$CTSH (Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation)

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$CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Earnings Infographic: Q2 2016 Highlights

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$CTSH is advancing to the next stage of its previously announced $3.4Bil capital return program. The outsourcing giant enters into an agreement with Barclays Bank to repurchase an aggregate of $300MM (approx. 3.58MM shares) of Cognizant’s Class A common stock. The anticipated $1.2Bil share repurchase will end in 2018.

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Talking about the financial services segment, which is enfeebled by the large money center banks’ conservative approach to spending, $CTSH said it is experiencing strong growth from insurance clients and double-digit growth from regional banks in 3Q17.  $CTSH added that digital revenue as a percent of total revenue was about 26% during the quarter.

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IT major $CTSH posted stronger results for 3Q17, as the company’s shift towards digital services and solutions continues to pay off.  Net profit rose 11% YoY to $495MM. Amid tough global outsourcing environment and fragile outlook from competitors, $CTSH raised its lower-end of 2017 revenue guidance and now it targets revenue to be $14.78-14.84Bil.

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$CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. Earnings Infographic: Q3 2017 Highlights

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Diversified technology firm $HIL has entered into a partnership with professional services firm $CTSH to revitalize its e-commerce capabilities. As per the deal, Cognizant will develop an e-commerce platform to provide Hills’ customers real-time self-service capabilities including customer statements, online payments and delivery information.

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Professional services company $CTSH said it completed its acquisition of TMG Health, a provider of solutions for the government’s health programs. The addition of TMG, which will be integrated into Cognizant’s healthcare technology division, is expected to enhance the company’s capabilities in healthcare technology and operations.

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$CTSH said headcount came down a little faster than expected and utilization came up a little bit faster than expected, so the company believes that was positive as it gets into the 2H17. And the company would not expect headcount to decline from here.

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While overall head count fell by about 4,400, $CTSH's gross hires were 10,800 in 2Q17. Annualized attrition of 23.6% during 2Q17, including BPO and trainees, up from 17.1% last year. While carefully managing head count, $CTSH will continue to hire and invest in critical skills, and expects attrition to decline in the coming months.

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As continuing to invest in the business for growth, $CTSH expects 2017 non-GAAP operating margin to be at least 19.5%. As 2Q17 results confirm, $CTSH continues to grow its business while shifting an increasing focus to enabling digital transformation. The company expects transformation mandate to drive its success for years to come.

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$CTSH Cognizant Technology Solutions Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q2 2017 Highlights

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$CTSH's BoD declared its quarterly cash dividend of $0.15 per share on its class A common stock. The dividend is payable on Aug. 31, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on Aug. 22, 2017.

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$CTSH expects 3Q17 revenue of $3.73-3.78Bil, and non-GAAP EPS of at least $0.94. For the full year 2017, the company narrowed its revenue outlook to $14.70-14.84Bil from $14.56-14.84Bil. $CTSH lifted full-year 2017 non-GAAP EPS guidance to at least $3.67 from at least $3.64.

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Cashing-in on enterprise digitalization, $CTSH reported a jump in 2Q17 earnings driven by higher revenue as well as lower provision for income taxes. Net income climbed to $470MM or $0.80 per share from $252MM or $0.41 per share last year. Revenue grew 8.9% to $3.67Bil. Non-GAAP EPS increased to $0.93 from $0.87.

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$CTSH has announced Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) capabilities, in collaboration with TransCelerate BioPharma , that make it easier for clinical trial researchers to access, share and analyze data. SIP, a cloud-based platform to support common research and clinical trials, reduces the complexity of clinical development and improves efficiency.

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$CTSH agreed to buyHealth Care Service Corporation's (HCSC) subsidiary TMG Health.   The transaction is expected to close in 3Q17. TMG Health's healthcare business and technology professionals will become employees of $CTSH upon the close of the transaction.

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$CTSH agreed to buy Health Care Service Corp.'s (HCSC) subsidiary TMG Health. As part of expansion of $CTSH's strategic relationship with HCSC, TMG Health will enter into new, expanded multi-year service agreement to continue providing information technology, business process and other services to HCSC's various operating units and subsidiaries.

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$CTSH announced the expansion of its Latin American operations with the opening of a new center in Sao Paulo, Brazil to support increasing demand for the company's digital business, operations and systems and technology services.

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$CTSH said the agreement will enable $CTSH to further expand its presence in Europe, including France, where it has created over 800 new jobs over for the past eight years along with the establishment of delivery and operations centers in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.

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Dexia and $CTSH signed a Letter of Intent for Future Collaboration on Information Technology and Business Process Services. $CTSH will enable Dexia to digitally transform its operations at enterprise scale by simplifying, modernising, optimising and further securing Dexia's technology infrastructure.

$CTSH {{ '2017-05-17T12:42:43+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

European banking group Dexia and $CTSH signed a Letter of Intent relating to exclusive discussions regarding a long-term agreement for $CTSH to become Dexia's strategic provider of information technology and business process services for capital markets and credit operations in France and Belgium.

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