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$BBRY generated positive cash flow of $100MM and positive EBITDA of $68MM in 2Q16. This was a seventh consecutive quarter of positive EBITDA. $BBRY's total cash increased to $3.35Bil from $3.32Bil in the last quarter, an increase of $37MM over 1Q16 after using $47MM on share repurchases.

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In the next year or two, $BBRY anticipates growth in sales and marketing more than the growth in R&D. The company plans to be more aggressive in marketing by doing traditional advertising, running developer conferences and security conferences, and meeting customers.

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$BBRY launched two smartphones (BlackBerry Aurora and BlackBerry KEYone) in 1Q18. KEYone was launched in UK, Germany and North America at the end of 1Q18. BlackBerry added that the initial receptivity and demand for KEYone has been quite good. Aurora device has been rolled out to 655 retail locations in Indonesia.

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Later in 2017, $BBRY plans to bring the vehicle management portal to provide cyber-security solution for automobiles. This will target a large and growing automotive technology service market. Initially, the solution would be provided to OEMs, and then BlackBerry plans to expand the distribution through a subscription based recurring revenue model.

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In 1Q18, $BBRY processed over 3,000 enterprise customer orders compared to over 3,500 orders in 4Q17. The company launched BlackBerry SHIELD, an assessment tool for cyber-security risk management and partnered with insurance company Allied World to make the tools available to their cyber insurance policyholders.

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Revenue from North America region, which accounted for 54% of $BBRY's total revenue in 1Q18, dropped 28% YoY to $127MM. Revenue from EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions also dropped 58%, 60% and 28% , respectively in the first quarter of 2018.

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$BBRY, which reported non-GAAP profitability for the third consecutive quarter in 1Q18, said that it secured key design wins in high growth segments of automotive technology. $BBRY, once a market leader in smartphone companies, added that its ecosystem is growing with $QCOM and $NVDA adopting BlackBerry technology for their automotive platforms.

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As $BBRY reported 1Q18 results, CEO John Chen stated "Our outlook for fiscal 2018 is unchanged. We expect growth at or above the overall market in software and services. We also expect to be profitable on a non-GAAP basis and to generate positive free cash flow for the full year, excluding the benefit of the Qualcomm arbitration award."

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Canadian smartphone company $BBRY swung to profit in 1Q18 despite a revenue drop. GAAP net income was $671MM or $1.23 per share, helped by an expense recovery of $815MM. BlackBerry reported a loss of $670MM or $1.28 per share in the prior year. Revenue plummeted 41% to $235MM in the recently ended quarter, while non-GAAP EPS stood at $0.02.

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$BBRY said it stopped the design of hardware, antennas and keyboards and this was a primary driver of the decrease in R&D expense.  The company also consolidated some locations and has been using some overseas locations. The combination of these factors drove down the costs as a percentage spend on revenue.

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$BBRY's device revenue was $55MM in 4Q17, representing 19% of revenue. Total SAF revenue was $49MM, representing 16% of revenue. SAF revenue was down 26% QoQ. The company continues to model a sequential decline in SAF revenue of roughly 25% for 1Q18. All of $BBRY’s business segments were profitable on an operating basis in 4Q17.

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In 4Q17, $BBRY entered into a long-term software licensing agreement with Optiemus Infracom Ltd  to design, manufacture, sell and support BlackBerry-branded mobile devices in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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In 4Q17, $BBRY’s total software and services revenue totaled $182MM. The company’s licensing programs are seeing good traction. In enterprise, $BBRY saw good win rates and had a strong billing quarter. $BBRY processed 3,532 customer orders in 4Q17, up 16% from 3Q17.

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As $BBRY posted its 4Q17 results, CEO John Chen said, "looking ahead to fiscal 2018, we expect to grow at or above the overall market in our software business. We also expect to be profitable on a non-GAAP basis and to generate positive free cash flow for the full year."

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$BBRY, which was once known for its iconic enterprise-friendly phones, recorded inventory write-down charges of $4MM, during 4Q17. Blackberry also incurred charges related to its resource alignment program of about $25MM.

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Former smartphone icon $BBRY posted an improvement in 4Q17 results, as net loss shrunk to $47MM from $238MM a year ago. Diluted loss per share was $0.10, from $0.45, as total GAAP revenue slid 38.4% to $286MM. At quarter-end, total cash balance rose $89MM to $1.7Bil.

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$BBRY expects approx. breakeven free cash flow in 4Q17 and maintains positive EBITDA for FY17. Non-GAAP EPS is expected to come in at breakeven in 4Q17, assuming investment in the Gulf area and Service Access Fees revenue is expected to decline slightly.

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$BBRY's Software and Services segment revenue was $164MM, representing 55% of total revenue. Mobility Solutions revenue was $70MM, representing 23% of total revenue. Service Access Fees (SAF) decreased 26% to 67MM, representing 22% of total revenue.

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