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$HD 2Q15 Q&A: Seth Sigman from Credit Suisse asked about financial parameters related to Interline deal? Carol said included in growth guidance was about $750MM of sales related to Interline in back half of year & operating profit of $50MM. We are not buying for synergies, it's really about the opportunity to better serve our customers.

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$HD stated that with regards to inventory on an unrounded basis, inventory turns were slightly better than a year ago for 1Q17. Additionally, for FY17, the company is expecting inventory turns to be up YoY.

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$HD said it saw sales and earnings better than planned for 1Q17. Going forward, the company is seeing housing to be a growing asset class and sales for the company in May have been impressive. However, the company does anticipate some foreign exchange pressure for the rest of the year.

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$HD's 1Q17 online traffic growth was robust and online sales grew about 23%. Comps for US stores were positive 6% for 1Q17, with positive comps of 6.3% in Feb., 4.6% in March and 6.8% in April. In 1Q17, the company repurchased $1.25Bil of outstanding stock and intends to repurchase about $3.75Bil of outstanding stock for the remaining of 2017.

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$HD reaffirmed its FY17 sales growth guidance. It expects both sales and comp sales to be up approx 4.6%. $HD also raised its EPS growth guidance, which is now predicted to be up 11% from FY16 to $7.15.

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Home improvement retailer $HD reported sales of $23.9Bil for 1Q17, up 4.9% YoY, as comparable store sales grew 5.5%. Comp sales for US stores were up 6% during the quarter. Net earnings were $2Bil, or $1.67 per share, compared with $1.8Bil, or $1.44 per share during the same period last year.

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$HD expects the Interline business to grow faster than the company average in 2017. Interline is less than 2% of total sales. $HD believes Interline is a $50Bil market opportunity across multi-family, hospitality and institutional and the company owns about 5% of this market.

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$HD intends to lean into growth in lower margin rate categories like appliances as the company’s professional business continues to grow with categories in building materials. The GM is expected to decline approx. 15BP in 2017 and this is a 12BP decline compared to the trend seen over the past two years. $HD considers this trend to be flat.

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During 2016, $HD opened four new stores in Mexico, bringing the total store count to 2,278 and selling square footage to 237MM square feet. Total sales per square foot increased 5.5% to $391 in FY16. At the end of 4Q16, merchandise inventories were $12.5Bil.

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During 4Q16, $HD’s online business posted sales growth of approx. 19%. The company saw a balanced growth between transactions and average ticket. Total comp transactions increased 2.8% while comp average ticket grew by 2.9%. The average ticket increase was slightly impacted by commodity price inflation and foreign currency.

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In 4Q16, $HD saw broadbased growth across its store and geographies. All three of the company’s US divisions posted positive comps in 4Q16 as did all 19 US regions and top 40 markets. Internationally, both the Mexican and Canadian businesses posted positive comps in local currency.

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In 4Q16, $HD saw broadbased growth across its store and geographies. All three of the company’s US divisions posted positive comps in 4Q16 as did all 19 US regions and top 40 markets. Internationally, both the Mexican and Canadian businesses posted positive comps in local currency.

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$HD's BoD has authorized a $15.0Bil share repurchase program, replacing its previous authorization. Since 2002 and through Jan. 29, 2017, the company has returned more than $67Bil of cash to shareholders through repurchases, repurchasing about 1.3Bil shares.

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$HD said its targeted dividend dividend payout ratio will be increased from 50% to 55% of net earnings. The BoD declared a 29% increase in quarterly dividend to $0.89 per share, payable on March 23, 2017, to shareholders of record on March 9, 2017.

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$HD expects to open six new stores in FY17. The company predicts tax rate of about 36.3%, share repurchases of about $5Bil and capital spending of about $2Bil. $HD anticipates depreciation and amortization expense of about $2Bil and cash flow from the business of about $11.3Bil.

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$HD expects FY17 sales growth of about 4.6% and comparable store sales growth of about 4.6%. The company predicts EPS growth after anticipated share repurchases of about 10.5%, or $7.13 for FY17. $HD sees gross margin to decrease about 15 basis points and operating margin expansion of about 30 basis points.

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$HD reported a 18.6% growth in 4Q16 earnings on localized and innovative product selection, improved customer experience and productivity. Net income rose to $1.74Bil or $1.44 per share from $1.47Bil or $1.17 per share last year. Net sales grew 5.8% to $22.21Bil. Comparable store sales increased 5.8% and comp sales for U.S. stores grew 6.3%.

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$HD said that on competition in the appliances business, it is seeing more companies jumping into the business. $HD added that despite this, the company has a strong appliance business and is gaining share in it. Consequently, it is not seeing any impact from new entrants and doesn't expect any change to its go-to-market strategy on appliances.

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