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Peabody, Massachusetts-based $ALOG said its strong product mix drove a profitable quarter in spite of significant short-term challenges in the security and OEM legacy probes business. Gross margin was 43% in 3Q16, up 1 point from last year. The company stated that its non-GAAP operating margin was 12%, up 1.5 points from last year.

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$ALOG appointed Joseph Whitters to the its BoD, effective immediately. This latest appointment has increased the company's Board has increased to seven directors, six of whom are independent, including Whitters.

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$ALOG expects 1Q18 revenue to be lower than that of 4Q17, with sequential improvement through the remainder of FY18.

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$ALOG now sees total company revenue for FY18 be between $445MM and $460MM with non-GAAP operating margins of 10% to 11% resulting in non-GAAP diluted EPS of $2.70-2.90.

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With the board on the lookout for strategic alternatives including the sale of the company, $ALOG posted a 19% slump in net revenue of $111.6MM in 4Q17. Analogic turned to a net loss of $24.6MM or $1.98 per diluted share, vs. last year's net income of $8.8MM or $0.70 per share.

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$ALOG announced that Michael Bourque has been appointed its CFO and Treasurer, effective July 13, 2017. He replaces Mark Frost, who will be leaving the company. Bourque joined Analogic in 2014 as VP and Corporate Controller.

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$ALOG BoD declared a $0.10 cash dividend for each common share for 3Q17. The cash dividend will be payable on June 30, 2017, to shareholders of record on June 16, 2017.

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For FY17, $ALOG expects total revenue to be down low to mid-single digits compared with FY16 with non-GAAP operating margins in the range of 8.5-9.5%. The above guidance is expected to result in a non-GAAP EPS of between $2.40-2.70.

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Healthcare and security technology solutions provider $ALOG posted a net loss for 3Q17, hurt by restructuring and asset impairment charges. Net loss for the quarter was $59.65MM or $4.78 loss per share vs. a net income of $4.97MM or $0.40 per share a year ago. Revenue declined 4.54% to $122.16MM. Excluding items, $ALOG earned $0.79 per share.

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$ALOG's BoD on Feb. 28, 2017 declared a $0.10 cash dividend for each common share for its 2Q17. The dividend will be payable on March 31, 2017, to shareholders of record on March 17, 2017.

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$ALOG expects FY17 revenue to be flat compared with FY16 non-GAAP operating margins of 10-11.5% resulting in non-GAAP EPS of $3.00-3.45. For FY18, $ALOG expects revenue to be down low-single digits and non-GAAP operating margins to be up about 1 point.

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$ALOG said it will incur restructuring related charges of up to $5MM in FY17 of which $0.5MM was recorded in 2Q17. $ALOG expects that these changes to result in mid-single digit non-GAAP operating margins with revenue flat-to-down low-single digits in its Ultrasound business for FY18 with growth into FY19.

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$ALOG plans to resize its U.S. sales and global marketing as well as general and administration organizations in-line with its objectives. These will result in a workforce reduction of about 130 employees generating an expected run rate savings of $12-15MM in FY18, principally in its ultrasound business. These will be completed by end of FY17.

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$ALOG said it will consolidate the activities currently conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia with its existing operations in Copenhagen, Denmark and Peabody, Massachusetts and plans to exit the Vancouver facility by end of FY17.

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$ALOG announced a restructuring of its Ultrasound business designed to improve profitability and provide consistent long-term growth. The company plans to focus on its core markets of urology and surgery as well as specific areas of the point of care market where its products have a competitive advantage.

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$ALOG swung to a 2Q17 profit from a loss last year, on benefit from a contingent adjustment associated with lower revenues from the Oncura acquisition. Net income was $7.51MM or $0.59 per share compared to a loss of $2.99MM or $0.24 per share last year. Revenue grew to $131.53MM from $127.87MM. Non-GAAP EPS fell to $0.99 from $1.18.

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$ALOG's Ultrasound Direct segment grew by 7% in 1Q17, driven by Asia and North America point of care and vet. The company is expecting flat to low revenue growth for the year in this segment. Security grew 36% for the quarter, with higher revenue across all pipelines.

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$ALOG said it expects some improvement going forward in gross margin from current levels. On a segment basis, the company grew Medical Imaging by 3% in 1Q17, driven by strong double-digit performance in MRI and expects Medical Imaging to end the year relatively flat.

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$ALOG BoD declared a $0.10 cash dividend for each common share for 1Q17, payable on Dec. 30, 2016, to shareholders of record on Dec. 16, 2016.

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Healthcare and security technology company $ALOG posted higher 1Q17 results, helped by higher revenue and lower cost of sales in Engineering segment. For the quarter, net income rose 83.33% to $2.53MM or $0.20 per share from $1.38MM or $0.11 per share a year ago. Revenue rose 5.36% $121.12MM. Excluding items, $ALOG earned $0.43 per share.

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