting the impact of market share losses from a portfolio transition within home care business, retailer inventory reductions and a slowdown in category growth.

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For FY17, $CL still sees low-single-digit net sales growth, with flat earnings per share on a dollar basis. Organic sales growth is expected to be modestly below 4-7% range with sequential improvement throughout the year.

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In 1Q17, $CL's net sales in North America fell 5.0% to $760MM. Unit volume decreased 5.0% with 0.5% lower pricing, while forex was positive 0.5%. Latin America net sales rose 9.0% to $924MM, while Europe net sales slumped 5.0% to $558MM.

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Revenues of $CL was flat at $3.76Bil in 1Q17, as the consumer giant posted a 7% rise in net attributable income of $570MM from $533MM a year ago. Earnings rose to $0.64 per diluted share from $0.59 a share, offset by lower-than-expected North America sales.

$CL {{ '2017-03-10T11:42:19+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$CL BoD raised the quarterly common stock cash dividend by 3% to $0.40 per share. The increase will be effective in 2Q17 and the dividend will be paid on May 15, 2017 to shareholders as on April 21, 2017.

$UPS {{ '2017-02-09T11:56:22+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$UPS' BoD appointed Franck Moison as a company director effective immediately. Moison will join the board's nominating and corporate governance committee. Moison is vice chairman for $CL, a position he has held since April 2016.

$CL {{ '2017-01-27T16:57:08+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$CL said that it has stepped up its promotional activity in North America during 4Q16, and also made some pricing gap adjustments in China. In terms of marketing effort, the company said it will continue its advertising activity in 2017, as it has seen good return from both e-Commerce as well as digital marketing front.

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Despite sequential organic sales growth and positive volume for 4Q16 in Greater China, $CL said it still has work to do in the region. The company said that its online business in the region has accelerated, offsetting most of the impact from a difficult offline market.

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