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$CVX {{ '2016-07-29T16:09:22+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

Edward Westlake of Credit Suisse asks about CapEx and OpEx, where the new bottom of that cost structure could get to. $CVX said that right now the company is sitting at the mid-way part of the year, trending on $25Bil sort of range. The company believes that's where it could end, or possibly a bit lower than that.

User Nick Velez {{ '2017-01-19T00:03:36+0000' | timeago}}

Your favorite snack maker $MDLZ is selling its Vegemite brand to Bega Cheese. Don’t worry though, Oreo will stay, in fact the move was made to focus on Oreo and Cadbury. On a side note, tell your mate in Australia because Bega Cheese is a worth buy there now.

User Rowan Watts {{ '2017-01-18T23:48:44+0000' | timeago}}

We all know oil is the buzzword in recent times. But if you did not know $RRC has as much as 40% upside in this year, do take a look. Don’t let the recent news about increased US oil production scare you, the rally isn't over!

User Tony Lannie {{ '2017-01-18T23:23:50+0000' | timeago}}

Even the $ORCL Oracle Corporation that changed the face of database management still carries the legacy of racial discrimination. Not sure if this is the right place to say, but racial profiling accusations are growing dramatically in big companies!

User Rebecca Antao {{ '2017-01-18T22:23:42+0000' | timeago}}

Wham! $NFLX did not disappoint me! Stronger than expected results and an upbeat outlook and most importantly, the share price is up around 8% pre-market. What a time to be alive!

User Frankie Joe {{ '2017-01-18T21:51:24+0000' | timeago}}

Well that’s interesting! $T’s CEO Stephenson says he has no plans to sell CNN, but in reality they might just I guess, to win Trump’s favor.

$JBHT {{ '2017-01-19T13:17:06+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$JBHT's Integrated Capacity Solutions revenue for 4Q16 grew by 22% from last year, mostly due to a 38% jump in volume offset by a 12% decrease in revenue per load and freight mix changes driven by customer demand. Contractual volumes represent about 75% of the total load volume and 62% of total revenue in 4Q16.

$JBHT {{ '2017-01-19T13:15:23+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$JBHT's Dedicated Contract Services revenue for 4Q16 increased 8%. Productivity, defined as revenue per truck per week, rose about 5%. Productivity excluding fuel surcharges rose 3% on improved integration of assets between customer accounts, fewer unseated trucks, increased customer supply chain fluidity and customer rate increases.

$JBHT {{ '2017-01-19T13:14:16+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$JBHT's Intermodal total volumes for 4Q16 grew 5% YoverY. Eastern network loads were flat and transcontinental loads increased 9%. Revenue increased 3%, on volume growth of 5% and a 2% decrease in revenue per load. Revenue per load excluding fuel surcharges decreased about 2% compared to a year ago.

$JBHT {{ '2017-01-19T13:10:04+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$JBHT reported a rise in 4Q16 earnings driven by a one-time after tax benefit for a change in its paid time off policy and lower effective income tax rate. Net income rose to $117.56MM or $1.05 per share from $116.75MM or $1.01 per share last year. Revenue grew to $1.72Bil from $1.62Bil.

$IIIN {{ '2017-01-19T12:55:52+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$IIIN also expects to benefit from lower manufacturing costs through its ongoing process improvement initiatives and the cost reductions associated with the expansion of the company's Houston PC strand facility.