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$SBUX said it continues to expect consolidated operating margin for FY16 to increase slightly related to FY15 on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis. On net new store additions, the company expects to add approx. 1,800 stores globally in FY16; 700 in Americas, 900 in CAP, and 200 in EMEA.

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While posting 3Q17 results, $SBUX CFO Scott Maw said, "...the combination of trends in the quarter and ongoing macro pressures impacting the retail and restaurant sectors has us a bit more cautious going into Q4." Starbucks also plans to close all 379 Teavana stores over the coming year, with the majority closing by Spring 2018.

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In 3Q17, U.S. comp store sales for $SBUX rose 5%, driven by a 5% increase in average tickets. Operating income inched 2% up to $1.0Bil in the quarter, while operating margin of 18.4% declined 110 basis points.

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$SBUX opened 575 net new stores globally in 3Q17, bringing total store count to 26,736 across 75 countries. Starbucks Rewards membership was up 8% year-over-year, to 13.3MM active members, while Mobile Payment increased to 30% of transactions in U.S. company-operated stores.

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Even as $SBUX' global comparable store sales rose 4% and consolidated net revenues grew 8% to $5.7Bil in 3Q17, the international coffee brewer's costs, taxes and other expenses pushed the net attributable income down 8% to $692MM or $0.47 per diluted share.

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$SBUX Starbucks Corp. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q3 2017 highlights

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With the JV takeover deal, $SBUX will assume 100% ownership of approximately 1,300 Starbucks stores in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, building on the Company’s ongoing investments in China. "We aim to grow from 2,800 to more than 5,000 stores by 2021,” said CEO Kevin Johnson.

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UPEC and PCSC will acquire $SBUX' 50% interest in President Starbucks Coffee Taiwan Limited (Taiwan JV) and assume 100% ownership of Starbucks operations in Taiwan for approximately $175MM. The Taiwan JV currently operates around 410 Starbucks stores in the country.

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$SBUX announces agreements to acquire the remaining 50% of its East China JV and divest its 50% interest in its Taiwan JV. East China JV will be bought from long-term JV partners, Uni-President Enterprises Corp and resident Chain Store Corp for $1.3Bil. The coffee brewer reaffirmed its commitment to operating 5,000 stores in Mainland China by 2021.

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$FCPT's BoD elected Charles Jemley as a director of the company, effective June 28, 2017. Jemley has also been appointed to the Audit Committee. As a result of such appointment, the Board now consists of six directors, five of whom are deemed independent directors. Charles Jemley is a SVP at $SBUX.

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$SBUX is in the process of making improvements in throughput and capacity in general. The company has good momentum specifically in relation to Mobile Order & Pay (MOP). $SBUX saw increased peak transactions in its busiest MOP stores and improved customer experience scores in 2Q17 which continued into April.

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$SBUX said the digital investments it is making in the US as a percentage of revenue will start to decline over the next few years. The company will continue to make investments but the rate of growth in these investments will start to decline and $SBUX will be able to lever it as revenue growth increases.

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$SBUX Starbucks Corp. Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights

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$SBUX declared a cash dividend of $0.25 per share, payable on May 26, 2017 to shareholders of record as of May 11, 2017.

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During 2Q17, $SBUX posted net revenues for the Americas segment of $3.7Bil, an increase of 8% over 2Q16. Net revenues for the China/Asia Pacific segment grew 13% to $768.9MM. Net revenues for the EMEA segment were $231.7MM, down 14%. Channel Development segment revenues were $461.3MM while All Other Segments revenue was $111.7MM.

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$SBUX reported a 13.5% increase in 2Q17 earnings. Net income was $652.8MM or $0.45 per share compared to $575MM or $0.39 per share in 2Q16. Diluted EPS grew 15.4% in 2Q17. Consolidated net revenues were $5.3Bil, up 6% from last year. Global comparable store sales increased 3%.

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$HOG appointed Troy Alstead and Allan Golston to its BoD, effective immediately. Alstead is retired from $SBUX where he most recently served as COO, and Golston is the president of the U.S. Program for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The appointment brings the total number of directors to 13. Their terms will expire at its 2017 annual meeting.

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$SBUX believes that the holiday season for the company was not significantly affected by the downturn in traffic. The company expects G&A growth rate to come down as it moves to the back half of the year.

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$SBUX estimates that commodities would be slightly favorable in 1H17 and slightly unfavorable in 2H17. For 2017, given the recent movement in currency exchange rates, the company expects an increased negative impact from foreign exchange. For 2Q17, $SBUX expects GAAP EPS to be $0.43-0.44 and non-GAAP EPS to be $0.44-0.45.

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$SBUX's Americas segment added about 250 net new stores in 1Q17 and now operates almost 16,000 stores. The company added approx. 300 net new stores in CAP (China, Asia-Pacific) in 1Q17 and now has 6,700 stores across 15 countries. $SBUX added that it remains on plan to have roughly 11,000 locations in CAP by 2021.

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$SBUX added 1.8MM Starbucks reward members in the US year-over-year and now has approx. 13MM active members on top of the growing 7.5MM active members in China and Asia-Pacific. The company has now over 2,600 stores in 125 cities in China and continues to open a new store every 15 hours.

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