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$DLPH {{ '2016-03-02T19:34:28+0000' | timeago}} • SEC

As of December 31, 2015, $DLPH owned or leased 126 major manufacturing sites and 14 major technical centers. $DLPH has a presence in 44 countries. The company had four technical centers in North America, five in Europe, Middle East and Africa, four in Asia Pacific and one in South America.

User Ramesh Raju {{ '2016-10-27T10:38:07+0000' | timeago}}

Deutsche Bank posts Q3 net profit of 278 million euros.

User Vishnu Beri {{ '2016-10-27T01:52:28+0000' | timeago}}

Great results from $TSLA, however the question remains if Tesla can continue to scale up to produce the cars in the quantity it promises. Model 3 numbers need to be in multiples of what they are producing right now. Wish them the best, will keep an eye as I am still not convinced that they can scale easily.

User Michael Michael {{ '2016-10-26T23:46:35+0000' | timeago}}

Watching $TSLA Oct 28th $215 Calls for possible entry

User RC xNair {{ '2016-10-26T18:36:03+0000' | timeago}}

Chipotle stock is crashing like a falling knife after it's earnings report last evening; down about 10% already today! Was Bill Ackman wrong in buying about 10% stake in $CMG couple of months ago? Or is this market reacting to disappointing earnings? And can they really get customers to trust them again after food-safety crisis?

User Josh Allan {{ '2016-10-26T18:19:15+0000' | timeago}}

$TSLA Just recalling Elon Musk's statement during Q4 earnings. "I am presently quite excited about is that we expect to be positive cash flow starting next month, and then continuing on into Q2 and beyond." Will the electric carmaker prove that it can be cash flow positive company this quarter?

$DOW {{ '2016-10-27T11:31:55+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$DOW's volume grew 6% for 3Q16, excluding the impact of divestitures and acquisitions. Productivity and cost cutting savings totaled $76MM in the quarter, bringing the YTD contribution to $254MM, on track to exceed the 2016 target of $300MM.

$AET {{ '2016-10-27T11:27:42+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

$AET increased its full-year 2016 EPS guidance to range of $6.89-6.99 from previous forecast of $6.28-6.48 and its operating EPS outlook to range of $7.95-8.05 from prior estimate of $7.90-8.10.

$DOW {{ '2016-10-27T11:26:56+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Specialty chemicals maker $DOW posted lower 3Q16 earnings, hurt by charges related to restructuring, transactions and productivity actions. Net income for the quarter fell 41.52% to $804MM or $0.63 per share from $1.37Bil or $1.09 per share a year ago. Net sales rose 3.71% to $12.48Bil.

$XL {{ '2016-10-27T11:25:50+0000' | timeago}} • Webcast

Insurer $XL estimates losses in the range of $100-$200MM from Hurricane Matthew. The company said it will make a pre-announcement on the actual losses as things clarify further. It added that losses from the recent Hurricane Nicole was not financially significant for the company.

$VAR {{ '2016-10-27T11:25:32+0000' | timeago}} • Announcement

Oncology treatment therapy provider $VAR reported that its CFO Elisha Finney has planned to retire. She will continue in her role until a new CFO is selected, which company expects to occur during FY17. $VAR has started the search process to identify a new CFO.