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$PCLN, provider of online travel and related services, posted higher 1Q16 results, helped by growth in room night reservations and higher revenue. $PCLN said net income rose 12.32% to $374.42MM, or $7.47 per share compared to $333.33MM, or $6.36 per share a year ago. Revenue rose 16.7% to $2.14Bil. Excluding items, $PCLN earned $10.54 per share.

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$PCLN believes it will not face any significant impact from any form of travel restrictions as it is a global company. $PCLN has not seen any material impact from political events in the US. The broad macro environment is strong but the current trend for 2Q17 is a bit clouded due to the shift in timing of Easter.

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$PCLN sees opportunities to invest in brand advertising which would be beneficial in the long-term. There are Opex investments which have paid off. The company will try to make smart investments for the future and manage expenses closely. $PCLN believes it will be able to make the necessary investments without margin pressures.

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$PCLN said its approach to 2Q17 guidance has not changed. There is volatility in the early part of the quarter because of the shift of Easter which causes some difficulty. The market remains healthy and occupancy and ADRs remain strong. The seasonal impact has negatively impacted growth for 2Q17. $PCLN expects more ROI pressure in 2Q17.

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$PCLN The Priceline Group Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q1 2017 highlights

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For 2Q17, $PCLN sees a y-o-y growth of 16-21% in room nights booked and 12-17% in total gross travel bookings. Gross profit is touted to rise by 14-19%, generating a net income of $12.55-13.55 per diluted share.

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In 1Q17, $PCLN sold 2.1% fewer airline tickets at 1.8MM. Room nights booked jumped 27.4% to 173.9MM units. Gross profit soared 16% to $2.3Bil. Non-GAAP net income rose 7% to $494MM or $9.88 per diluted share for the quarter.

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Total revenues of $PCLN rose 12.6% to $2.4Bil in 1Q17, as the Booking.com owner posted a 22% jump in net income to $456MM from last year's $374MM. Earnings went up to $9.11 per diluted share from $7.47 a share, with total gross bookings soaring 24.2% to $20.7Bil in the quarter.

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The Board of Directors of $PCLN has named Robert J. Mylod, Jr., Managing Partner of Annox Capital Management, as $PCLN’s newest Director, effective May 15, 2017.

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$PCLN believes that over the next decade China will continue to be one of the largest opportunities for travel growth in terms of increasing market share for the company. $PCLN also sees opportunities to increase domestic market share in the US.

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$PCLN is pleased with the top line strength in its forecast. There is some pressure on the bottom line in 1Q17 where the company gets the gross bookings and incurs the advertising expense but a significant portion is going to check out in 2Q17 and 3Q17 and beyond when travel occurs. $PCLN expects the gross bookings to turn into gross profits.

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$PCLN's rental car day growth accelerated to 14% in 4Q16 compared to 13% in 3Q16. Average daily rates for accomodations were down slightly versus prior year on a constant currency basis. $PCLN’s international operations generated gross profit of $2Bil, up 23% versus 4Q15. Gross profit for US operations were $293MM, up 9% versus 4Q15.

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$PCLN's Booking.com brand executed another strong year in 2016 with accelerating room nights and gross bookings growth. Booking.com added over 289,000 properties over the last year, an increase of 33%. The KAYAK brand posted good top line and bottom line growth in 2016. KAYAK expanded into APAC and Latin America in 2016.

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$PCLN The Priceline Group Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2016 Highlights

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For 1Q17, $PCLN expects net income per diluted share to be in the range of $7.50-7.90 and adjusted net income per diluted share is expected to be in the range of $8.25-8.65. Gross profit growth for 1Q17 is expected in the range of 9.5-14.5%, while gross profit on a constant currency is expected in the range of 11-16%.

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$PCLN's 4Q16 gross travel bookings, referred to as the total dollar value, generally inclusive of all taxes and fees of all travel services purchased by its customers, net of cancellations, were $15.1Bil, up 26% YoY and up about 28% on a constant currency basis. The company's gross profit increased 21% to $2.3Bil for the quarter vs. a year ago.

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$PCLN, a provider of online travel and related services, reported higher 4Q16 earnings, helped by increased growth in hotel room nights booked and higher revenue. Net income rose 33.64% to $673.90MM, or $13.47 per share from $504.27MM, or $10.00 per share a year ago. Revenue rose 17.42% to $2.34Bil. Excluding items, $PCLN earned $14.21 per share.

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$PCLN agreed to buy the Momondo Group in a cash transaction whereby $PCLN will buy all outstanding shares of the company for a price of $550MM. The deal is expected to close later in the year. The Momondo Group, currently a portfolio company of Great Hill Partners, will report into KAYAK CEO Steve Hafner after the acquisition.

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$PCLN named Glenn Fogel, company's current Head of Strategy and EVP of Corporate Development, as CEO of the company, effective Jan. 1, 2017. Current Interim CEO and non-Executive Chairman of the Board Jeff Boyd will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the BoD.

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$PCLN said it appointed Brett Keller as Chief Executive Officer of priceline.com, a subsidiary of the company, effective immediately.

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$PCLN has had a consistent goal of building its direct business. Booking.com is its largest business, which is active and effective in advertising and paid channels. The relationship between direct share and paid share is driven by a couple of things including the success of building direct business through brand advertising and mobile channels.

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