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$HRL 3Q15 Call: Grocery Products delivered excellent segment profit increase of 57% on an 8% sales increase. Segment results were driven by favorable raw material costs & increased sales of SKIPPY peanut butter, HORMEL Chili & WHOLLY GUACAMOLE refrigerated dips. Grocery Products continues to build brand equity and drive sales with marketing support

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$HRL's CapEx for 2Q17 totaled $39MM compared to $66MM a year ago. The company expects CapEx to be approx. $190MM in FY17. $HRL does not expect material changes in prices until the industry starts to cut back production. This price assumption is based on current inventory and production levels.

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$HRL said that for 2Q17, three of the company's five segments reported earnings growth. Refrigerated Foods, International and Grocery Products grew earnings, while Specialty Products earnings were down 16%. For 2H17, $HRL expects percentage decline in earnings for Jennie-O Turkey Store to be in the high teen.

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$HRL maintained its FY17 EPS guidance of $1.65-1.71, but expects the results at Jennie-O Turkey Store to push its full-year earnings toward the lower end of this range. The company expects the pressure on Jennie-O Turkey Store to continue for the remainder of the year given the oversupply in the turkey industry.

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$HRL reported a decline in 2Q17 earnings due to divestiture of the Diamond Crystal Brands business, the divestiture of the Farmer John business, and the acquisition of Justin's LLC. Net income fell to $210.9MM or $0.39 per share from $215.4MM or $0.40 per share last year. Sales declined to $2.19Bil from $2.3Bil.

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$HRL's Refrigerated Foods (RF) 1Q17 operating profit rose 4%, with sales and volume down 3%. The company expects RF results to be better than projected for the remaining three quarters. Specialty Foods (SF) operating profit was flat YonY, while sales was down 19% & volume down 30%. However, SF is expected to perform better than projected for FY17.

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$HRL stated it will continue to make investments throughout its business in 2017, including additional investments in bio-security. $HRL added that the additional investment is to protect the company's business from an avian influenza outbreak.

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$HRL said that its Jennie-O Turkey Store segment had a tough 1Q17 YonY, with earnings down 25%. However, sales were up 13% and volume was up 22% compared to a year ago. The decline in profit in Jennie-O Turkey Stores was impacted by declining turkey prices, increased expenses and increased competition.

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$HRL expects improvements in its other segments to offset some of the earnings headwinds from Jennie-O Turkey Store for FY17. The company said the balanced model it has intentionally built in business will allow $HRL to overcome the challenges at Jennie-O Turkey Store.

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Citing to challenging market conditions in the turkey industry, $HRL lowered its FY17 EPS guidance to $1.65-1.71 from $1.71-1.77. $HRL said it is tempering full-year outlook for the Jennie-O Turkey Store segment given shortfalls in 1Q and the expected continuation of pricing pressure due to low commodity turkey prices.

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$HRL reported a rise in 1Q17 earnings driven by higher interest and investment income and lower interest expense. Net income rose to $235.3MM or $0.44 per share from $235.17MM or $0.43 per share last year. Net sales declined 1% to $2.28Bil. Adjusted sales increased 3%.

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$HRL said Mark Coffey, VP of affiliated business units in Refrigerated Foods, will assume the role of VP of supply chain, and Mark Morey, former president of its previous Farmer John business, will assume the role of VP of affiliated business units in Refrigerated Foods.

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$HRL announced the upcoming retirement of Larry Lyons, SVP of human resources. $HRL announced the upcoming retirement of Bryan Farnsworth, SVP of supply chain.

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$HRL appointed Janet Hogan as VP, human resources, effective Jan. 17, 2017. Hogan will report directly to Larry Lyons, SVP human resources, and assume responsibility for leading the global HR function at the company.

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In China, $HRL had higher input costs in 2016. Retail business got off to a slow start and food service meat business was strong. In 2017, the company expects raw material costs to decline after the Chinese New Year. $HRL expects that volume and margin would grow in China.

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$HRL reported the recent acquisitions have been accretive to its margins. The company expects those acquisitions to perform strongly in 2017.

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For 2017, $HRL expects favorable hog and pork markets and hog harvest levels at Austin and Fremont plants to be down 1%, due to one less week in FY. The company anticipates turkey breast meat prices to be below 2016 levels. Going forward, $HRL expects lower beef and chicken input costs for value-added products.

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$HRL's capital expenditures increased to $90MM in 4Q16 compared to $47MM last year. The company expects 2017 CapEx to be approx. $250MM compared to $256MM in 2016. Major projects for 2017 include the completion of the plant in China and numerous capacity expansions for value-added product lines.

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$HRL reported that three of its five segments posted volume, sales and earnings growth in 4Q16. The company said that it will invest in key brands in 2017. International segment is expected to deliver strong growth in 2017 and specialty foods results are expected to decline year-over-year in 1H17 due to the divestiture of Diamond Crystal Brands.

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$HRL said that it decided to divest Farmer John, Saag's and PFFJ farms businesses since they didn't meet its strategic goals. This divestiture allows for the integration of pork processing facility at Farmer John with the majority of live production operations which supply the facility and are currently owned by Smithfield.

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$HRL Hormel Foods Earnings AlphaGraph: Q4 2016 Highlights.

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