$ALK (Alaska Air Group, Inc.)

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$ALK's subsidiary Alaska Airlines reported a 12.9% increase in traffic on a 13.8% increase in capacity vs. Nov. 2014. Load factor fell 0.7 points to 82.1%. Alaska Airlines also reported that 85.5% of its flights arrived on-time in Nov. compared to 84.6% reported in Nov. 2014.

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$ALK reported an 8.3% increase in traffic on a 6.9% increase in capacity in June 2017, on a consolidated basis, versus June 2016. Alaska Airlines reported an 8.7% increase in traffic on a 7.5% increase in capacity. Virgin America traffic grew 5.6% on a 4.2% increase in capacity. Regional traffic rose 13.1% on a 10.7% increase in capacity.

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$ALK unit Horizon Air has elected George Knobloch as VP of maintenance and engineering, effective immediately. In his new role, Knobloch will oversee maintenance and engineering operations at the airlines' six maintenance facilities and a team of over 400 employees. Knobloch will be based in Portland.

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$ALK reported a 7.6% increase in traffic on a 5.9% increase in capacity in May 2017 versus May 2016. Alaska Airlines reported a 9.6% increase in traffic on a 6.7% increase in capacity versus May 2016. Virgin America traffic grew 2.6% on a 3.5% increase in capacity while regional traffic increased 7.3% on a 6% increase in capacity versus May 2016.

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Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of $ALK, and Finnair are teaming up to give members of their frequent flyer programs the opportunity to earn miles/points on each other as Finnair expands its wings with new flights from San Francisco. Alaska Airlines recently announced a major expansion of its San Francisco service.

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$ALK reported a 7.8% increase in traffic for the month of April 2017 on a 4.6% rise in capacity compared to April 2016. Passenger load factor increased 2.5 points to 86.6%. Revenue passengers increased 7.4%.

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$ALK's board of directors named Annabel R. Chang as Vice President, Bay Area. Ms. Chang will start in June and will be based at Virgin America's office in California, where she will work closely with Ben Minicucci, COO and President of Alaska Airlines and CEO of Virgin America, and Peter Hunt, President of Virgin America.

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$ALK's BoD declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 30 cents per share. The dividend will be paid on Jun. 8, 2017, to all shareholders of record as of May 23, 2017. Dividends are financed from operating cash flow and cash on hand.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-26T16:44:30+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$ALK said that on capital allocation, the company would be focused on re-deleveraging. The company added that it has to do a lot on the fleet and non-aircraft side to activate the merger and pursue its growth plans. Beyond this the company wants to focus on re-deleveraging the balance sheet.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-26T16:40:05+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$ALK stated that since the close of the Virgin merger, the corporate contracts activity has been encouraging. The company added that since the deal close, it reached out to over 300 corporate accounts that $ALK or Virgin or both has agreements with and synced up those agreements to give the benefit of the agreement on one airline to the other.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-26T15:11:05+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK, which bought Virgin America recently, held $1.7Bil in unrestricted cash and marketable securities as of March 31, 2017. Consolidated revenue passengers soared 27.9% in 1Q17 to 10.0MM. Load factor was 81.3% vs. 82.0% a year ago. Total assets surpassed $10Bil for the first time in the group's history.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-26T15:01:45+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK's 1Q17 net income almost halved to $99MM or $0.79 per diluted share, compared to $184MM or $1.46 per share a year ago. Total operating revenues soared 30% to $1.75Bil. Excluding the impact of special items and mark-to-market fuel hedge adjustments, ALK reported an adjusted net income of $130 MM or $1.05 per diluted share.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-12T12:45:12+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK and Virgin America announced new routes to Dallas Love Field from Seattle; San Diego; San Jose, California; and Portland, Oregon. The combined airline will serve eight destinations from Love Field with 18 daily peak season departures, up 40%.

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$ALK reported its traffic for the year-to-date of 11.71Bil revenue passenger miles (RPM), up 4.7% from last year. Capacity increased 4.9% to 14.4Bil available seat miles (ASM). Passenger load factor declined 0.2 points to 81.3%, while revenue passengers grew 4.4% to 10.02MM.

$ALK {{ '2017-04-10T12:19:27+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK reported its traffic for the month of March 2017 of 4.37Bil revenue passenger miles (RPM), up 5.5% from 4.14Bil RPM last year. Capacity increased 5.7% to 5.12Bil available seat miles (ASM) from 4.84Bil ASM a year ago. Passenger load factor declined 0.2 points to 85.4% from 85.6%, while revenue passengers grew 5.4% to 3.74MM.

$ALK {{ '2017-03-23T12:59:39+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK announced that the combined company of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America will adopt Alaska's name and logo, retiring the Virgin America name likely sometime in 2019.

$ALK {{ '2017-03-10T14:19:17+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Virgin America, now part of $ALK, posted a 1.3% rise in revenue passengers to 0.55MM in Feb 2017. Total revenue passenger miles (RPM) rose 2.6% to 825MM, while available seat miles (ASM) hiked 3.4% to 1.05Bil. Passenger load factor fell 0.7 points to 78.3%.

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For Alaska operations, $ALK reported a 3% rise in revenue passengers to 1.79MM in Feb 2017. Total RPM inched 1.5% to 2.42Bil, while ASM improved 0.6% to 2.97Bil. Passenger load factor rose 0.7 points to 81.4%.

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$ALK posted a 1.7% hike in both revenue passengers and revenue passenger miles (RPM), along with a 1.2% rise in available seat miles (ASM) in Feb 2017. RPM was 3.03Bil, while ASM was 4.37Bil for the month. Passenger load factor inched 0.3 points up to 80.4%.

$ALK {{ '2017-02-16T16:26:52+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK said Jennifer Thompson will succeed Shannon Alberts, managing director of corporate affairs and corporate secretary, who announced plans to retire this summer. Sana Gebarin was named managing director of strategy and project management at Horizon Air.

$ALK {{ '2017-02-16T16:25:44+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$ALK's BoD appointed Charu Jain as VP and CIO of Alaska Airlines and Chris Berry as VP of finance and controller of Alaska Airlines and $ALK. Jennifer Thompson was named managing director commercial law, associate general counsel and assistant corporate secretary at Alaska Airlines.

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