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$URBN 2Q16 PR: As of July 31, 2015, total inventories increased by $22MM, or 6%, on a YoverY basis. The growth in total inventories is primarily related to the acquisition of inventory to stock new and non-comparable stores. Comparable Retail segment inventories decreased 2% at cost while decreasing 7% in units.

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$URBN anticipates inventory to be in line with sales within 100BP or so for each of its brands and for the company going forward. Total inventory was flat which was in line with sales and total retail segment comp inventory was also in line with sales during 1Q18. The company expects these ranges to stay consistent going forward.

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$URBN plans to open 19 new stores during FY18 while closing 8 stores due to lease expirations. Urban Outfitters plans to open one new store in North America while closing two stores and plans to open three new stores in Europe. Free People is planning on opening 10 new stores and closing 3 stores in North America.

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During 1Q18, $URBN opened seven new locations including four Free People stores, one Urban Outfitters store, one Anthropologie Group store and one Food and Beverage restaurant. The company also closed four locations including one Free People, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie store each and one Food and Beverage location.

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In 1Q18, within $URBN’s Retail segment comp, the direct-to-consumer channel outperformed stores posting a double-digit sales increase. Negative comp store sales resulted from average unit selling price and decreased transactions while units per transaction were up. Retail segment comp rate grew by 2% at Free People while Anthropologie fell 4%.

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$URBN Urban Outfitters Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2018 highlights

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As of April 30, 2017, total inventory for $URBN was $359MM, flat on a year-over-year basis. Urban Outfitters’ effective tax rate for 1Q18 was 44.1% vs. 39.6%, a rise due to the ratio of foreign taxable losses to global taxable profits and the prospective adoption of new accounting standards. Gross profit rate fell 284 basis points in the quarter.

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With 1Q18 net sales slipping to $761.2MM from $762.6MM, the retail slump hit $URBN's net income as it slid 60% to $11.9MM. Earnings fell to $0.10 per share from last year's $0.25 a share, with comparable retail net sales going down 3.1% for Urban Outfitters segment and falling 4.4% at the Anthropologie Group.

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$URBN announced store leadership changes. This new organization will help each brand become more efficient, while continuing to provide customers with compelling shopping experiences.$URBN estimate total one-time costs related to this project to be about $8MM incurred over 1Q18 and 2Q18 and total future annualized savings to be about $25MM.

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$URBN's total comparable sales were flat for 4Q17. The Urban Outfitters brand reported plus 2% comp with the North American and European groups reporting positive comps. The Anthropologie Group brand comparable sales fell by 3%. The Free People brand delivered a 1% positive retail segment comp in the holiday quarter.

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$URBN is planning on opening 19 new stores during FY18 while closing 7 stores due to lease expirations. The company is planning on opening one new store in North America while closing two stores, and is planning on opening three new stores in Europe.

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$URBN Urban Outfitters Earnings AlphaGraph: Q4 2017 Highlights

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During FY17, $URBN opened a total of 29 new stores including 15 Free People stores, 10 Anthropologie Group stores and 4 Urban Outfitters stores and closed 7 stores including 3 Anthropologie Group stores, 2 Free People stores and 2 Urban Outfitters stores. $URBN also opened 2 net new restaurants and acquired 6 Vetri Family restaurants.

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$URBN reported a decline in 4Q17 earnings. Net income was $64MM or $0.55 per share compared to $72MM or $0.61 per share in 4Q16. Total company net sales increased 2% to $1.03Bil compared to last year.

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$URBN reported 4Q17 net slaes of $1.03Bil, up 2% compared to the same quarter last year. Comparable Retail segment net sales, which include our comparable direct-to-consumer channel, were flat.

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$URBN expects to open a total of approx. 23 net new stores, excluding Food and Beverage division. FY17 CapEx is expected to be at approx. $160MM, driven by new relocated and expanded stores, and completion of new east cost fulfillment center.

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$URBN's Free People brand grew revenues by 60%, driven from hotel business segment delivering 30% growth. The company launched a new web platform for direct-to-consumer channel in 1Q17 and started to see the benefits.

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$URBN's total inventory increased by $12MM, or 3% to $454MM, driven by an increase in non-comparable inventory to support new and expanded stores. Comparable Retail segment inventory grew 1% at cost.

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$URBN expects 4 net new stores for 4Q16, including 1 new Urban Outfitters store in North America, 1 new Anthropologie store in UK and 4 new Free People store. The company expects to close 2 Anthropologie stores in North America and 1 Free People store due to lease expiration.

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$URBN's Wholesale segment net sales grew 30%, benefited from about $9MM of shipments moving out of 3Q16 into 4Q16 due to delays at recently opened east coast fulfillment center.

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$URBN Urban Outfitters Earnings AlphaGraph: Q3 2017 Highlights.

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