$VMC (Vulcan Materials Company)

$VMC {{ '2015-10-15T18:14:39+0000' | timeago}} • SEC

In June 2015, $VMC cancelled its secured $500MM line of credit and entered into an unsecured $750MM line of credit that expires in June 2020. $VMC expects to use the line of credit to refinance at maturity the $150MM note (10.125% notes) due Dec. 2015.

$VMC {{ '2018-01-02T12:12:38+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC, a leading producer of construction materials, has closed the acquisition of Aggregates USA. Pursuant to the transaction, Vulcan will integrate the workforce and operations of Aggregates into it. The acquired assets comprise three granite quarries in Georgia and 16 rail distribution yards in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

$VMC {{ '2017-12-22T20:26:33+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC reached an agreement with the DoJ that will allow it to complete its acquisition of Aggregates USA, LLC. $VMC will divest Aggregates USA's Tennessee assets and an aggregates quarry in Abingdon, Virginia to Blue Water Industries LLC for $290MM. The Blue Water transaction and the Aggregates USA acquisition are expected to close on Dec. 29, 2017.

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$VMC Vulcan Materials Company Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 Highlights

$VMC {{ '2017-10-16T13:35:29+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC elected Kathleen Quirk to its BoD, effective immediately. Quirk will serve on the Audit and Finance Committees.  She currently serves as CFO of Freeport-McMoRan Inc., an international mining company.

$VMC {{ '2017-09-29T17:15:20+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC said Polaris Materials Corporation has terminated its previous agreement to be acquired by $VMC. Polaris said it terminated the agreement because its BoD has accepted a superior proposal. Under the terms of its agreement with Polaris, $VMC has received a CAD10MM termination fee from Polaris.

$VMC {{ '2017-08-28T11:22:13+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC, a manufacturer of construction materials, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire logistics company $PLS. The transaction is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of 2017. The acquisition will be subject to customary closing conditions, including approval by Polaris shareholders and the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

$VMC {{ '2017-07-14T20:48:34+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

The BoD of $VMC declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.25 per share on its common stock, payable on September 8, 2017, to shareholders of record on August 23, 2017.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-25T13:11:50+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC agreed with SPO Partners to buy its aggregates business, Aggregates USA LLC for $900MM in cash. Aggregates USA operates 31 facilities serving high growth markets in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia. $VMC expects the transaction to be accretive to its EPS in the first year following the close.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-12T21:28:44+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

The Board of Directors of $VMC declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.25 per share on its common stock, payable on June 9, 2017, to shareholders of record on May 24, 2017.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-10T16:10:09+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$VMC said that on aggregates pricing, it saw price increases happen in Jan. 2017 and had some more increases in April 1, 2017 compared to a year ago. On bid work, $VMC stated that it will bid projects throughout the year and those prices will continue to rise as the year progresses.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-10T15:51:03+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

With regards to asphalt acquisitions as part of $VMC's longer term strategy, the company said it's not about vertical integration but it's about looking at the strategic position in individual markets. $VMC has the leading position in aggregates in Tennessee and is looking forward to pave more roads in the city.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-10T12:54:25+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

For 2017, $VMC expects strong year-over-year growth in earnings. The company estimates adjusted EBITDA to be $1.125-1.225Bil, driven by a continuing recovery in shipments as well as the higher levels of publicly funded construction activities.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-10T12:51:17+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

During 1Q17, $VMC's revenue grew 4% to $787MM compared to the same period last year. Revenue from Aggregates, the largest segment of the company, inched up 2.4% to $650.4MM from a year ago. Revenue from Asphalt Mix and Concrete segments increased 7.5% and 26% to $95.8MM and $88.8MM, respectively.

$VMC {{ '2017-05-10T12:41:25+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Construction materials supplier $VMC reported a 12% increase in 1Q17 profit. The growth was driven by price increase in Aggregates segment and continuing recovery in construction materials demand, and strong profitability in its Concrete and Asphalt segments. Net earnings were $44.9MM or $0.34 per share versus $40.1MM or $0.30 per share in 1Q16.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-13T11:50:59+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC's BoD declared a quarterly cash dividend of 25 cents per share on its common stock. The dividend will be payable on March 10, 2017, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Feb. 24, 2017.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-10T20:04:11+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC announced that it has elected David P. Steiner to its BoD, effective immediately. Steiner will serve on $VMC's Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee and the Governance Committee. $VMC also announced that Elaine Chao has stepped down from the Board after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-07T19:58:28+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$VMC stated that for its asphalt, concrete and calcium segments, the company expects gross profit growth fo approx. 15% in total in 2017, driven mainly by volume recovery and improving material margins in concrete. Additionally, operating and maintenance CapEx for 2017 is expected to be about $300MM.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-07T19:44:22+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$VMC said the company expects volume growth in Texas in 2017, while California continuing to lag expectations. The company also expects it Illinois business to hold steady in 2017.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-07T13:32:27+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

For 2017, $VMC expects adjusted EBITDA of $1.125-1.225Bil. $VMC expects aggregates shipments growth of 5-8% from 2016. Freight-adjusted aggregates price increase is expected to be 5-7%. Asphalt, Concrete and Calcium gross profit growth is expected to be approx. 15%. $VMC expects SAG expenses of about $320MM, 2% higher than the prior year.

$VMC {{ '2017-02-07T13:31:17+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$VMC expects core capital spending of approx. $300MM in 2017. Interest expense is expected to be approx. $140MM. Depreciation, depletion, accretion and amortization expense is expected to be approx. $300MM. Effective tax rate is expected to be 28%.

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