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$NTRS' provision for credit losses was $2MM in 1Q16, as compared to a credit provision of $4.5MM in 1Q15. Net charge-offs were $2.7MM, resulting from charge-offs of $5.3MM and recoveries of $2.6MM. Residential real estate loans and commercial loans accounted for 66% and 25%, respectively, of total nonperforming loans and leases at March 31, 2016.

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$NTRS Northern Trust Corp. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 Highlights

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Wealth management services provider $NTRS said Chairman and CEO Frederick Waddell will retire from his role as CEO on January 1, 2018. He will be succeeded by Michael O’Grady, who is currently holding the post of Northern Trust’s President. Waddell will continue to be the Chairman of the Board.

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$NTRS, a financial holding company providing banking solutions, reported an 11% growth in 3Q17 revenue, supported by favorable equity market conditions and new business. Profit advanced 16% annually to $298MM, and earnings per share rose 11% to $1.20. Both assets under custody and assets under management saw double digit growth during the quarter.

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$NTRS said it would expand its continental Europe offering, it has hired Herman Prummel as country head, the Netherlands. Prummel succeeds Wim van Ooijen who was recently appointed to lead $NTRS' business activities in Switzerland in addition to his existing role as head of Northern Trust's German office.

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$NTRS appointed Roberta Elaine Ruddy as VP, International Relationship Manager, for its San Diego, Calif. office. Ruddy will report to Richard Martinez, SVP, Team Leader of International Wealth Advisory Services in Houston, Texas.

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$NTRS, a provider of wealth management services, appointed Keishi Yamamoto as head of its asset management business in Japan. He replaced Hidehiro Nakayama who will be retiring later this year as President and Representative Director. Yamamoto will be reporting to John McCareins, Managing Director of the company’s Asia-Pacific operations.

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$NTRS completed the previously announced acquisition of UBS Asset Management's fund administration servicing units in Luxembourg and Switzerland. No financial details of this deal were given.

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$NTRS expects its actions taken in 2Q17 for profitability improvement to yield annual ongoing savings of about $18MM on full implementation. The company continues to expect the closing of the acquisition of UBS Asset Management's fund administration servicing units in Luxembourg and Switzerland to close before year end FY17.

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Riding on the crest of a strong growth in client assets wave, $NTRS' total assets under custody/administration at $9,294.2Bil spiked by 15% and total assets under management swelled by a robust 14% at $1,028.8Bil. The total revenue for the company was flat at $1,330.1MM for 2Q17 in comparison to $1,323.6MM in the same period last year.

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Backed by a rise in total fees and net interest income, $NTRS logged a net income of $267.9MM or diluted EPS of $1.12 in 2Q17 compared to $263MM or $1.10 in the prior-year quarter. Trust, investment and other servicing fees grew by 9% at $848.2MM and net interest income, on an FTE basis, shot up by 14% at $350.4MM in the quarter.

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$NTRS' total stockholders' equity averaged $9.8Bil, up 13% from last year's average of $8.7Bil. The increase was primarily attributable to the issuance of preferred stock and earnings, partially offset by dividend declarations and the repurchase of common stock pursuant to its share repurchase program.

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$NTRS' assets under custody/administration and assets under management ended 1Q17 up 13% and 11%, respectively, compared to a year ago, primarily driven by higher markets and its continued success in winning new business.

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$NTRS reported a 13% rise in 1Q17 earnings as strong growth in trust, investment and other servicing fees and net interest income drove revenue higher. Net income rose to $276.1MM or $1.09 per share from $245.4MM or $1.03 per share last year. Revenue grew 8% to $1.28Bil.

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In terms of improving operational efficiency, $NTRS said there is a pipeline of areas inside Enterprise Enablement operation where the company is looking at things like robotics artificial intelligence, and that pipeline will manifest during the course of 2017.

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For 2016, $NTRS produced $1.03Bil of net income, surpassing the $1Bil mark for the first time. The company returned $778MM to shareholders through dividends and stock repurchases in the year.

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$NTRS said assets under custody for Corporate & Institutional Services (C&IS) clients grew 11% YoverY to $6.2 trillion at 4Q16-end, primarily reflecting new business and favorable markets. C&IS assets under management were $694Bil, up 7% YoverY.

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$NTRS's total stockholders equity averaged $9.6Bil during 4Q16, up 11% from $8.7Bil during 4Q15. This increase was due to the issuance of preferred stock and earnings, partially offset by dividend declarations and the repurchase of common stock pursuant to its share repurchase program.

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$NTRS said the average earning assets during 4Q16 rose 3% to $109.04Bil, primarily due to  higher levels of securities. Earnings asset growth was funded primarily by a higher level of interest-bearing deposits and borrowed funds.

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During 4Q16, $NTRS's net interest income rose 11% to $329.3MM. The increase was primarily attributable to a higher net interest margin and an increase in earning assets. Net interest margin rose 1.20% from 1.11% during 4Q15. This was due to higher yields on earning assets, driven by lower premium amortization and higher short-term interest rates.

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Wealth management firm $NTRS reported a 11.3% growth in its 4Q16 earnings, helped by 7% rise in revenue. Net income during the quarter was $266.5MM, or $1.11 per share compared to $239.3MM,or $0.99 per share in 4Q15. Revenue rose 7% YoverY to $1.24Bil. Noninterest income during 4Q16 rose 6%.

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