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$MAC {{ '2015-10-28T18:13:06+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

Demand from retailers larger than 10,000 square feet continues to be active with over 200,000 square feet leased during 3Q15. Some notable deals include H&M at Broadway Plaza, Nordstrom Rack at Fashionista Chicago and Uniqlo at Tyson Center. In 3Q15, $MAC converted 52,000 square feet from temporary to permanent tenants, a 109% rent increase.

User Mary Lidiya {{ '2017-02-21T12:36:56+0000' | timeago}}

Saudi Aramco is considering NY for IPO: WSJ report

User Nick Velez {{ '2017-02-17T20:27:54+0000' | timeago}}

The U.S. Treasury will be receiving $10 billion as dividends from the combined government-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This is a sign that a recovered housing market is allowing the once-ailing firms to subsidize federal government spending.

User Charles Elliston {{ '2017-02-17T20:10:49+0000' | timeago}}

$KHC made an offer of $143 billion for $UL but was rejected. Very, very, interesting! This would have been one huge acquisition.

User Tony Lannie {{ '2017-02-17T18:58:55+0000' | timeago}}

$CSCO shift from hardware to becoming a software behemoth seems to be working for the company so far. Stock has seen a steady rise since the change. But is it sustainable?

User Floyd Jenks {{ '2017-02-17T15:10:07+0000' | timeago}}

Heard about the next generation iPhone. Going by the reports, it is believed that $AAPL will release three iphones this year.

$ECL {{ '2017-02-21T14:13:58+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Cleaning, food-safety and pest-control services provider $ECL reported 75% increase in 4Q16 earnings, mainly due to increase in operating income. Net income rose to $366.3MM from $208.9MM during 4Q15. Diluted EPS rose 80% to $1.24 from $0.69 in 4Q15. Net sales fell 2% YoY to $3.35Bil. Excluding items, $ECL earned $1.25 per share.

$AON {{ '2017-02-21T14:13:49+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$AON announced two important strategic developments in its sub-Saharan Africa operations, reaffirming its positive outlook for business on the continent. Capitalworks is to acquire $AON's shareholding in 10 employee benefit, insurance and reinsurance brokerage operations.

$MDT {{ '2017-02-21T14:12:03+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$MDT expects its FY17 free cash flow to be in the range of $5-6Bil. The company added that if current exchange rates remain stable through FY18, $MDT expects FY18 revenue to be negatively affected by approx. $100-300MM. Considering this improvement, the company now expects the FX impact on FY18 EPS to be in the range of $0.05-0.15.

$MDT {{ '2017-02-21T14:06:44+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

$MDT said that the company expects FY17 revenue growth to be in the mid single digit range and EPS growth to be in double digits, both on a constant currency and constant weeks basis. Additionally, for 4Q17, the company expects revenue growth to be in the lower half of the mid single-digit range on a constant currency basis.

$CBRL {{ '2017-02-21T14:04:06+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$CBRL now projects 2017 operating margin of 10-10.5% compared to prior estimate of about 10%. The company still sees depreciation expense of $85-87MM, net interest expense of about $15MM, capital expenditures of about $125MM, and effective tax rate of about 32%. For 3Q17, $CBRL sees EPS of $1.75-1.85.