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Natural resources company $FCX said that over the next ten years existing mines production is expected to decline in the order of 20%, which is about 4MM tons. The company's also stated that its outlook for 2016 on its expansion in Indonesia continues to show copper sales of 5Bil pounds.

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$FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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$FCX is forecasting production of about 200,000 tons a day at its mill in Indonesia by the end of 2Q17 and expects it to remain at this range for the remainder of 2017. The mill rates will vary depending on the nature of the raw materials.

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$FCX said the Safford production goes out to 2021 and the company believes it will see a decline. $FCX is bringing in ore from the adjacent Lone Star mine and using the same infrastructure it has at Safford. The project is attractive in terms of low capital intensity. $FCX believes its cost reduction program here will be completed by this time.

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$FCX has to coordinate shipments with customers who had to make other arrangements for supply when the company was shut down from exports. $FCX had close to 100,000 tons of copper concentrate at its port site and storage facilities. The company is taking steps to reduce this inventory going into 2Q17.

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For $FCX, operating cash flows totaled $792MM, and capital expenditures amounted to $344MM for 1Q17. For FY17, operating cash flows fare expected to approximate $4.0Bil, and capital expenditures are touted to be around $1.6Bil. At March 31, 2017, consolidated debt was $15.4Bil and consolidated cash totaled $4.0Bil.

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$FCX sees consolidated sales for FY17 to approximate 3.9Bil pounds of copper, 1.9MM ounces of gold and 93MM pounds of molybdenum. For 2Q17, consolidated sales are expected at 1.0Bil pounds of copper, 440,000 ounces of gold and 24MM pounds of molybdenum.

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In 1Q17, $FCX posted an attributable net income of $228MM or $0.16 per share, as opposed to last year's loss of $4.18Bil or $3.35 a share. Revenues for the quarter were $3.34Bil, up from $3.24Bil. Consolidated sales totaled 809MM pounds of copper, 182,000 ounces of gold and 24MM pounds of molybdenum.

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$FCX provided an update on the status of PT Freeport Indonesia's operations and its discussions with the Government of Indonesia on concentrate exports and other matters related to its Contract of Work.

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$FCX said its subsidiary, PT Freeport Indonesia, continues to seek approval from Indonesian authorities for the export of its copper concentrates, consistent with its rights under its Contract of Work (COW). To date, this approval has not been granted.

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$FCX said that the Cerro Verde expansion project, which commenced operations in Sept. 2015, has achieved operating capacity in 1Q17.

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$FCX said 2016 was the year of very strong cost and capital management. The company said it reduced consolidated copper unit site production and delivery cost by 19% YoverY, and also saw a 56% YoverY reduction in capital expenditure.

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$FCX generated operating cash flow of $1.1Bil in 4Q16, which exceeded capital expenditure of roughly $500MM. For 2016, operating cash flow totaled $3.7Bil.

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$FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 and FY16 Highlights

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For FY17, $FCX expects consolidated sales to be approx. 4.1Bil pounds of copper, 2.2MM ounces of gold and 92MM pounds of molybdenum, including 1.0Bil pounds of copper, 460 thousand ounces of gold and 23MM pounds of molybdenum for 1Q17.

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$FCX 4Q16 consolidated sales totaled 1.2Bil pounds of copper, 405 thousand ounces of gold and 22MM pounds of molybdenum.

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Copper and gold producer $FCX reported 4Q16 profit of $292MM, or $0.21 per share compared to a net loss of $4.08Bil, or $3.47 loss per share during 4Q15. Revenues rose 24.5% to $4.38Bil from $3.52Bil. Excluding items, $FCX earned $0.25 per share.

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$FCX said it completed the sale of its Deepwater Gulf of Mexico properties to $APC for $2Bil in cash, before closing adjustments. Also the company expects to complete the previously announced sale of its onshore California oil and gas properties before year-end 2016.

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$FCX commenced offers to eligible holders to exchange any and all of the outstanding senior notes issued by Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC (FM O&G), FCX Oil & Gas LLC and FMSTP Inc., as co-issuers, and guaranteed by $FCX for new senior notes to be issued by $FCX and guaranteed by FM O&G and cash.

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$FCX completed the indirect sale of its 70% interest in TF Holdings Limited to China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. for $2.65Bil in cash. $FCX plans to use net proceeds from the transaction of approximately $2.65Bil to repay debt.

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$APC said upon closing the acquisition of $FCX's Gulf of Mexico assets, the company expects to double production in the GoM to about 160,000 BOE per day, 85% of which is comprised of oil. $APC plans to use a portion of the $4Bil cash that it will have at 4Q16-end to fund its acquisition and redeem the balance $750MM senior notes due Sept. 2017.

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