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$AMT 2Q15 PR: Net Leverage Ratio was approx. 5.2x net debt to annualized adjusted EBITDA. As of June 30, 2015, AMT had approx. $2.8Bil of total liquidity, comprised of the ability to borrow up to an aggregate of approx. $2.5Bil under its revolving credit facilities, net of outstanding LOC, & approx. $0.3Bil in cash and cash equivalents.

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$AMT said it looks at each investment opportunity uniquely and in terms of how it impacts the business overall. In the first six months, $AMT took a balanced approach in terms of buying back shares as well as deals done in the marketplace. The company will continue to assess the value opportunity for both available assets and stock buybacks.

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$AMT expects strong organic growth in 2017 in both the US and international businesses, with consolidated organic tenant billings growth in the 7-8% range, supported by global scale and diversification. $AMT is maintaining its outlook for US organic tenant billings growth of over 6% for the year.

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$AMT's consolidated property revenue grew by nearly 15% in 2Q17 including tenant billings growth of about 12% and organic tenant billings growth of around 8%. US property segment revenue growth was 8.1% including organic tenant billings growth of 6.2%. Consolidated organic tenant billings growth was nearly 8% in 2Q17.

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For FY17, $AMT expects total property revenue to be $6.48-6.58Bil, with a midpoint growth rate of 14.3%. Net income was $1.35-1.40Bil with a midpoint growth rate of 42.2%. Consolidated AFFO is expected to be $2.83-2.88Bil, with a midpoint growth rate of 14.8%.

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$AMT reported net income of $344MM in 2Q17, up 114% compared to 2Q16. Diluted EPS grew 116.2% to $0.80 per share. Total revenue increased 15.3% to $1.66Bil versus last year. AFFO attributable to common stockholders rose 19.4% to $681MM and AFFO per share grew 18.8% to $1.58 during 2Q17.

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During 1Q17, $AMT resumed its stock repurchase program and repurchased approx 1.9MM shares of its common stock for approx $225MM. Subsequent to the end of 1Q17, $AMT repurchased about 1.7MM additional shares of its common stock pursuant to the program, for approx $213MM.

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For FY17, $AMT raised its outlook for property revenue, net income, adjusted EBITDA and adjusted FFO. It now expects property revenue between $6.41Bil and $6.59Bil, and net income in the range of $1.30-1.38Bil. While adjusted EBITDA is expected between $3.98Bil and $4.08Bil,  adjusted FFO is predicted to be in the range of $2.76-2.85Bil.

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$AMT posted 25.4% increase in 1Q17 revenue to $1.61Bil, helped by 25% growth in property revenue. Net income rose to $289.3MM, or $0.67 per share, compared to $248.3MM, or $0.58 per share in 1Q16. Adjusted EBITDA increased 19.8% to $998MM and Adjusted FFO rose 19.7% to $721MM.

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$AMT projects CapEx for 2017 to be $850MM at the midpoint. The company expects to build around 3,000 sites during 2017, primarily in international markets. The company said it will build around 1,000 site more than 2016, and expects new site construction to accelerate compared to the prior year across nearly all of its international markets.

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For 2017, $AMT expects organic Tenant Billings on a dollar basis to increase by more than 15%, resulting in re-acceleration of U.S. organic Tenant Billings growth rate to approx. 6%. In international market, the company projects organic Tenant Billings growth of around 10% for 2017.

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$AMT's international organic Tenant Billings growth more than doubled than U.S. in 4Q16, coming in at about 13.5%. This was the seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit international organic Tenant Billings growth, supported by significant network spending by tenants across portfolio, said the company.

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For 2017, $AMT expects revenue to be $6.21-6.39Bil, representing a midpoint growth of 10.3%. Net income is expected to be $1.175-1.245Bil and consolidated AFFO is expected to be $2.7-2.8Bil. The company believes that increases in smartphone penetration and monthly data consumption will in turn result in continued network investment in 2017.

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$AMT's net income was up by 5.1% to $233MM or $0.47 in 4Q16 compared with $222MM or $0.48 per share in the prior year quarter. Revenue rose 20.3% to $1.54Bil. Consolidated AFFO per share grew 19.7% to $1.52.

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$AMT formed a strategic joint venture with PGGM in Europe. This JV will help the company to explore, evaluate, and potentially invest in new market opportunities in Europe. At closing, $AMT will contribute its German assets into ATC Europe, and PGGM will acquire a 49% interest in this entity. $AMT will retain operational control of the business.

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For 2016, $AMT expects slightly lower tenant billings growth in India compared to the prior outlook. Indian carriers are temporarily pausing some of their activities and they are waiting for the recent spectrum auction to conclude.

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$AMT reported that demand trends in the U.S. remain steady with carriers actively spending to augment their 4G networks. The company expects geographic tenant and technological diversification built into its business model will continue to drive strong growth rate internationally. Since 3Q15, $AMT added nearly 46,000 sites.

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$AMT lifted its net income and property revenue outlook for 2016. Net income is now expected to be $0.995-1.025Bil compared to the previous range of $0.965-1.025Bil. Property revenue is expected to be $5.685-5.735Bil compared to the previous range of $5.615-5.705Bil. Consolidated adjusted funds from operations is expected to be $2.455-2.485Bil.

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$AMT's revenue in 3Q16 rose 22.4% to $1.515Bil compared to a year ago, helped by increased investment by wireless carriers. Property revenue rose 23.5% to $1.498Bil. Consolidated AFFO (Adjusted Funds from Operations) increased 14.9% to $641MM or $1.49 per share.

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