$IDCC (InterDigital, Inc.)

$IDCC {{ '2015-12-15T10:42:29+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$IDCC announced convertibility window period prior to maturity of 2.5% senior convertible notes due 2016. The notes will be convertible on or after Dec. 15 until business day immediately preceding maturity date of Notes, which is March 15, 2016. Upon conversion, $IDCC will pay cash and deliver common shares and cash in lieu of fractional shares.

$RMBS {{ '2017-09-20T14:50:00+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$RMBS announced functional silicon of a double data rate (DDR) server DIMM (dual inline memory module) buffer chipset prototype for the next-generation DDR5 memory technology. The DDR5 memory will offer improved performance and power efficiency, providing double the bandwidth and density over DDR4.

$NTCT {{ '2017-09-19T18:31:10+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$NTCT announced the nGenius Business Analytics solution. The nGenius Business Analytics software enables service providers to quickly and efficiently analyze their network traffic to acquire intelligent and timely insights into their subscribers, services, networks, and applications. This helps in identifying new business opportunities.

$IDCC {{ '2017-09-15T11:22:42+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$IDCC BoD approved an increase in the company's quarterly cash dividend to $0.35 per share and increased its existing stock repurchase program by $100MM. The cash dividend will be payable on Oct. 25, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on Oct. 11, 2017.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-08T14:37:03+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$PAY said in terms of device connectivity, it had 301,000 connected devices as of the end of 3Q17. The company believes it will hit the 400,000 devices target and then continue to grow. At present, the backlog stands between 175,000 and 200,000 devices. $PAY sees expansion opportunities in this area.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-08T14:36:43+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$PAY is seeing a more stabilized trend across Latin America. The company is more diversified both on the geographic and business sides. $PAY is looking to expand its digital services in countries like Mexico where it has a gateway network so there will be more business in Mexico around payment-as-a-service.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-08T14:14:48+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

For 3Q17, in North America, $PAY delivered revenue of $153MM, down 3% sequentially. In Latin America, revenues were $71MM, up 29% YoY. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, revenues of $194MM were up 2% from the prior year and up 9% sequentially. In Asia, revenues of $49MM were down 35% sequentially and 4% YoY.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-08T14:14:32+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

During 3Q17, $PAY saw growth in its Engage and Carbon sales pipeline. The company is generating revenue in production with its Engage devices in seven countries. Looking at its pipeline into 4Q17, $PAY will generate Engage revenue in 15 countries including North America before FY17-end.

$XRX {{ '2017-09-08T11:00:33+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$XRX has priced $1Bil of its 3.625% senior unsecured notes due in 2023. Xerox intends to use the proceeds from the offering for general corporate purposes. The offering is expected to close on September 11, 2017. The company also lowered its FY17 cash flow outlook to the range of $200MM to $400MM from the earlier forecast of $700-$900MM.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-07T21:50:29+0000' | timeago}} • Infographic

$PAY VeriFone Systems Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphic: Q3 2017 Highlights

$PAY {{ '2017-09-07T20:31:44+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

For FY17, $PAY expects GAAP net revenues of approx. $1.864-1.867Bil and GAAP net loss per diluted share of approx. $1.36. Non-GAAP net revenues are expected to be approx. $1.867-1.870Bil and non-GAAP diluted EPS is expected to be $1.30.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-07T20:30:51+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

For 4Q17, $PAY expects GAAP and adjusted net revenues of approx. $470-473MM. GAAP diluted EPS is expected to be approx. $0.22 and adjusted diluted EPS is expected to be $0.43 in 4Q17.

$PAY {{ '2017-09-07T20:22:59+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$PAY reported a net loss of $71MM or $0.63 per share in 3Q17 compared to a net loss of $31.1MM or $0.28 per share in 3Q16. Adjusted diluted EPS was $0.36 per share in 3Q17. Net revenues dropped 4.3% to $467MM from last year.

$V {{ '2017-09-07T12:17:24+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$V named Charlotte Hogg as CEO for its European operations effective Oct 1, 2017. Hogg will report to Visa’s CEO, Al Kelly, and Visa Europe Limited Board Chairman, Gary Hoffman. Most recently, Hogg served as COO of Bank of England from which she resigned due to the criticism of failing to declare her brother's role at Barclays Bank.

$PANW {{ '2017-08-31T21:29:15+0000' | timeago}} • Infographic

$PANW Palo Alto Networks, Inc. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q4 2017 Highlights

$PANW {{ '2017-08-31T21:20:24+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$PANW said its chief financial officer Steffan Tomlinson intends to retire from his position. The company is initiating a search for his replacement. Steffan continues to remain in his current position until then to support the search for a new CFO and assist with the successor's transition.

$PANW {{ '2017-08-31T21:12:49+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$PANW expects its 1Q18 revenue to be in the range of $482-492MM, representing YoY growth of about 21-24%. Non-GAAP EPS is expected to be about $0.67-0.69. Revenues during FY18 is expected to be the range of $2.125-2.165Bil, with non-GAAP EPS of about $3.24-3.34.

$PANW {{ '2017-08-31T21:08:59+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Cybersecurity company $PANW reported 27% growth in its 4Q17 revenue to $509.1MM, helped by increase in new customer additions. Net loss widened to $38.2MM, or $0.42 per share, compared to $31.4MM, or $0.35 per share, for 4Q16. Excluding special items, $PANW earned $0.92 per share.

$XRX {{ '2017-08-28T15:27:51+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

TUI Total Solutions, Florida-based print solutions provider and $XRX channel partner, has inked equipment and services deals with racing industry titans International Speedway Corporation (ISC) and NASCAR. It will equip ISC and NASCAR with more than 60 of Xerox’s new generation of devices. Financial details are under wraps.

$WEX {{ '2017-08-23T13:32:56+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Corporate payment solutions provider $WEX has received a five-year blanket purchase agreement from the Department of Homeland Security to supply vehicle telematics products and services through an existing contract. The deal allows DHS fleet managers to purchase WEX Telematics solutions that would help maximize fleet efficiency and performance.

$IDCC {{ '2017-08-22T19:03:46+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Mobile technology company $IDCC said it expects 3Q17 revenues to be in the range of $90MM to $98MM, including recurring revenues of $83-$88MM. The outlook includes expected contributions to the period, including past sales, from the remaining portion of the patent transfer under the Huawei patent license agreement.

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